Sana Lake Recovery is an individually-based rehab that operates as a member-centric facility. The rehab prides itself on providing a personalized and well-planned approach to recovery. The facility carefully evaluates the needs of each member, determines a program that would best suit them, and provide them with the tools they need to live a happier, healthier life.

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The staff team at Sana Lake rehab works round-the-clock to ensure that all patients receive the full assistance they need to overcome their mental health issues. All professionals constantly strive to meet all goals and needs of every patient admitted to the facility.

Programs at Sana Lake Recovery Center

Sana Lake Recovery offers the following treatment programs to its clients for recovery based on their current standing.

Inpatient or Residential Services

Residential programs or inpatient treatment provide patients with an approach to healing that allows them to manage addiction in a substance-free environment. Those who wish to get over the addictive cycle can come to live at Sana Lake instead of getting therapy during the day and returning to their homes at night.

Inpatient services are highly-structured and intensive throughout, with many components, such as: 

  • Family services
  • One-to-one sessions
  • Group counseling
  • Nutrition and food
  • Fitness therapy
  • Art and music therapy

Detoxification Programs

Detox is usually the initial step in the recovery process from alcohol or drug addiction. For some substances, the associated withdrawal can be severe and potentially risk the patient’s life, making detox necessary. At Sana Lake Recovery Center, all patients can follow a comprehensive treatment plan that typically begins with a detoxification program. The detox program entails a wide range of interventions to help patients:

  • Safely clear their bodies from harmful and unwanted substances
  • Manage the withdrawal symptoms before they damage the body
  • Provide ongoing substance abuse disorder treatment for continued recovery

The detox process at Sana Lake takes place in three steps to ensure maximum recovery while preventing relapses in the future. These highly effective treatment programs include:

  • Evaluation: A process that screens a patient’s physical and mental health issues through detailed psychiatric history and blood tests
  • Stabilization: This step includes the provision of medical and psychological therapies to stabilize a disturbed patient
  • Preparation for Addiction Rehabilitation: During this step, the detox experts prepare all members to enter long-term rehab programs to continue working on the recovery they achieved during the detox phase

Outpatient Services

Outpatient programs are highly flexible, allowing patients to keep engaging in their regular work commitments, family responsibilities, and education without compromising. It is differently structured than an inpatient program, as members can return to their homes after their daily therapy. This freedom of movement gives them good privacy and anonymity as they continue to work with their routine tasks and day-to-day responsibilities.

At the outpatient center of Sana Lake, a medical counselor comes up with a comprehensive treatment plan to provide all members with a strong support network. This treatment plan includes family counseling, support groups, and individual counseling. These counseling sessions motivate members while ensuring success during the recovery phases. Social and peer support form the backbone of outpatient recovery; hence, the rehab includes many sponsors and support networks to make a recovery possible for its clients.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs, also known as PHPs, are a step-down level of care from residential treatment. While not as intensive as residential care, PHPs offer a fairly structured treatment program that caters to the needs of people with mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. The program best serves those with solid support and stability to stay at their homes after completing treatment during the day but require good medical assistance to prevent relapses.


What should I bring to the rehab with me?

Keep the following things in mind while packing for Sake Lake Rehab:

  • Picture ID
  • Personal information, such as date of birth
  • Insurance card
  • Enough clothing to last for the treatment
  • Medications and supplements you are already taking (need to be approved by the staff)

What is not allowed to hold under your possession at Sana Lake Recovery?

During your stay at Sana, it is best to avoid keeping anything that may cause problems for you or anyone else around you. Hence, the rehab asks all patients to leave the following things behind:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Provocative or inappropriate clothing
  • Weapons of any type
  • Products with alcohol, such as nail polish remover, perfume, hand sanitizer, and mouthwash

What is the smoking policy at Sana Lake Recovery Center?

Sana Lake allows smoking; however, patients can only smoke in designated areas and dispose of the used cigarettes properly.

Can patients keep their cell phones and other electronics with them?

The rehab requires patients to leave their cell phones at home so that they can fully focus on recovery. For exceptions, patients must contact the clinical team ahead of time so that they can assess and decide on an outcome for their request. MP3 players and other portable music devices are allowed as long as they cannot connect to WiFi or gain any other type of internet access.

What is the visitor’s policy at Sana Lake?

Sana Lake considers the support from family and friends as a valuable part of the recovery process. Unfortunately, the rehab has suspended all in-person visitations due to COVID-19 restrictions and has resorted to using virtual platforms like Skype and Zoom for continued support from the loved ones. The rehab looks forward to resuming the in-person visits soon.

How long does the treatment go on at Sana Lake?

Each patient who comes to Sana Lake Recovery Center displays unique needs; hence, the length of treatment and its type depends on their personal treatment needs and goals. With a personalized treatment plan, patients are in a better position to recover.

Will my confidentiality be protected at Sana Lake?

Yes, the rehab respects its patients’ privacy and has strict protocols to ensure that every patient has a right to confidentiality. It can also accommodate their privacy needs very comfortably and encourages patients to speak up whenever they want to.

Does the rehab accept insurance?

Sana Lake Recovery accepts insurance and provides an insurance verification service that involves helping clients confirm their insurance benefits. The process is available during the admissions process, and the team will liaise with their clients’ insurance companies on their behalf to get all information.

What is the cost of treatment at Sana Lake?

There is no definitive or fixed cost of treatment at Sana Lake, as it usually varies depending on the type of program a patient needs. Moreover, the price may also fluctuate depending on how long a person needs treatment.

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