Operating from Detroit, Michigan, StoneCrest Center is a top mental and behavioral health provider catering to adults, adolescents, and seniors fighting psychiatric and cognitive disorders. Its unique programming creates a therapeutic environment for clients that is conducive to healing and supports a healthy lifestyle. The facility holds accreditation by The Joint Commission and has been licensed to run a 182-bed facility with different levels of care to meet the unique needs of all individuals.

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Using effective and innovative modalities and techniques through unique and personalized programs, StoneCrest is eager to help its clients reach their goals. It has employed a team of qualified and highly-compassionate staff members to support its vision and goals.

Which Programs are Available at StoneCrest Center?

StoneCrest Hospital currently provides the following programs:

Foundations Program

The Foundations Program at StoneCrest Center has been specially designed to help adolescent populations struggling with multiple health problems. The experts running this program understand that life for an adolescent with mental health issues can be highly problematic and chaotic for them and their families. Therefore, the Foundations program team at StoneCrest shares a high commitment level to provide the best psychiatric treatment and care to such individuals. The program emphasizes the reintegration of patients into the community by increasing their communication and problem-solving skills. Some methods that this program uses for effective healing include the following:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Expressive therapy (Music, Art)
  • StoneCrest Family therapy
  • Pet Assisted Therapy

Adult Inpatient Treatment Program

StoneCrest Detroit mental hospital is among Michigan’s leading inpatient behavioral treatment providers. The treatment services offered by the rehab cater to people with mental health issues, including adults, adolescents, and older people. Also known as restoration programs, the programs aim to help people struggling with behavioral issues. The qualified staff members overlooking these programs tend to provide a supportive and safe environment for adult patients with life-threatening psychiatric problems. The goal of the inpatient program at StoneCrest Center StoneCrest is to prevent, treat, or support mental, behavioral, and emotional conditions so that clients can safely return to their homes and community.

Some treatment modalities routinely included in the inpatient adult program at StoneCrest are expressive therapy like art and music, family therapy, group counseling, and therapeutic recreation.

Generations Program

The Generations Program at StoneCrest Center provides short-term inpatient care to people over the age of 55 years. The patients it accepts are usually those experiencing emotional stressors or problems related to the aging process. The Generations program provides such people with a supportive environment to cope well with issues like mood disorders, anxiety, chronic illness, grief, depression, cognitive impairments, and adjustments to retirement.

As a part of the Generations Program, the rehab encourages its clients’ family members to actively participate in the treatment process. The staff members work closely with family members to make them understand what their loved one is experiencing and how they can best support them.

The expert team at StoneCrest rehab tries to curate individualized programs tailored to each client’s unique needs. However, some common elements of these programs include individual and group therapy, family counseling, recreational activities, and daily life activities. At StoneCrest Hospital, the staff members understand how hard it can be for seniors and their families to reach out for help. So it tries its best to let everyone know that it will always be there for all clients every step of the way.

Inspirations Program

The Inspiration program is a specialized program delivered by the care team at StoneCrest for people who are developmentally disabled and experiencing behavioral issues. Using different treatment methods, such as expressive arts, medication management, and group therapies, such individuals can learn the skills they need to live a high-quality life.

The program is uniquely designed for every patient to support their individual sensory issues. As a part of the program, each patient works one-on-one with their therapist in a sensory room where they can achieve their highest potential. As claimed by the rehab, these patients eventually display a more significant response to treatment and higher functioning levels upon discharge.

To qualify for admission to the Inspiration program, an individual must be diagnosed with at least one or more of the following issues:

  • Developmental delay
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Mild to severe cognitive impairment


Why should I choose StoneCrest Medical Center?

The dedication of the StoneCrest Center to developing highly effective and individualized care plans and person-centered treatments makes it a good choice for people in the Detroit area. The highly-skilled and talented staff members provide a healing and safe environment to all patients, including children, seniors, and adults.

What approach does StoneCrest psychiatric hospital Detroit adopt?

The facility’s goal is to provide tailored treatment to each of its clients. For this purpose, it has designed many specific care levels and programs currently available to seniors, adults, and adolescents. Additionally, it also has specialized programs for adults with developmental disabilities. The rehab prides itself on offering a full spectrum of care according to patient needs.

What are the criteria for admission to StoneCrest Center?

People who can join StoneCrest Healthcare rehab include the ones who are:

  • At the risk of harming themselves or others
  • Living with degenerative cognitive disorders
  • Struggling with psychiatric illnesses
  • Battling substance abuse disorders
  • Grappling with autism spectrum disorders

Does StoneCrest Center accept insurance?

Fortunately, StoneCrest rehab accepts all major insurance plans, including CMO Medicaid and Medicare.

What should I expect at StoneCrest Hospital?

Every client who joins StoneCrest Medical Center typically passes through the following three phases:

  • The assessment phase begins upon admission and includes nursing, psychosocial, nutritional, and psychiatric therapy
  • Stages of treatment help clients recognize their primary issues and learn the necessary skills to overcome them
  • Aftercare services help clients, along with their families, deal with potential problems following discharge

What programs are available to join at StoneCrest Center?

Because the rehab understands how different people present with different needs, it offers comprehensive programming to ensure that every client gets the most appropriate treatment. Some available programs at the rehab include:

  • Address 15000 Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, MI 48205, United States