Operating from Pompano Beach, Simple Path Recovery is an alcohol and drug addiction treatment program in South Florida that provides all clients with a chance to get sober and live a successful live free from substance use. The treatment team at the rehab believe sin establishing a compassionate and open environment that leads clients toward a life free from substance misuse and addiction. The staff members work tirelessly to create favorable settings for addicts with guidance, compassion, and love. Moreover, Simple Path Recovery also maintains a very low client-to-therapist ratio to ensure that everyone gets individual attention and care. The rehab takes pride in its success which lies in its clients’ ability to achieve lasting recovery.

Treatment Therapies Available at Simple Path Recovery

At Simple Path Recovery, intensive therapy is essential to all treatment processes. The rehab does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; therefore, it uses a tailored approach to deal with each client’s unique circumstances.

Detox is generally the first step for anyone on the road to a sober life, but many other factors also play a role to ensure successful outcomes, such as therapy. A comprehensive treatment program at Simple Path Recovery involves the use of various therapies to help a client learn how to efficiently deal with the stressors while teaching them to manage urges and cravings. The program also aims to teach them how to navigate complicated relationships that have taken a hit during their ongoing drug or alcohol addiction.

Everyone in recovery may have similar problems but can also have other issues and concerns that reflect their unique lives. This is why the treatment team tailors its treatment programs based on latest treatment modalities and research. The following are some essential components of a therapeutic program at Simple Path Recovery:

  • Group Therapy: As an essential part of treatment, group therapy helps people come together and share their issues while finding common solutions. The group therapy sessions at Simple Path Recovery take place under the supervision of a licensed therapist specializing in addiction recovery.
  • Individual Therapy: It provides clients with one-to-one time with a therapist so that they can target and treat unique issues. Individual therapy also makes clients feel supported and helped. Therapists often use cognitive behavioral therapy, an approach where a patient learns how to identify negative moods, thoughts, and situations that trigger drug cravings and replace them with healthier ones.
  • Family Therapy: Simple Path Recovery believes family therapy as a crucial part of treatment as it focuses on reuniting patients with their loved ones and sets the foundation of a robust support system.
  • 12-Step Programs: These programs allow individuals with a common goal to come together and support each other toward recovery.

The rehab welcomes anyone who wishes to recover and heal to know more about the therapeutic modalities mentioned above and what to expect from them at Simple Path Recovery by directly calling the facility and speaking to a staff member.

Simple Path Recovery Pompano Admissions Process

This Pompano treatment center accepts new patients 24-hours a day for 7 days a week. Interested individuals can make contact through a phone call at any time. However, for those having a medical emergency, the rehab advises visiting the nearest emergency room or calling the local helpline.

Simple Path Rehab Pompano Beach strives to make addiction treatment accessible. The length of stay varies from one client to another depending on their progress and is not influenced by insurance.


The first part of the admissions process involves in-depth assessments that the admissions team performs over the phone. It involves a brief clinical evaluation of a person’s addiction history, such as their choice of drug, pattern of use, and quantities, along with their medical history.


To expedite the treatment process, the admissions team will quickly collect insurance information from all potential processes and start verification of benefits. Once the verification process is complete, it will walk all clients through payment options and possibilities of a co-pay.


The admissions team also contacts all clients and their family members to ensure the admission process runs smoothly. The team also keeps in touch with patients until they arrive at the facility. Once the clients arrive, the Simple Path Recovery team welcomes them and walks them through the orientation and intake process.


How much time will I spend in a treatment program at Simple Path Recovery?

The duration of treatment will vary depending on the type of program a person chooses and their response. For instance, Simple Path Recovery outpatient rehab may run for 30 to 60 days, whereas inpatient treatment may be much longer. Aftercare programs are exclusive and highly vary from one patient to another, depending on their circumstances. Most of these programs begin at 30 days and may last as long as a person needs them to return to their lives safely.

Does Simple Path Pompano Treatment Center involve the family in treatment?

Family involvement remains an essential cornerstone of treatment at Simple Path Recovery. The expert team knows that when the proper support is available to those in recovery, they are more likely to succeed. The rehab facilitates calls between the clients and their loved ones every week under the moderation of their clinical therapists. This point of care often serves as the first step in facilitating healing between clients and their loved ones. The rehab also encourages the family members to participate in family weekends where they can meet their loved ones over dinner and engage in therapy and other fun activities.

What types of addiction treatments are available at Simple Path Recovery?

The primary focus is to treat individuals with drug and alcohol addiction. Drug addictions that Simple Path Recovery provides help with include cocaine, heroin, and other opiates. Each treatment process is tailored to the choice of substance a client was abusing, along with their unique life situations and individual needs.

Does Simple Path Recovery deal with clients with pending warrants or other legal issues?

The Expert team at Simple Path Rehab Pompano Beach acknowledges substance abuse as a complex issue that impacts almost every facet of a person’s life. It can destroy family relationships, cause financial instability, and put a person in trouble with the law. The rehab, therefore, provides all clients with guidance and helps them find external resources to deal with their underlying issues. The skilled case managers at Simple Path Recovery work closely with courts and probation officers to ensure their clients remain focused on recovery during their stay.

Will the rehab protect my confidentiality and privacy?

Simple Path Recovery takes personal measures to protect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality and strictly follows the laws around these aspects. The rehab complies with the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information, which provides a set of standards for protecting certain health information. Also known as the Privacy Rule, these standards aim to protect a person’s health information and ensure that its unnecessary disclosure is avoided while approving the flow of health information as needed. Hence, everyone who comes to Simple Path Recovery for treatment can rest assured that their privacy and confidentiality will be fully protected, and no information will be disclosed without their consent.

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