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Established in 2017, Release Recovery is an addiction rehab founded by Zac Clark and his team of dedicated people who wished to reinvent the concept of recovery. The team at this rehab aims to bring new meaning and energy to the recovery space for people fighting addictions, and the process used to achieve is fueled by love and a shared purpose.

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The rehab is happily committed to making lasting changes in their patient’s lives through individualized and comprehensive care. It supports them in achieving good health in terms of body, mind, and spirit. 

Treatment Services at Release Recovery Center

At Release Recovery rehab, experts consider each client’s unique goals, needs, and lifestyle to determine the best course of action and recovery. Before recommending any program or service to them, experts carefully assess their unique circumstances.

Following are the types of services and programs currently available at Release Recovery:


Whether an individual needs immediate intervention or a long-term consultation, the team at Release Recovery can provide the highest level of care and a strategic path leading toward recovery. The client-centered team-based approach at this treatment center helps set the stage for the best outcomes. Before designing an intervention, the expert team conducts a meeting to identify the key participants for intervention and consultation, familiarize themselves with the background, and find leverage points for moving forward. The team also reaches out to stakeholders and determines their willingness to participate. Through these steps, the Release Recovery team builds around the needs of a loved one and plans an intervention while keeping their interests, conditions, and wants in mind.

The intervention team often includes multiple people, such as two interventionists, case managers, transport teams, and family members. Release Recovery also understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to conducting an intervention. Hence, it ensures the collection of all relevant information and provides tailored service in each case.

Mental Health Support

The team at Release Recovery understands that many people with substance addictions are fighting other co-occurring disorders at the same time that also require concurrent management. For such people, the rehab provides adequate support services through several meetings and groups. For clients with acute mental health diagnoses, the treatment team works hard to find suitable references to make sure that they receive the care they need.

The goal of mental health services available at Release Recovery is to help all clients develop and follow an individualized plan that is not only effective at present but also easy to sustain in the future. To ensure this, the team collaborates with its professional partners and conducts ongoing client assessments to determine the most appropriate level of care for them.

Sober Coaching

The goal of sober coaching at Release Recovery is to help patients make concrete progress, build an autonomous life, and achieve positive outcomes. The service also helps them live a healthy life while slowly reducing the need for coaching in the meantime. This is why these coaching programs are heavy on the front with weekly check-ins and are slowly titrated down as patients start achieving positive outcomes. All patients have the option to buy additional coaching hours if they feel the need to do so.

Before commencing coaching services, the rehab conducts an initial meeting, either in person or virtually, where the team collects as much information from patients as possible. This information helps them select an appropriate coach for each client who helps create a safe environment for them to be vulnerable and honest. The sober clients help young clients with balancing sobriety with work and dating, resume building, and establishing new friends. Older clients, provide support at marriage, work, home life, and more.

Recovery Companion Service

Recovery Companion Service is one of the most popular programs available at Release Recovery that provides round-the-clock support to patients during certain situations. These situations include life transitions, business travel, and more by providing a companion to patients living at their personal homes or one of the rehab-provided residences. The program runs for short durations in which sober companions help them stay accountable and continue to move forward while refraining from substance use.

As a patient opts for the Recovery Companion Service, the rehab first conducts an initial meeting with them and their family members to gain all background knowledge and information. After carefully evaluating the situation, the rehab assigns companions to patients very carefully while ensuring to make the right match. Sometimes, a patient may get more than one companion to provide 24/7 care and support to patients. The aim of sober companions is to provide patients with a path leading to freedom.

Transitional Living

Release Recovery rehab provides transitional living programs for men and women at different locations with many key highlights and features. The features of the women’s transitional living program include the following:

  • The program takes place at a 5-story townhome located on the Upper East Side
  • It provides access to a good recovery community with SMART recovery, 12-step meetings, and other options
  • The treatment center is a few blocks away from attractions like the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • The facility is in proximity to world-class psychiatrists, addiction specialists, and mental health experts, many of whom have been in professional relationships with Release Recovery for a long time.

The transitional living for men, on the other hand, has the following features:

  • Opened since 2017
  • Provides facilities like an indoor heated pool, ping-pong, billiard tables, and saunas
  • Operates from a renovated property with nine bedrooms surrounded by country estate
  • The building is a converted cottage that also provides a work area for patients to work on their professional and educational endeavors.
  • The surrounding landscape is perfect for encouraging recreation, fellowship, and self-reflection
  • Convenient access to the railroad in addition to direct service to Manhattan
  • A chance to take part in outdoor recreation, including hiking trails in natural preserves like Clarence Fahnestock State Park


Does Release Recovery provide crisis management?

Crisis management services are available for patients in certain situations, such as arrests, hospitalizations, safety concerns, and driving under the influence. The highly experienced team at Release Recovery has the training to handle all types of situations, including high-risk cases. The service is private, confidential, and available round-the-clock to help people in emergencies who do not know how to proceed.

Do patients get medications while living at the transitional living facility?

The staff members at Release Recovery have hired trained and qualified doctors who help steer the medication protocols of their clients on a case-to-case basis. The rehab also supports medication-assisted treatment and does not hesitate to provide medicinal support to people who require it.

Does the rehab accept insurance?

Unfortunately, Release Recovery does not accept insurance but has worked hard to establish partnerships with local clinical providers who develop insurance. Many patients in the past have successfully sought treatment from rehab while getting reimbursement for the money they spent on treatment. For this purpose, they can contact insurance advocates for good advice.

What is the cost of Release Recovery?

The cost of treatment at Release Recovery is variable depending on which services a client chooses and how long they engage in treatment. Clients can call rehab on their official number to discuss the costs.

What do Release Recovery reviews say?

Most reviews about Release Recovery are positive and indicate that it has well-trained and qualified staff. Patients have also been happy about the rehab’s individualized programs and the family-like treatment available for everyone who joins it. 

  • Address 482 Underhill Ave, Yorktown Heights, Ny 10598