Stress Care of New Jersey is a leading treatment center that provides outpatient behavioral health and addiction treatment. Licensed by the State of New Jersey, the rehab uses evidence-based approaches and a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure that every client meets their recovery goals in the shortest time possible.

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The facility also features high-quality performance improvement programs that continue to evaluate clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. It also conducts constant systematic and constant evaluations that allow the rehab to rank consistently high in terms of patient satisfaction and clinical care.

At Stress Care of NJ, experts offer different services specialized for physical and mental health along with substance use needs. These services frequently include individual and family therapy, medication management, psychiatric evaluations, grief counseling, couples and marriage counseling, primary care services for long-term conditions, urgent care services, and care coordination services.

Types of Programs at Stress Care Behavioral Health Center

Stress Care of NJ Manalapan offers the following outpatient programs to its clients depending on their individual needs and circumstances.

Telehealth Services

Stress Care of NJ is now offering telehealth services to facilitate patients even more in their recovery process. This process allows them to connect with their provider through a tablet, smartphone, or computer using the Zoom platform. All services that the rehab has been providing its clients with for the past 16 years are available through a HIPAA-compliant platform that allows them to ensure their participation from the comfort of home.

To engage in telehealth programs, clients need to call the rehab directly to schedule an appointment. On the appointment day, they will connect with a provider who will conduct the session in person or group using audio or video mediums. They can also prescribe medications and determine when to schedule the next appointment.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

Also known as Dream Catchers, the adolescent intensive outpatient program at Stress Care of NJ targets young individuals between the ages of 13 and 17 years residing in New Jersey and suffering from a mental health diagnosis along with emotional and behavioral difficulties that are negatively affecting their functioning at school, home, and in social settings. The program runs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday between 3:30 pm and 6:45 pm and is appropriate for adolescents who require intensive recovery treatment.

As a part of Dream Catchers, each adolescent connects with a psychiatrist who provides medication and onsite monitoring. It includes individual and group sessions depending on each client’s individual needs. Family participation is mandatory during the weekly family sessions held every Thursday from 5:15 pm to 6:4 pm. An adolescent typically spends 8 to 12 weeks in treatment, but the exact duration may vary depending on individual circumstances. The rehab also provides transportation facilities for clients in Middlesex and Monmouth counties.

Keep in mind that all aspects of the adolescent program are conducted under the supervision of a professional staff team licensed by the New Jersey State. Moreover, each client requires psychiatric evaluations and intake assessments before entering the program.

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

Adult programs at the intensive outpatient level are available for people over the age of 18 years. These programs run from Mondays through Fridays in two sessions, one in the morning and the other in the evening, to facilitate as many people as possible. The daily program takes place in the form of the following steps:

  • Check-in Phase takes 30 minutes and includes detailed interviews and assessments with the clients regarding their current moods, concerns, and other problems they might be experiencing since the last session. Experts will also ask to rate their levels of anger, anxiety, and depression
  • Group psychotherapy takes around the next 60 minutes, which includes a discussion among the support members to understand their feelings better while learning new ways to cope with and manage their symptoms with the help of others’ advice and experiences
  • The psycho-educational session is another 60-minute-long session designed to educate clients on their symptoms, teach them new coping skills, improve their social skills, and help them identify healthy activities to the identified triggers. Some common topics covered as a part of psychoeducational sessions include conflict resolution, symptom management, communication, anger management, safety planning, journaling, emotional regulation, and CBT techniques
  • Wrap-up is the last phase of this treatment that runs for 30 minutes and allows clients to discuss their day, describe their most beneficial moments, and pinpoint their highest points of the day. They may also use this time to disclose any problems they have been facing and describe their plans for the evening

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The partial hospitalization programs at Stress Care of NJ have been designed to serve as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization for people with severe addiction and mental health symptoms. One of its purposes is to help such people prevent the need for hospitalization by stabilizing them before things get out of hand. Adults can join the PHP at Stress Care either directly or while stepping down from a higher level of care.

The PHP at Stress Care promises to provide a structure similar to an inpatient program without the need to stay onsite throughout treatment. Moreover, the program is also a vital alternative for people who require intensive follow-up treatment without inpatient stay or do not have enough support to continue outpatient follow-ups successfully. This program also makes the transition from inpatient to home easier through onsite day treatments in a friendly and comfortable setting. Treatment available on this level of care includes educational groups, group therapy, etc., in a structured environment to help patients achieve their respective goals of recovery.


How does the treatment team at Stresscare Manalapan work?

At Stress Care of NJ, a multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals and psychiatrists collaborate with clients to provide compassionate and exceptional care for people struggling with emotional issues, addictions, physical problems, or a combination of them. To further improve the recovery and wellness of clients, the team connects the patients with relevant services and programs available in the communities it serves. The staff members are also in contact with referral sources at admission and throughout the treatment process to foster integrated care. The rehab also ensures every client has an aftercare plan established and coordinated between all team members before discharge.

Who is included in the care team at Stress Care of NJ?

At Stress Care of NJ, each client connects with a multidisciplinary team of board-certified experts that provide high-quality, evidence-based care and cater to all aspects of their underlying issues. The team includes:

  • Board certified psychiatrists
  • Licensed professional counselors
  • Family medicine physician
  • Certified nurse practitioners
  • Certified peers
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselors
  • Registered nurses
  • Master’s level therapists
  • Case managers
  • Para professionals
  • Address 4122 Route 516, Matawan, NJ 07747,USA.