The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers are a part of an extremely famous non-profit network of charities that provides assistance and support to people battling addictions and mental health issues. As an international movement, this rehab has been an evangelical part of the Christian Club with a ministry motivated by the love of God and a message based on the Bible. The mission of this rehabilitation center is to meet human needs in the name of God without discrimination.

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As per the teams successfully running Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers, every individual carries an infinite value which is why it extends help and support to everyone without prejudice. At the moment, it operates two major centers, including Harbor Light Center in Northeast Washington and Adult Rehabilitation Centers in Northern Virginia and Maryland. All these programs successfully serve the purpose of providing a healthy and safe environment where clients can explore their issues and manage them.

The Harbor Light Center Programs at Salvation Army Drug Rehab

Harbor Light Centers are spread across the country and include outpatient and inpatient programs catering to individuals with all sorts and intensities of addiction. This program offers the following services To help clients overcome addiction, fix their lives, and return to the community:

Intensive Rehabilitation Unit

Salvation Army detox and rehabilitation treatment unit provide help and support to individuals experiencing severe addictions and requiring supervision. The program also includes counseling tips that assist with behavioral and attitude improvement in patients.

Intensive Outpatient Program 

Intensive Outpatient Programs at Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers provide long-term care depending on addiction severity. Through regular counseling and educational sessions, clients educate themselves about their addictions and triggers and learn how to approach their active problems with ease.

Employment Services 

As a part of the Harbor Light Programs, Salvation Army also provides clients help with placement assistance, interviewing skills, conflict resolution, resume writing, appropriate job behaviors, and miscellaneous workplace skills.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

This part of the program caters to individuals between 13 to 17 years. There are separate units for boys and girls with highly-trained experts who help them break the cycle of addiction while engaging them in pro-social recreational activities.

Anger Management

The Salvation Army program for anger management runs for ten weeks under the supervision of a qualified mental health expert. All participants can fulfill a court mandate by completing this program which is worth $250. People who cannot afford this program in one go can ask for payment plans.

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers

The Adult Rehabilitation Centers run by Salvation Army provide social, emotional, and spiritual assistance to men who cannot cope with their problems. Each of these centers offers them work, residential housing, group therapy, and individual counseling sessions in a wholesome environment. Throughout their tenure of treatment in this program, they receive adequate guidance and support that helps them re-integrate into society and gain employment.

The purposes of Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers include the following:

Combat Addiction

Through a holistic approach towards the group and individual counseling sessions along with life-skills development and spiritual direction, experts guide clients to learn how to abandon their addictive patterns.

Build Social and Work Skills

The spiritual and physical components of this program allow members to fend for themselves as they achieve sustainable employment goals.

Regain Stability and Health

By establishing a personal relationship with God, many residents of the Salvation Army program learn how to depend on God instead of alcohol or drugs to get relief and hope.

Restore Families

Many who enter adult rehabilitation programs can successfully reunite with their families and resume their daily routines.

Salvation Army Veterans Program

Veterans are often a victim of loneliness and depression and continue battling these issues for years after returning home. The Salvation Army aims to stand beside these people who have stood up for the country during tough times for its protection. It runs The Salvation Army Veterans and Family Center and extends various services to this group of people, such as housing placements, family reunification, and job training. Moreover, these people also get addiction services and mental health attention to overcome issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.


Who can attend Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers?

The Adult Rehabilitation Centers at Salvation Army include 180-day treatment programs that provide social, emotional, and spiritual assistance to those who do not have the ability to cope with their issues and fend for themselves. The program runs at no cost and caters to people who:

  • Are adults between the ages of 21 to 65 years
  • Have passed a drug test and breathalyzer test upon arrival
  • Have a birth certificate or social security card
  • Have an official picture ID that is well within the validity date
  • Have not been registered as sex offenders
  • Are able to produce negative TB skin tests taken within the past year
  • Can perform a work therapy assignment for eight hours a day
  • Can participate in classes and worship services

Does Salvation Army Programs cater to everyone?

The alcohol and addiction recovery programs and services provided by Salvation Army are available to everyone without any unlawful discrimination or harassment due to their race, age, sex, religion, color, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, and gender expression.

How much does it cost to get treatment from Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers?

The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers have been offering emotional, social, and spiritual guidance to those struggling with addiction issues and other related problems for more than a hundred years. These programs are typically provided at no cost so that the maximum number of people can be accommodated. Some services may have small fees associated with them; however, they also come with financing options and payment plans to become more affordable.

How to get into Salvation Army rehab?

Salvation Army has provided a helpline number where people in need can get help and advice. Moreover, they may also visit their nearest rehab to find out how the process of admission works.

What are Salvation Army halfway houses?

The Salvation Army provides multiple supported accommodation services across the United States. Known as halfway houses, these houses offer a place where people can get support with their housing issues while sorting out other aspects of life, such as debt problems, employment, loneliness, training, mental health, and addiction. Halfway houses are open to the following people:

  • Single people
  • Young people
  • Families with children
  • Vulnerable women
  • People with alcohol and drug use
  • People with mental and physical health. Issues
  • Ex-service personnel
  • People with not enough resources or income
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