Priory Hospital Glasgow is among the UK’s leading treatment centers that provide specialist support for addictions and mental health issues. The facility makes evidence-based treatment accessible to everyone fighting depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism, and more. The patient-centered treatment programs at the Priory Glasgow branch have been developed by psychiatrists, psychologists, and other expert mental health professionals to make them successful and beneficial. The multidisciplinary team that executes these programs aims to provide the finest mental health and addiction care with a mission to improve the lives of its clients.

About Services Available at Priory Hospital Glasgow

Operating from the Southside area in Glasgow, Priory Hospital provides patients with a homely, relaxed, and comfortable environment supporting their recovery. The rehab works from a Georgian manor house that comes with solo bedrooms equipped with en-suite facilities to provide the utmost comfort to all patients.

Additionally, Priory Hospital Glasgow also provides the following:

  • Welcoming and peaceful communal areas with a relaxing environment
  • Private gardens with seating areas
  • A greenhouse
  • Onsite games room and televisions
  • An onsite medical doctor available round the clock
  • Housekeeping services
  • Easy access to the city center of Glasgow, motorways, local train stations, and airports
  • Walking distance from Queens Park, where residents can walk in well-maintained gardens to go boating in the local lake
  • An onsite restaurant delivering delicious, high-quality meals and a large menu to choose from

The outstanding services and facilities available at Priory Hospital Glasgow have provided the rehab with excellent outcomes in terms of treatment. Some of the outcomes-based achievements shared by this branch of Priory have been outlined below:

  • 99% of patients who sought help from the addiction rehab at Priory Hospital Glasgowmentioned that they were treated with dignity and respect throughout their stay
  • 97% of patients from the Priory addiction rehab mentioned that they would recommend the treatment center to a friend
  • 80% of patients noticed an improvement in their anxiety levels following treatment at Priory Hospital Glasgow
  • 83% of patients improved their level of depression by seeking help from Priory Hospital Glasgow

What Types of Programs Does Priory Glasgow Offer?

Patients can enroll in the following two types of programs at Priory Hospital Glasgow:

Addiction Rehab Program

Experts at Priory Hospital Glasgow understand that all types of addictions can damage the quality of life, physical and psychological health, and relationships with others. Hence, they provide dedicated addiction rehabilitation and treatment for a wide range of addictions, such as love and sex addiction, gambling, shopping addiction, drug addiction, and alcoholism. Most of these programs run for 28 days and offer the following features:

  • Free addiction assessments to find out the depth of the issue, key triggers, root causes, and more
  • Individual therapy sessions with a therapist
  • Family therapy with loved ones
  • Detoxification support under medical supervision
  • 12-step support groups
  • Free aftercare programs for one year following completion of treatment
  • Free family support therapy for one year following the completion of treatment

The addiction treatment program at Priory Hospital Glasgow takes place under an experienced team of therapists and consultants with good clinical experience. Moreover, clients can also access a dedicated peer support network to seek help and support. Additionally, the addiction program screens every patient for co-occurring disorders at presentation and provides adequate treatment for them. Lastly, the program also focuses on identifying and tackling the causes of addiction to minimize relapses.

Mental Health Rehab

The mental health treatment program at Priory Treatment Center Glasgow provides evidence-based, established services for many mental health illnesses, such as:

Mental health problems can quickly spread and destroy lives, especially without help. At the same time, these issues remain treatable, and help is available in the form of rehabs like Priory Glasgow, so there is no need to keep fighting them alone. Priory Hospital Glasgow has treated thousands of people with mental health issues with great success and continues to do so. As a part of its mental health treatment program, the rehab empowers its clients to improve their well-being and take proactive steps to achieve a healthier life.

All experts that take part in mental health programs ensure to know their patients closely on a personal and meaningful level. This helps them curate a personalized program to provide the best possible care. Some elements of this treatment program include the following:

  • Evidence-based therapy to identify and manage the root cause of mental health issues
  • Round-the-clock support from specialist teams
  • Individualized treatment plans developed by experienced therapists and consultants

Commuting to Priory Hospital Glasgow: What are the Options?

The official address for Priory Hospital Glasgow is 38-40 Mansionhouse Road, Glasgow, Greater Glasgow, G41 3DW. Patients who are traveling to join the treatment option have several options to reach the rehab. These options include the following:

Travel Via Car

Priory Glasgow is working from the Shawlands area in Glasgow, which is in the southern region of the city center. If you are traveling by car, enter the postcode into the satellite navigation system to find an easy route.

Travel Via Bus

Bus numbers 3, 4, 6, 34A, and 57A stop near Priory Hospital Glasgow at the nearest bus stop, which is only an 8-minute walk away from the rehab.

Travel Via Train

Shawlands, Pollokshaws West, and Langside are the train stations closest to Priory Hospital Glasgow. All three are a taxi ride or a short walk from the rehab.


How much does it cost to get treatment at Priory Hospital Glasgow?

The cost of treatment at Priory Treatment Center Glasgow varies from one person to another, depending on their presenting issues, the level of care they require, and the duration of treatment. After a client connects with the rehab, the expert team can discuss the cost of treatment and the available payment methods.

When does Priory serve meals?

Priory Hospital Glasgow serves meals thrice a day. Breakfast is accessible as soon as clients wake up, whereas lunchtime usually runs from 11:45 am to 1 pm. Evening meals are available to residents between 5 to 6 pm. The kitchen crew is open to all types of dietary requirements according to client needs. The rehab does not allow patients to bring outside food on the premises unless they have discussed it with their team beforehand.

Are visitors allowed at Priory Glasgow?

Priory Hospital Glasgow allows families and friends to visit their loved ones during specified visiting hours. These visitations cannot take place during therapy hours, and all visitors must leave the hospital by 10 pm. Patients and their loved ones can arrange the visiting hours by liaising with the nursing staff. Additionally, the hospital also arranges family support groups onsite and encourages family and friends to come to support their loved ones in challenging times.

Can I get leave during treatment at Priory Hospital Glasgow?

In general, the rehab does not allow patients enrolled in addiction programs to leave the site during active treatment. Those in the mental health programs may leave the facility for therapeutic reasons but only after getting authorization from a consultant.

Does Priory Glasgow provide any NHS services?

Priory Hospital Glasgow runs an eating disorder program in partnership with the NHS. The rest of the services are private and not funded by the government in any way. Keep in mind that NHS treatment can only be arranged by public bodies, like clinical commissioners and mental health trusts, whereas Priory is a private hospital. 

  • Address Priory Hospital Glasgow
    38 - 40 Mansionhouse Road
    Greater Glasgow
    G41 3DW