Ryan Rehabilitation LLC is a DUI/DWI (Driving Under the Influence (DUI) / Driving While Impaired) Education and Treatment provider as required by the probation officers, Motor Vehicle Administration, court systems, and Attorneys at Law. Certified by the State of Maryland, the rehab is also recognized as an Alcohol and Drug Treatment provider for people with a driving license from another state. These states include Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, West Virginia, and others. The services provided by Ryan Rehabilitation are also recognized for other concerns, such as Drug and Criminal charges, Probation Violations, or any other service suggested by other entities.

Programs Offered at Ryan Rehab

Before admitting to any program, the staff members at Ryan Rehab check if a client is appropriate for their education and counseling programs. For this purpose, they may schedule an appointment to assess each person’s circumstances. The staff realizes that each case is unique and that it must carefully assess its specific circumstances to determine the program best suits each patient’s needs.

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Once someone receives a Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Impaired related charge, clients will be bound to take part in and complete either an Education or Treatment Program for Alcohol and Drugs. They may undergo the mandatory evaluation first so that experts can decide which treatment level they need before going to court for their motor vehicle accident hearing. Whether the initial is ordered by court or voluntary, it is best to begin the process as soon as possible.

Depending on the results of the assessment, clients may enroll in one or more of the following programs:

Driving Improvement Program

At present, Ryan Rehabilitation offers Driving Improvement Program online to make it accessible to every client without any disturbance or hindrance. However, the final test that takes place upon completing this program must be undertaken in person in either the Kensington or Montgomery rehab clinics. The final test can be conducted at any time on a walk-in basis and does not require any prior appointment.

Education Program 

Ryan Rehabilitation LLC also offers education programs to adult clients which run for 12 hours. The State of Maryland has approved this program as an Early Intervention Level DWI Education. As a part of this program, clients tend to learn about how alcohol and drugs affect their life, driving patterns, brain, family relationships, and the legal system in general. It also covers education program topics relevant to DUI or DWI. The rehab advises all clients to start this program before they go to court, as attorneys and judges appreciate people who are proactive and develop an interest in treatment before they appear in court. Many times, the judges also mandate clients to complete this treatment plan.

Group Counseling Program

The group counseling program at Ryan Rehabilitation LLC includes 26 sessions that take place in group therapy and focuses on drug and alcohol treatment on an outpatient basis. The State of Maryland has accredited the program. With this program, Ryan Rehabilitation College Park aims to help its clients think about their substance use and align their feelings, behaviors, and thoughts toward productive and healthy actions while focusing on the achievement of personal goals. The rehab further works with all individuals using a strength-based perspective and highlights their qualities and attributes to overcome their challenges. As substance dependence and abuse impedes the ability of an individual to achieve their goals, Ryan treatment center supports them in achieving and practicing abstinence from alcohol and mood-altering substances.

Counseling and Anger Management Program

The counseling sessions for the anger management program at Ryan Rehabilitation LLC are available in both individual and group settings. These sessions are solely based on appointments and tend to address the client’s need in the best way possible. Individual anger management sessions may take place up to two times per week, each lasting for approximately an hour. Group counseling, on the other hand, is available from Monday to Thursday between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. On Saturdays, these sessions run between 9 am to 12 pm for three hours.

The staff at Ryan Rehab is highly skilled, innovative, powerful, and approved by the

Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists in the state of Maryland. These staff members also work with clients who are court-ordered by probation officers, attorneys, and judges to finish a rehabilitation program.


Where is Ryan Rehabilitation operating from?

At present, Ryan Rehab has the following three clinics:

  • Ryan Rehabilitation Montgomery VillageOffice
  • Ryan Rehabilitation Kensington Office
  • Ryan Rehabilitation College Park Office

What services are available at Ryan Rehab?

Ryan Rehabilitation center provides the following services to its clients:

  • Professional assessment and evaluation of substance abuse and dependence
  • State-approved, MVA-certified DUI / DWI classes
  • Individualized treatment plans delivered by licensed professional counselors
  • Education, prevention, and treatment programs in accordance with the state and court orders
  • 90-day-long alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in compliance with Motor Vehicle Administration
  • 26-session group therapy for alcohol and drug treatment
  • 12-hour counseling for alcohol and drug education
  • Random urine testing

What should I bring with me for my Driving Improvement Program?

All clients are advised to bring photo identification with them, such as a passport, driver’s license, government-issued identification, or Military ID. Moreover, they must also bring the document issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration that clearly states their need to undertake this program, or they will have to sign a waiver.

Does Ryan Rehabilitation accept insurance?

Unfortunately, Ryan Rehabilitation does not accept insurance. Clients can pay through All Visa and MasterCard cards, money orders, or cash.

How much does treatment cost?

The treatment cost at Ryan Rehabilitation varies depending on what programs a client needs or has been ordered to undertake. A representative will perform a detailed evaluation and assessment of every client to check their needs and accordingly quote a price for treatment.

Will I have to live on-site to receive treatment?

No, Ryan Rehabilitation only offers treatment on an outpatient basis. Clients do not need to stay onsite or leave their homes to seek it.

  • Address 3821 Faragut Avenue
    Kensington, MD 20895,United States