Arrow Health Rehab is a family-owned treatment center that offers help and support to people suffering from addiction. In addition to supporting patients, the rehab also focuses on providing empathetic and effective assistance to their families. The aim is to find solutions and give hope to those affected by this disease and any other person who has acquired indirect effects because of this addiction. Over the last six years, Arrow Rehab has significantly grown and evolved; its facilities now include privately accredited hospitals operated privately.

Facilities Available at Arrow Rehab

Arrow Health Rehab provides the following programs and facilities to people who seek help from it:


Arrow treatment facility allows clients to seek a residential detox program at The Sam Lawrence Private Hospital, operating from Macedon Ranges, Victoria. The hospital has a 24/7 operational nursing team, withdrawal experts, and several mental health professionals. Every step of the detox treatment takes place under the supervision of a doctor, and all services are claimable on private health insurance.

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Detoxification is one of the most challenging phases of addiction recovery; hence, Arrow Rehab tries to keep clients as comfortable as possible. Moreover, it ensures to provide the highest level of medical care and reinforces the early-recovery phase as soon as possible.

Mentioned below is an overview of the services included in the detox program:

  • 24/7 nursing support
  • Round-the-clock medical monitoring
  • Private rooms
  • An evidence-based robust program
  • Individualized care
  • A therapeutic, non-judgmental, and drug-free environment
  • Aftercare services are available to those who complete treatment
  • Detox program lasting up to 30 days

Residential Program

Also known as The Bentinck, the residential program at The Arrow Rehab takes place in Macedon Ranges, Victoria. As a part of this residential program, all clients have access to medical care and get private rooms with double beds. The rehab offers a discrete and safe environment that is supportive, therapeutic, and free of drugs. Depending on the severity of addiction, Arrow provides residential programs of varying lengths, including 30, 60, and 90 days.

The following are some essential features of the program:

  • Developed by doctors
  • Free family support program
  • Based on recent research and extensive experience
  • A team of qualified staff members
  • Individual treatment plans revolving around physical, psychological, and emotional health
  • Round-the-clock access to counselors
  • A focus on the Abstinence-Based Model instead of Harm Minimisation
  • Case management
  • Weekly counseling sessions
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Introduction to peer support
  • Availability of a broad range of therapeutic activities, such as art, yoga, hiking, swimming, and music

Family Therapy

All programs at Arrow Rehab have been designed based on a family-inclusive approach because the founders recognize how important family is in the recovery process. These programs not only focus on the patient but also support families to understand the disease they are suffering from and its recovery process so that they can extend adequate support. Arrow center also combines various family therapy theories and practices them holistically. Some common elements of family therapy include the following:

  • How to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Understanding family dynamics in detail
  • Learning about what enabling is, how it differs from helping, and what to do about it.
  • Understanding the importance of good communication, dealing with conflict, and working toward mutual respect
  • Recognizing co-dependency and learning how to change it

Through family therapy, clients can focus on healing interpersonal relationships and understand what to expect from each other in the future.

Outpatient Program

The outpatient program at Arrow Health Solutions runs for 11 days and has been designed explicitly for people fighting substance abuse issues. It is more appropriate for people who cannot take time out from their work or personal commitments but wish to keep working on recovery. The program includes personalized and responsive day treatment that helps clients identify personal recovery goals and help them make the changes they need to achieve recovery.

Experts running the outpatient program believe one size never fits all, and the famous 12-steps program may not work effectively for everyone. Hence, it uses other evidence-based programs that focus on the following:

  • Understanding addiction
  • Identifying challenges and resources
  • Building motivation to change
  • Learning to manage both challenges and successes

The intensive outpatient addiction program has 11 sessions that run for 1.5 hours per day, three days a week. It takes place in small groups and focuses on relapse prevention, education, and therapeutic group setting based on international best practices.

Aftercare Options at Arrow Health Solutions

Recovery from addiction does not end once a rehabilitation program at Arrow Health finishes. Instead, clients begin an aftercare program that helps them seek continuous recovery and treatment after inpatient and outpatient programs. The aim of this aftercare service is relapse prevention, and it can continue for as long as a client needs it. The ongoing support as a part of this aftercare program includes family groups, weekly meetings, urine drug screens, and counseling.

The following are the different types of aftercare plans that Arrow Health provides:

Continuing Care Program

This program takes place in a recovery-focused environment that follows a proper structure. The following are the features of the continuing care program:

  • Morning wellness and reflection groups thrice a week
  • 12 Step group attendance
  • Random drug screens every week

Each client who completes 30 days of residential treatment gets 2 weeks of continuing care program without any additional cost.

Individual Therapy

As a part of this continuing care program, clients meet one-on-one with a recovery coach or counselor to address the triggers and issues as they arise. Moreover, these counselors also teach them relapse prevention strategies and help them build coping skills.

Supported Accommodation

The Supported Accommodation Program at Arrow Health provides a safe and non-judgmental environment with a well-structured daily schedule. All residents aim to focus on recovery while reconnecting with life and their loved ones. Clients who have successfully completed inpatient treatment of 90 days can transition into the Supported Accommodation Program.

The following are some features of this program:

  • Drug and alcohol-free environment
  • Group therapy
  • Qualified counselors and group facilitators
  • Sessions on education and relapse prevention
  • Weekly counseling sessions
  • 12-step group attendance


Why should I consider joining Arrow Rehab?

Arrow Rehab can help clients deal with and manage various aspects of life, such as:

  • Taking control of life
  • Getting healthy and living well
  • Repairing relationships with friends and family
  • Improving self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem
  • Living a less stressful life

What will I learn during treatment at Arrow Rehab?

Treatment at Arrow facility will support you in developing understanding and skills in:

  • Dealing with disturbed thoughts, behaviors, and emotions more effectively
  • Understanding and managing addiction
  • Conflict management
  • Enhancement of communication skills and self-awareness
  • Establishing healthy relationships
  • Setting and maintaining positive boundaries
  • Development of relapse prevention strategies

Will there be doctors onsite at Arrow?

The delivery of treatment at Arrow takes place under the medical supervision and guidance of consulting doctors. A doctor visits the rehab once a week to check on all patients. In case a patient requires medical attention outside of these visiting ours, the rehab is in partnership with doctors at Kyneton Hospital, a facility located at a distance of 10 minutes from the rehab building.

What will happen when I first arrive at Arrow Solutions?

Each patient will be welcomed by a nurse who will begin with a medical checkup. Next, they will meet a doctor who will assess and evaluate their detox processes and devise a plan tailored to their unique needs. The patient has a say in every step of treatment to ensure that the plan for them works best in their interest.

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