Rushford Rehab is one of Connecticut’s leading providers of mental health and addiction treatment programs for adults and teens. Accredited by The Joint Commission, the rehab has received several accolades and national recognition for its success in delivering high-quality treatment programs to people in need.

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The rehab is run by caring and compassionate staff members willing to help everyone safely and comfortably detox from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, alcohol, and other substances. As a designated Local Mental Health Authority for the Meriden/Middletown region, Rushford Clinic also provides services to individuals with serious mental health disorders, like major depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more. Rushford Rehab is supported by third-party payers, client fees, private contributions, state agencies, and United Way.

Overview of Treatment Programs at Rushford Center

Rushford Rehab Middletown, Connecticut, currently offers the following types of treatment to its clients:

Inpatient Addiction Program

Rushford detox and inpatient program takes place in its secluded facility in Middletown. It offers the serenity and calmness of the Connecticut countryside on a campus which is easily accessible from New Haven, Hartford, and the shoreline. Clients who enter inpatient addiction usually begin with a detox, where they slowly learn how to stop using drugs. With time, experts introduce them to other elements of treatment, such as group therapy, depending on how they are progressing and when they are ready for this leap.

Once a patient is done with detox, they may proceed to an inpatient program where they live onsite and learn how to get over the psychological aspect of their addiction under constant supervision. Alongside treatment, every client can indulge in different experiential therapies and recreational opportunities. All clients also have access to an onsite fitness exercise center and can take part in meditation and yoga classes per their preference. The detox program offered at Rushford Rehab has the lowest readmission rate in Connecticut, and its unique programming can help clients who have achieved sobriety maintain it for years to come.

Outpatient Programs

Rushford Rehab Middletown Connecticut offers highly individualized outpatient programs to its clients so that they can closely work with their doctors and therapists to address their unique goals and needs. These experts realize that recovery is an ongoing process, and an individual may require different levels of care to maintain it. An outpatient program is the best level of care for those stepping down from a higher treatment program, such as a residential one. It incorporates group and individual therapies, allowing clients to focus on their underlying issues and develop the necessary skills to overcome them. Each outpatient program at this rehab provides different integrated therapies, such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition education, etc., that treat every client as a whole patient.

Outpatient programs are run by onsite mental health consultants and psychiatrists who are readily available to help patients address their causes of addiction. Additionally, clients also have access to specialized education and support groups where they can participate along with their family members to get the empowerment they need for long-term success.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Medication-assisted treatments Rushford Hospital makes use of a combination of therapy and medication to assist people in breaking out of the addiction cycle. The medications used in these programs help them reduce their cravings while remaining functional and continuing to be involved with their jobs, families, and communities. Research has backed the use of these medications as they improve treatment outcomes. Along with these medicines, Rushford Rehab also encourages clients to participate in relapse prevention groups to improve their functioning.

Many people may worry about their privacy while seeking admission into medication-assisted treatment at the rehab. Hence, the treatment team has added certain elements to the MAT to make it more confidential, such as:

  • Accommodating schedules for patients with working jobs
  • Small, intimate groups focused on relapse-prevention
  • Medication pick-up from local pharmacies or through delivery programs

Virtual Health Services

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the mental health needs of the general population have greatly increased. Rushford Rehab has responded to these increases by moving its services to an online platform by introducing a new treatment program called virtual health services. As a part of these programs, experts use electronic video platforms, such as Zoom, to offer therapy services to patients of all age groups. This program is helping treat current patients and accepting new ones that the experts may never meet in person.

Teen Residential Treatment

Rushford Rehab provides teen residential treatment services on its 43-acre campus in rural Connecticut. It comes with semi-private and private rooms, an onsite private school, and physical education opportunities, such as a weight and exercise room, soccer fields, and gymnasiums. Every client who enters this program gets an individualized treatment plan with individual and group therapy. Family therapy is also conducted weekly using evidence-based treatment models and 12-step recovery models with life skills training.

The experts overlooking the teen residential program at Rushford Center include a board-certified addiction doctor, two licensed therapists, a child psychiatrist, a full-time recreation therapist, case managers, and residential treatment assistants. This care team keeps monitoring the client’s progress throughout the day to ensure positive growth and safety. Along with therapy and treatment, residents take part in several on and off-campus experiential experiences, like animal-assisted therapy, adventure ropes, yoga, and theatre trips. Each teen also connects with school teachers who work with their home school district to coordinate regular tutoring and ensure they do not lag behind academically while seeking help.

School leadership and teachers work closely with the youth’s home school district to coordinate regular tutoring and ensure students don’t fall behind during treatment.


Who can join Rushford School?

Rushford Academy or Day School is operated and managed by Rushford rehab and provides private, State-approved special education services to teenagers who are simultaneously seeking recovery help at the rehab. It is also available for high school students who have been referred by local school districts.

What community support services are available to the clients of Rushford Clinic?

Rushford Center CT provides different community support services for adults over the age of 18 years who successfully meet the DMHAS definition of battling a prolonged and severe mental illness. These services include the following:

  • CSP Case Management
  • Kuhn Employment Services
  • Social Club
  • Parker North Residence
  • Behavioral Health Home
  • Homeless Outreach
  • Community-based Initiative
  • Shelter Plus Care and Pilots Case Management
  • Camp Street Transitional Living Program
  • Jail Diversion
  • Address 1250 Silver St, Middletown, CT 06457