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 Providing a modern approach to recovery, SafeHouse Rehab is a treatment center based in Thailand extending help to people fighting chronic, intense substance use disorders. This exclusive rehabilitation center provides comprehensive care and support for drug and alcohol addiction with evidence-based therapies and dedicated support. Located in Ban Bueng, a city located an hour’s drive from Bangkok, this rehab makes sure to take care of every aspect of treatment, including arranging flights for international clients and helping them with visa applications.

What is Included in a Full Treatment Package at Safe House Thai?

A standard treatment package at Safe House Thai provides the following amenities to every client:

  • A fully-furnished 4-star apartment with one bed and an attached bath
  • Flight arrangements to and from Thailand as needed
  • VIP transfers from the airport to rehab and vice versa
  • A full addiction treatment program
  • 3-day visa on arrival
  • All utility costs included
  • Laundry services
  • Three nutritious meals a day
  • Unlimited access to mineral water, coffee, and tea

Let’s look at various components of treatment at SafeHouse Rehab Thailand in detail:

Brief Online Assessment

This short online assessment is quick and easy to use, with few questions. This assessment aims to help the rehab team get all the essential information required to curate a treatment plan and help clients recover easily and flexibly. The treatment facility strictly keeps all information confidential and private while ensuring clients’ anonymity throughout the treatment. The assessment includes eight questions and a few minutes to note down the contact details of every client. This assessment ensures the treatment team is liaising with someone experiencing alcoholism or drug addiction, likely to benefit from joining Safe House rehab.

Full Hospital Check-Up

After an online assessment, clients may be requested to visit the facility to start the treatment process physically. Each resident will need to go for a full hospital check-up during the first week of treatment, for which they will visit Aikchol International Hospital. This hospital is in a partnership with Safe House Thailand in terms of detox programs and other medical services. It helps complete all necessary health checks and blood work for everyone before they commit to treatment. In addition, the hospital also employs fully licensed, accredited, and trained staff members with adequate knowledge and experience in managing medical emergencies. Additional aesthetic, ophthalmic, and dental services are also available on request; however, clients may need to pay for them to avail of them.

In-House Therapies

Safe House rehab center Thailand also provides a variety of therapies that clients can take part in and enjoy in-house. Some of these activities include:

  • Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Mindfulness and Guided Meditation
  • Crystal Healing

Other Therapies

This drug rehab Thailand also offers the following luxury therapies to promote client well-being and overall mental health:

  • Thai Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Oil Massage
  • Sauna
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Steam Room

Housekeeping and Laundry Services

All residents can avail of laundry services every Monday and Thursday to get their clothes washed. These services help residents take their minds off their daily responsibilities and focus only on recovery. Additionally, the private condo of every client gets a daily cleaner to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness.

Money Expenditure

The standard treatment program at Safe House Thai provides clients with a balance of $300 to spend in a month, which they can use at the following places:

  • Pay for coffee, cakes, and food at the onsite coffee shop
  • Pay for shopping at an onsite 7-eleven
  • Pay for shopping as a part of excursions
  • Pay for food and drink at Tesco shops every Sunday

Each client at the rehab will have their spending money account maintained by the staff members. Clients can request to get more money added to their account by talking to a manager and getting extra funds included in it through a preferred payment method.


Why should I come to the Safe House rehab detox program instead of doing it at home?

Many people with substance addiction often think about detoxing at home or a rehab near their home. While some achieve temporary success, these attempts are likely to fail sooner or later as the triggers surrounding these people are too many to keep tabs on. These triggers may include a nearby pub, a particular restaurant, and sometimes, an individual’s home. Moreover, many people feel the pressure to start using substances again as they continue to live among their peers with similar addictive behaviors. In such circumstances, detoxing away from all these potential triggers in Safe House Thailand can be an excellent way to focus on recovery.

Can I quit my treatment program and leave Safe House Rehab whenever I wish to?

The minimum duration of treatment at Safe House Rehab is 30 days, and the experts do not advise leaving the facility before completing this tenure. However, the rehab cannot hold someone against their will and will have to let them go. In such circumstances, the rehab does attempt to persuade them to stay and continue their treatment. But if a client has decided to leave at all costs, the treatment team must comply with their wishes.

Is there a curfew at SafeHouse Rehab Thailand?

Yes, the treatment team expects everyone to be back to their accommodations by 10 pm on weekdays until the next morning. These curfew timings may differ at weekends, where clients may remain at the day center with a member of staff if this arrangement has been redecided.

Will I have money to spend during my treatment program?

Every client who joins this drug rehab Thailand will get $300 to spend in a month as a part of their treatment package. The treatment team will keep hold of this money and keep an account for each individual. Every patient will have set spending every week in collaboration with their rehab team. Note that clients will not have access to physical money throughout their treatment, and they will have to request the team to pay on their behalf. This money can be used at coffee shops, grocery shopping, and other items residents may purchase during their excursions. The rehab team also provides help with budgeting if a resident needs it.

Does Safe House Rehab Center Thailand allow clients to use their phones during treatment?

The treatment team at Safe House Thai will confiscate all electronic devices and keep them away from residents during the first three days of treatment. The team will help their client’s loved ones, and families know about their safe arrival through special arrangements. According to the rehab, this removal of electronic devices is not a punishment but a chance for the residents to settle in without any distractions. After the first three days, clients can have their devices back. They can use these devices outside of regular treatment hours ranging from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

  • Address 999/33-34 The Premio Town, Chonburi - Ban Bueng Road, Ban Bueng Sub District, , Amphoe Ban Bung, Thailand, Chon Buri