Recovia Treatment Center, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a center for hope and healing for individuals struggling with addiction and chronic pain. The esteemed facility has earned a reputation as a leading compassionate care provider, offering comprehensive treatments to address the complex and interwoven challenges of addiction and chronic pain management.

Founded on a commitment to excellence, Recovia Rehab Center employs a multidisciplinary approach that integrates cutting-edge interventions with evidence-based therapies to address each patient’s recovery’s physical, psychological, and emotional aspects. The center’s experienced and dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including board-certified physicians, therapists, and support staff, work collaboratively to customize treatment plans tailored to the needs of each individual.

Holistic Approach To Recovery – Reviving Lives At Recovia Treatment Center

Recovia Rehab embraces a holistic treatment philosophy that revolves around three core principles: patient-centric care, healing with compassion, and preventing relapse. The holistic approach shows their commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction and chronic pain, ensuring a lasting and transformative recovery. Following is an elaboration of the aspects of treatment philosophy at the center:

Patient-Centric Care

The dedication to providing patient-centric care is at the heart of Recovia’s treatment philosophy. Recognizing that each individual’s recovery is unique, the center customizes its treatment plans to address each patient’s needs, preferences, and circumstances. The personalized approach ensures that individuals receive the most effective and appropriate interventions, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership over their recovery.

Recovia’s multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals collaborates closely with patients to create a customized roadmap to recovery. The collaborative partnership encourages open communication, trust, and accountability, empowering patients to actively participate in their healing process.

Healing with Compassion

Recovia Scottsdale understands that profound emotional and psychological challenges can accompany addiction and chronic pain. As such, their treatment philosophy strongly emphasizes healing with compassion. The center provides a nurturing and supportive environment where individuals feel safe and understood.

Compassion is extended by the staff and cultivated among patients through group therapy and peer support. The sense of community fosters a compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere where individuals can share their experiences, gain insight, and build a network of support that transcends their time at Recovia.

Preventing Relapse

Since relapse is a common and challenging aspect of recovery, Recovia Center significantly focuses on preventing relapse. Their approach incorporates evidence-based interventions, education, and skills training to equip individuals with the tools to maintain sobriety and manage chronic pain effectively.

Through a combination of therapy, coping strategies, and relapse prevention techniques, Recovia assists individuals in identifying triggers and developing healthy responses. The goal is to help patients build resilience and confidence in their ability to navigate life’s challenges without resorting to substances or falling into the cycle of chronic pain.

Evidence-Based Excellence – Recovia’s Treatment Modalities

Recovia is renowned for its commitment to scientifically-backed treatments, offering many scientifically proven modalities to help individuals overcome addiction and chronic pain, such as the following:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT): Recovia utilizes MAT for addiction treatment, which combines FDA-approved medications with counseling and therapy. This approach helps alleviate cravings, manage withdrawal symptoms, and stabilize patients, enabling them to engage more effectively in therapy and recovery.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): DBT is offered to individuals struggling with emotional regulation and impulse control issues. The therapy assists patients in developing mindfulness, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills to manage cravings and emotional triggers effectively.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET): MET is employed to help individuals explore and strengthen their motivation for recovery. By identifying and enhancing their intrinsic motivation, patients are more likely to commit to and sustain their treatment efforts.
  • 12-Step Facilitation Therapy: Recovia offers a structured approach that aligns with the principles of popular 12-step programs. The therapy helps patients engage with a supportive community, fostering a sense of belonging and accountability.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for patients to share their experiences, gain insight, and receive peer support. This evidence-based approach promotes social connections and helps individuals develop healthier relationships.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): MBSR techniques are integrated to help patients manage stress and chronic pain through mindfulness meditation and other mindfulness practices.
  • Pain Education and Management: For individuals dealing with chronic pain, Recovia offers education and management strategies based on the latest research in pain science. The approach helps patients better understand their pain and learn effective ways to manage it without relying solely on medications.

Recovia Treatment Center’s commitment to such treatments highlights its dedication to providing the highest quality care for individuals seeking recovery from addiction and chronic pain

Recovia Locations – Delivering Compassionate Care Across Arizona

Recovia extends its compassionate care to various locations across Arizona, ensuring accessibility and convenience for individuals seeking recovery from addiction and chronic pain. Some of the locations are:

Mesa (Baywood)

Located in Mesa, the facility provides a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals on their path to recovery. Recovia Baywood offers a range of evidence-based treatments and therapies to address chronic pain and mental health issues effectively.

Phoenix (Deer Valley)

Situated in the thriving city of Phoenix, the Deer Valley location offers a warm and welcoming environment for individuals seeking in-person treatment. The center has a dedicated team of healthcare professionals who deliver comprehensive care for addiction and chronic pain.

Phoenix (Estrella)

The Estrella location is ideal for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. The center’s evidence-based treatments and compassionate staff provide a nurturing space for recovery.

Phoenix (I-17 & Northern)

Conveniently located near the intersection of I-17 and Northern Avenue, the center serves as a vital resource for individuals in the northern region of Phoenix. It offers many conventional and holistic therapies.

Phoenix (Midtown)

Positioned in the vibrant Midtown area of Phoenix, the Recovia location provides a supportive setting for individuals on their path to recovery. The center’s holistic approach to treatment fosters overall well-being.


In Tempe, Recovia extends its reach to individuals seeking recovery from addiction and chronic pain. The Tempe location offers evidence-based therapies in a compassionate and nurturing atmosphere.

Tucson (Grant Rd)

Recovia Treatment Center’s presence extends to Tucson, where the Grant Road location is dedicated to helping individuals in the Tucson area overcome addiction and manage mental health issues through evidence-based interventions.

Tucson (NW Hospital)

Located near the Northwest Medical Center, the Tucson location provides accessible care for individuals seeking recovery support. The center’s experienced team offers evidence-based treatment plans for each patient.


Does Recovia Treatment Center accept insurance?

Recovia Center accepts most major insurance plans. They understand the importance of affordability in accessing treatment and work with various insurance providers to ensure that individuals can receive the care they need without undue financial burden. To determine the specific details of your insurance coverage and eligibility, it is recommended to contact Recovia directly or consult their website for more information.

Can adolescents join Recovia Rehab?

Recovia Treatment Center primarily focuses on adult addiction and chronic pain treatment. However, the eligibility of adolescents may vary based on individual circumstances and specific treatment needs. Contact Recovia directly to discuss the possibility of admission for adolescents and explore any specialized programs or referrals that may be available to address their requirements.

What if someone has both addiction and chronic pain?

Recovia specializes in providing care for individuals facing the dual challenge of addiction and chronic pain. The co-occurring condition can be complex, but the center’s experienced team is well-equipped to address both issues simultaneously. The treatment approach typically includes evidence-based therapies to manage addiction and specialized pain management strategies to help individuals regain control over their lives.

Where can I find Recovia reviews?

You can find reviews and testimonials about Recovia on their official website. You may also find reviews on trusted third-party review websites and social media platforms. These reviews offer insights into the experiences of individuals who have received care at Recovia, helping you make an informed decision about seeking treatment. If you have specific questions or concerns, contact Recovia directly for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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