Primrose Lodge is a Surrey-based treatment center catering to adults fighting addiction and other co-occurring mental health disorders. As a premier treatment facility, the expert team leaves no stone unturned to make it homely, comfortable, attractive, and effective with amazing facilities and services for patients to enjoy. The treatment team genuinely tries to care for the patients and support them so that they can make a full recovery.

At Primrose Lodge, clients can receive an exceptionally high standard of treatment at affordable prices. The rehab is open 24/7 with immediate admission in luxury environments. The experienced staff also provides free aftercare to all patients for up to one year after discharge.

Admission Experience at Primrose Lodge

The admission experience at Primrose Lodge is divided into two stages: the initial stage and the first few days.

The Initial Stages

The initial stages of admission at Primrose Lodge include the following:

  • Telephonic assessment: During this assessment, a staff representative will ask the patient to briefly describe their history of substance use and other relevant medical information that they think can impact their recovery in some way.
  • Booking a place: Once the representative and client have agreed on the type of treatment program and its length, the former can reserve a slot for the latter.
  • Booking deposit: All interested clients must submit a deposit to secure their spot in the treatment program, with the balance payable when they arrive.
  • Admission: As soon as a client arrives, their recovery experience with Primrose begins as the staff members welcome them, show them around, and help them settle into the new place

The Initial Days at the Rehab

Once the client has successfully gone through the initial assessment, payment, and admission phase, they can expect the following to happen during the next few days:

  • Settling into the rehab: As soon as a client arrives at the rehab, an admissions staff member will greet them and answer any queries in their minds. Then, they will give clients a quick tour of the facility to help them know where to find what they need. The goal is to make them comfortable and relaxed instead of intimidating them with too much information.
  • A brief medical assessment: During the first 24 hours, every client will meet an in-house doctor who will perform a detailed medical assessment. This assessment aims to determine the level of care that will best suit a patient. For instance, the assessment may help experts know if someone presenting with an addiction requires medical detox. If detox seems necessary, the assessment can help doctors determine the best medication to use during detox and its dosage, in addition to the level of care and monitoring each patient’s needs.
  • Individualized recovery plan: During the first few days at Primrose, patients will meet many therapists and counselors who will work with them to pinpoint the causes of addiction. With this information, the experts can collaborate with clients and settle on a new recovery plan that best suits their needs and provide them with their desired treatment outcomes. Each treatment plan is heavily individualized according to personal goals and needs so that clients can achieve the maximum during their stay at the rehab. In addition to treating underlying addiction, the recovery plan also concentrates on every patient’s emotional, spiritual, and mental rehabilitation.

The Rehab Experience at Primrose Lodge

Addiction rehabilitation at Primrose Surrey Rehab includes the following:


The comprehensive detoxification program at Primrose Lodge includes a medically-assisted detox that helps the body clear the addictive substances. The process occurs in a secure and monitored environment to make it effective and equally safe.

Rehabilitation and Therapy

Experts at Primrose believe that it is crucial to understand your issues first before learning how to overcome them. Hence, it provides different types of therapy to find the underlying cause of addiction and its potential triggers. Moreover, therapy at this stage also focuses on addressing any co-occurring issues that may have potentiated or aggravated addictions. Clients also learn about any environmental factors or genetics and their role in developing an addiction. Therapy at Primrose may occur as individual sessions or in a group setting per client needs.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are essential for addiction recovery, as completing a rehab program does not guarantee that the battle is over. Long-term sobriety requires long-term dedication and work; fortunately, the Primrose Rehab staff is willing to provide that to its clients. The rehab runs many aftercare programs which clients can participate in for free up to one year following their treatment. These aftercare services help them connect to a community where they feel understood and well-supported and can successfully maintain their behaviors without relapsing.

Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness exercises are available for clients at Primrose as a getaway to take some time and reflect on themselves. These exercises can help patients stay in tune with their feelings and thoughts while enhancing their self-connectedness.

Fitness Programs

Fitness programs at Primrose have been introduced considering the physical requirements of a person battling addiction. Many people start feeling restless and agitated during their recovery and can benefit from releasing this tension through dynamic exercise. Exercise also helps release happy hormones that elevate mood and improve the sleep-wake cycle.

Nutritional Programs

Nutritional programming at Primrose aims to guide clients about the importance of eating healthy. Many people who have abused substances for a long time are chronically deficient in many nutrients and vitamins and can benefit from these programs to start rejuvenating their bodies. As a part of these programs, clients also get three delicious yet healthy meals daily that fulfill their nutritional requirements while treating the tastebuds.

Family Recovery Programs

As clients progress in their recovery journey, they may find working alongside their family members beneficial for better outcomes. Family therapy at Primrose allows them to connect with their loved ones and work on their relationships under the supervision of a therapist. This type of therapy also allows them to move forward and build a healing atmosphere at home.


What are the benefits of joining an inpatient program at Primrose Lodge Guildford?

Joining a treatment program at Primrose Lodge can provide patients with:

  • Mental well-being and clarity
  • Healthier coping mechanisms
  • Enhanced physical health
  • Ability to properly focus on work or school
  • Healthier and more stable relationships
  • Ability to find joy and happiness in other activities

Why are there so many treatment programs at Primrose Rehab?

Experts at Primrose Lodge Chester Le Street believe that every patient and their recovery journey are unique. While one treatment plan may work for one of them, it may not benefit others. Hence, the rehab offers various types of programs to suit the variable needs of their clients while helping them discover what resonates the most with them. The large variety of treatment programs also provides the best chances of a successful recovery experience from addiction and associated mental health issues.

Can adolescents receive dual diagnosis treatment at Primrose Surrey Rehab?

Treatment of addiction with co-occurring mental health issues differs for people of different age groups. Teenagers are still growing and developing, and their program must be tailored s per their age group and their cognitive and social needs. Unfortunately, Primrose Drug Rehab Surrey only caters to adults but refers adolescents and people from younger age groups to its sister rehab called Banbury Lodge in Oxfordshire.

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