Since 2017, Steps Together has been a group of private addiction rehabilitation centers offering outpatient and residential care to individuals, their employers, and families. Through its professionally responsive, dedicated teams, the facility ensures the delivery of comprehensive and innovative treatment services that aim to transform the lives of people struggling with addictions. The aim is to improve the well-being and health of hundreds of people fighting addictions and their families across the country.

At Steps Together, the mission is to offer sustainable solutions for addiction management through a well-designed range of outpatient and residential therapy services to support clients and their families. Each member of the care team and every treatment service revolve around the core values of the rehab to ensure that every client who walks through the doors of Steps Together rehab receives the best services.

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All treatment programs take place under the supervision of a senior management team with around 20 years of experience in addiction treatment. Each member of the team works hard to ensure that the clients and their loved ones have the best experience and get access to adequate treatment services and support to achieve and maintain a life free from addiction.

Phases of Recovery at Steps Together Rehab

At Steps Together, the clinical team works hard to ensure that each patient gets the right treatment package according to their needs. The treatment facility has different types of programs and services to cater to all unique needs. These programs generally revolve around the following phases of recovery:

  • Reset: This type of program uses different clinical therapy services and detoxification plans to help patients stop using alcohol or drugs without experiencing any uncomfortable side effects. These programs may take place on-site or in the community under the supervision of an expert clinical team to ensure safety.
  • Reframing: At this stage, experts at Steps Together provide clients with a chance to pause and reframe their current lifestyles with the help of expert therapists. These therapists work closely with each client to ensure they find newer, healthier ways to secure a stable lifestyle that does not involve addiction.
  • Resettlement: The last stage of recovery is an ongoing process in which clients can get many additional services to remain strong and abstinent. The rehab offers therapy and counseling for patients and their loved ones in different settings, such as face-to-face appointments, online services, and longer-term residential care packages.

All programs at Steps Together rehab are carefully designed to ensure that everyone receives the best care at all times. These programs include group and individual therapy sessions, meetings, holistic therapies, well-being, presentations, and aftercare. The team will always be present to support and guide everyone while connecting them to the resources they need for ongoing recovery. The rehab also promises that no two days will be the same during treatment to simultaneously cater to all aspects of recovery.

Steps Together Levels of Care

Steps Together rehab provides the following levels of care to patients according to their circumstances:

First Phase Primary Residential Program

Residential treatment programs at Steps Together provide a combination of detoxification services and therapy to people with severe addictions. The program adopts a holistic approach to tackling the ongoing addiction while helping people identify the triggers fueling it. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates the residential program and provides recovery in a safe and welcoming environment. From a highly-qualified team of experts to home-cooked foods, the rehab works hard to deliver the best possible care and support to everyone who joins Steps Together.

Experts overseeing primary residential programs understand how scary and daunting it can be for many people and their loved ones to enter these programs. Hence, these experts work hard to help such people embrace their fears and feel at home when they arrive at rehab. The rehab also has therapists specializing in addiction recovery who work closely with every client and set personal goals to help them achieve long- and short-term sobriety. They also work with clients to rebuild their damaged relationships, release any piled-up guilt, and help them take responsibility for their addiction.

Second Phase: Elizabeth House Nottinghamshire

People leaving the comfort and safety of a residential program at Steps Together rehab can rightfully feel daunted and scared. Many clients believe that more than a short-stay program in a residential setting is needed for their recovery, and they do not feel safe about living independently right after the program ends. To help such people, Steps Together rehab offers a second phase of treatment in a semi-independent living structure called Elizabeth House. Operating from Nottinghamshire, this program offers a solution to people not ready to live independently by allowing them to live semi-independently as they work on acquiring a structure in their daily life for long-term recovery.

Situated in the suburbs of Mansfield Woodhouse, Elizabeth House has 13 rooms to accommodate patients and offer them second-phase rehabilitation packages. Depending on individual circumstances and clinical needs, these packages may last from one to six months. This second rehab phase at Steps Together ensures that clients can build on their existing recovery achievements while slowly starting to re-integrate into the community and learning how to lead their lives with full support.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient services at Steps Together are available to help clients move to long-term recovery without needing residential treatment. The extensive range of outpatient services available at the rehab can help people with busy lifestyles take time out to focus on sobriety for years to come without checking into a long, intensive residential program. All outpatient packages offer more flexibility and can serve as a good step-down program for those who have completed residential treatment at Steps Together or any other facility and need consistent support and ongoing counseling in a community setting.

While each client has a different, uniquely tailored outpatient program, most of these packages include a range of assessment, therapy, and clinical services for:

  • Physical health care
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Addiction
  • Specialist psychiatric addiction

The outpatient team is willing to build a package unique to each person’s life circumstances and treatment goals.


How much does treatment at Steps Together rehab cost?

The treatment packages at Steps Together treatment center are according to the client’s budget and personal recovery goals. The professional rehab team ensures that the chosen program provides each client with comprehensive clinical care and a therapy program that helps them transform their lives. Moreover, these teams will also try their best to deliver the best-suited treatment program while staying within the client’s budget so that recovery does not cause financial strain.

Can patients bring their cars to Steps Together rehab?

Steps Together facility runs from different locations, and each campus has a different environment and surroundings. Regardless of the campus you choose to begin treatment at, the rehab discourages clients from bringing their cars or other vehicles and advises them to have a loved one drop them at the treatment center. If not possible, a representative can arrange a taxi service to pick clients up wherever they are.

Will I get any aftercare support once my treatment at Steps Together ends?

Once clients complete their designated treatment program at Steps Together rehab, they will collaborate with the clinical team to formulate a long-term recovery plan. Many aftercare packages at the rehab support clients in maintaining their newfound sobriety. While each care package varies depending on individual needs, some components may include family intervention, one-to-one counseling, free family workshops, and support packages.

How can I pay for treatment at Steps Together?

Clients have different options to pay for treatment, such as debit/credit card, cash, or BACs. The rehab accepts all major credit cards for payment purposes. Remember to deposit a small amount of cash before entering treatment and pay the full balance upon arrival.

  • Address 2 Church Hill Ave, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield NG19 9JU, United Kingdom.