Established in 1985, Schoen Clinic is one of the largest private mental health hospitals, serving thousands of people across the UK and Germany. The clinic owns 46 branches in both countries, entertains more than 300,000 patients in person, and successfully runs high-quality online telemedicine. The clinic initially set off in Germany and expanded its functions in 2017 to the UK healthcare market.

In addition to treating various mental health disorders, Schoen Clinic UK delivers super-specialist care in different niches of medicine, such as eating disorders. The clinic claims to have a high level of specialty in managing these areas through the best treatments, focusing on excellent clinical outcomes. The diverse leadership team at Schoen Clinic consistently acts as the driving force behind its strong commitment to quality and excellence in healthcare. The highly experienced multidisciplinary clinicians at this chain of rehabs share a collective vision to improve the quality and enhance the day-to-day life experiences of people who join the clinic.

All services at The Schoen Clinic Group revolve around evidence, transparency, and quality. These three pillars form the core of the clinic’s mission statement and are infused in every aspect of work across different Schoen Clinic UK branches.

Why Choose Schoen Clinic?

Schoen Clinic takes pride in the following highlights of its extensive mental health network that makes it a promising choice to seek help:

An Excellent Team

Schoen Clinic employs top consultant experts from across the world to collaborate and design highly effective treatment plans for clients. These experts include psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists who are available to clients as and when needed. The clinic has separate teams for running and managing inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to improve the flow of services without compromising on quality of care.


Schoen Clinic Chelsea and other branches have a diverse workforce to meet the needs of all patients and communities in the best possible way. The rehab understands that the collective strength of all team members adds to its continued success. The clinic also reinforces diversity, inclusion, and equality as a mandatory part of their people strategies.

Clinical Governance

At Schoen Clinic, experts work as a multidisciplinary team, combining their experience and expertise to ensure quality, excellence, and value. All patients are kept at the center of the team at all times. The clinic constantly reviews its performance every day and measures clinical outcomes. This high level of accountability and focus helps the institute deliver the best outcomes for patients and the team.

A Variety of Services

The Schoen Clinic UK network offers various treatments and services based on client needs and requirements. Some of these services include the following:

  • Outpatient treatment: This includes outpatient assessments, therapy groups, consultations, and appointments followed by highly specialized programs for adult mental health issues.
  • Daycare Treatment: Daycare treatment for eating disorders is available for people requiring structured support without the need for round-the-clock monitoring
  • Residential treatment: Residential treatment or inpatient treatment is available for patients struggling with eating disorders. These services are open to both adults and children at different clinic branches.
  • Short-stay treatment: This treatment program provides temporary respite to patients who have relapsed or require specialist care to begin early intervention.  

Specialist Treatment at The Schoen Clinic Group

The Schoen Clinic UK provides a range of treatments and services catering to children, teenagers, and adults with eating disorders and other mental health conditions. The services available can vary depending on the branch.

Schoen Clinic London

Located in Chelsea, this private outpatient clinic caters to people belonging to different age groups. The available services include nutritional, therapeutic, and psychiatric treatments tailored to various mental health issues, such as bulimia, anorexia, stress, trauma, addiction, anxiety, bereavement, and trauma. A complete list of issues treated at Schoen Clinic Chelsea is available online.

Schoen Clinic Birmingham

The Birmingham branch is located in Newbridge and provides residential/inpatient treatment for children and teenagers aged 8 to 18 years. The treatment programs available in this branch focus on eating disorders, including bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

Schoen Clinic York

The York branch also provides residential/inpatient services for eating disorders. However, unlike the Birmingham branch, it welcomes adults with eating disorders to get psychiatric and dietetic help as needed.

Paying for Treatment at Schoen Clinic

Schoen Clinic offers clients to self-fund or use private insurance to pay for treatment.

Using Private Insurance

Clients who wish to pay through private insurance can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Get a referral from a healthcare professional: The referral letter from a GP or another healthcare professional can provide all essential clinical details not only to the insurance company and Schoen Clinic admission teams.
  • Contact the insurance company: Contact the insurance company for a pre-authorization code to secure an initial appointment.
  • Complete the pre-screening questionnaire online: This questionnaire is available on the Schoen Clinic online website. Following the submission, one of the team members will contact the client as soon as possible to begin the pre-screening process.

Using Self-Funding

The self-funding option is available at the UK branches and can be one of the fastest ways to begin treatment at Schoen Clinic. For this purpose, all interested individuals must self-refer to the facility through a pre-screening questionnaire available online. Alternatively, they can present a referral from a healthcare professional or prepare a recent clinical summary to send to the admissions team. If the team deems the referral fit, it books an initial assessment or appointment on the next available date.

Regardless of the choice of payment, all clients need to undergo a screening process and can only begin treatment once they are deemed appropriate.


How can I pay for treatment at Schoen Clinic UK?

Schoen Clinic accepts self-funding and insurance to pay for ongoing treatment. At present, it works with all major health insurance companies, such as Bupa, WPA, Vitality, Cigna, AXA Health, Healix, and Aviva.

Where is Schoen Clinic located?

The Schoen Clinic Group is spread across 46 locations in Germany and the UK. Following are the branches of Schoen Clinic in the UK:

  • Schoen Clinic York
  • Schoen Clinic Chelsea, London
  • Schoen Clinic Newbridge, Birmingham

What care and support does Schoen Clinic provide?

Schoen Clinic adopts a personalized approach to designing the treatment and support plants that cater to each client’s unique needs. All patients get direct access to a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists who collaborate for the patient’s benefit. Some treatment options available to clients include group therapy, family sessions, one-to-one sessions, nutritional counseling, psychiatric support, meal support, health assessments, and more. Certain branches, including Schoen Clinic Birmingham, provide educational programs so that their young clients do not miss out. These programs include primary and secondary subjects in which patients can enroll and excel academically.

Who can refer patients for treatment to Schoen Clinic?

Any health professional, including GPs, Adult Mental Health Services (AMHS) experts, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) experts, can refer patients to Schoen Clinic as needed. The clinic recommends admission through a referral; however, it is not essential. Clients who self-refer get a letter written retrospectively by their specialist to keep their GPs updated.

What should patients bring with them for inpatient treatment?

The facility instructs patients to bring the following with them for inpatient treatment: 

  • Appropriate clothing for daytime and nighttime
  • Magazines and books
  • Toiletries and wash bags
  • Duvet, covers, and pillows
  • Pictures and posters for the room
  • Schoolwork for young patients
  • Addresses and telephone addresses for emergency contact
  • Portable TV, DVD, CD player, or anything related to personal hobbies
  • Address 13a Radnor Walk London SW3 4BP