Spread to different areas within Oregon, U.S., Serenity Lane is a mental health and substance use disorders rehab that firmly believes that recovery is possible for everyone. The rehab is firmly committed to providing top-notch patient care while being sensitive to its patients’ needs and their families and fostering a spirit of partnership in its communities. Serenity Rehab also takes pride in providing coordinated patient care with other healthcare providers while empowering patients to reach a stage of recovery slowly.

A Brief History of Serenity Lane

Serenity Lane first came into being as a non-profit, privately run treatment center in 1973. It aimed to help people fight drug abuse and alcoholism. Dr. Thomas A. Kerns founded the rehab and later appointed Sam Graves of Heartview Foundation, Mandan, North Dakota, to direct the program. Since its establishment, Serenity Lane has been licensed as a medical detox and addiction treatment facility, and CARF has accredited all of its programs. The rehab claims to be the only rehabilitation center in Oregon with a full license to provide medical detox and withdrawal support. It also has a 24-hour nursing care home and trained medical staff available around the clock.

Over the years, the rehab has pioneered various new programs, such as residential step-down programs, outpatient programs, and other services. Its outpatient services run in different locations across Oregon, such as Coburg, Eugene, Portland, and Albany. Currently, Serenity Lane remains the only rehab that offers an Addiction Counselor Training Program, and the program graduates can be found working in different treatment centers throughout the United States. Many physicians and counselors working for Serenity Rehab have received national honors and are well-recognized. This, together with the competitive treatment prices and insurance coverage, makes this rehab a potential place to seek help.

What Programs are Offered At Serenity Lane Treatment Center?

Serenity Lane Rehab provides the following programs at present:

Residential Programs

Residential programs at Serenity Lane include the following services:

  • A free consultation
  • Education about substance use disorders
  • In-depth clinical and mental health evaluation
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Stabilization and care planning
  • Family program
  • Medically supported withdrawal/detox as needed

The level of care includes rigorous treatment plans and can benefit people with severe symptoms of addiction or mental health issues.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Also known as MAT, this treatment involves combining counseling with certain medications. This unique approach to treating substance use disorders gives clients a good chance at recovery. Some medicines approved by the FDA and used as a part of MAT at Serenity Lane include buprenorphine and naltrexone. The rehab combines MAT with clinical therapists, and the program is currently available in limited branches.

Outpatient Programs

Coming home after residential treatment and adjusting to the external world can be challenging for many people. Serenity Lane aims to make this transition smoother by allowing them to continue treatment more flexibly through outpatient programs. Also known as day treatment, outpatient programs commence after a person has gone through residential rehab and involve five to seven days of supportive therapy a week. Clients spend up to six hours in outpatient therapy daily to help people slowly move back into their lives.

So far, outpatient care at Serenity Lane is available at the following levels:

  • Level One: This program includes a weekly meeting that lasts one hour and thirty minutes. This meeting aims to recognize and manage stressful life events while coping with the ups and downs of early recovery.
  • Level Two: The level two outpatient program runs for ten weeks and includes comprehensive, rigorous services, such as individual counseling, group therapy, and educational sessions about drug use disorder.
  • Level Three: This level of care meets every three hours, three times a week, each session lasting three hours.

In general, clients keep reducing their level of care with time to ease back into their routine life slowly. Most begin with level three outpatient services and gradually move to level one until they no longer require active treatment.

Specialty Programs

The following specialty programs are available at Serenity Lane for people who need it:

  • Addiction Counselor Training Program: The rehab provides a free training program for up to a year. It also offers a low-interest loan extending up to $10,000 to help people offset their living expenses while attending this program. People who enroll in the program will gain valuable experience and top-quality instructions that they can use to enhance their careers.
  • Employer Services Program: This provides alcohol and drug use consultation and training for industry, business, and public institutes.
  • Healthcare Professionals Program: This program targets healthcare professionals under the adverse effects of a substance use disorder.
  • Patient Monitoring Program: This program is a value-added program that keeps track of mandated clients through active treatment while reporting their compliance to relevant parties.


Does Serenity Lane hold any accreditation?

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, has accredited Serenity Lane Treatment Center. This rehab claims that it has examined its referral programs, assessments, and residential and outpatient programs. Its accreditation has been recognized among the international community of programs and clients. The CARF-accredited programs at Serenity Lane ensure they follow high industry standards while delivering accountability and risk reduction. Moreover, it also shows that the rehab has successfully passed a detailed review of its services, which means that joining it will likely benefit clients. Hence, a person can confidently commit to Serenity Lane Eugene OR or any other branch as suitable.

What will be my experience at Serenity Lane Treatment Center?

The first contact with rehab for anyone is likely to be emotional as most people who need treatment immediately are in a crisis that motivates them to call for help. Alcoholism, drug abuse, or a psychiatric issue does not develop overnight and involves a long, painful, and slow spiral to the point when a person is forced to make a call. However, due to the vast experience of teams at Serenity Lane Eugene Oregon, and other branches, the rehab is well-equipped to handle all patients with compassion and kindness. All staff members are specially trained to assist all clients in the best way possible. During the first call, the staff members will constantly encourage patients to openly and comfortably share their history of mental health and substance use and use this information to determine if the rehab is appropriate for them and the treatment they will benefit from.

Does Serenity Lane accept insurance?

Fortunately, Serenity Lane currently accepts the following insurance providers to cover treatment:

  • Blue Cross
  • First Health Network
  • First Choice Network
  • Health Net (via Managed Health Network)
  • MODA
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • MultiPlan Network
  • Providence Preferred Network
  • PacificSource Health Plans
  • Regence Blue Sheild
  • Providence (Providence Behavioral Health)
  • Regence
  • Samaritan Choice
  • United Health Care
  • United Behavioral Health
  • TRICARE Northwest (via Managed Health Network)

Benefits of choosing an outpatient program at Serenity Lane Eugene OR?

The following are the benefits of joining an outpatient program at Serenity Lane:

  • It has a free consultation and screening part.
  • It ensures family involvement through dedicated family programs to help clients improve communication and rebuild relationships.
  • Outpatient programs at Serenity Lane are flexible with both daytime and evening groups, so clients can seek treatment according to their schedule.
  • Most treatment plans cover outpatient treatment at this rehab.
  • Outpatient programs include specialized sessions for clients with little financial resources.
  • Those without insurance can consider flexible financing to afford outpatient treatment.

What do Serenity Lane Residential Treatment reviews say?

Residential treatment programs at Serenity Lane have generally received positive feedback from clients who call it a good, well-staffed, and positive environment to overcome underlying psychiatric issues and substance use disorders.

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    Bend, OR 97702, United States