Preferred Rehab is a community-based healthcare organization offering a variety of services. With more than 100 clinics and organizations across the United States, it deals with a major chunk of the community, offering it a way out of its addictions and mental health issues. The rehab has employed highly-trained and experienced experts as a part of its team to deliver the best recovery outcomes.

Preferred Family Healthcare Rehab calls itself a caring and dynamic organization committed to providing integrated care that assists individuals in achieving wellness and health. It offers treatment at various levels so that each person can match to the most appropriate care plans.

Types of Programs at Preferred Medical Center

Preferred Rehab offers different services to people fighting addictions and mental health issues. These include the following:

Addiction Treatment Program

The addiction treatment program at Preferred Rehab is much more than seeking detox and therapy but involves educational classes, daily counseling, relapse prevention skills, and recreational opportunities. It also connects the patients with support groups to make a recovery faster and more achievable. As soon as an individual joins an addiction treatment program at this rehab, they get a personal counselor who keeps them engaged in individual and group therapy. These counselors also make patients more aware of the negative effects of substance use and teach them skills to support a healthy lifestyle without using drugs.

Each client also connects to a community support specialist who works as a professional liaison with referral sources, medical professionals, attorneys, employers, and other community resources. Another job of these specialists is to teach life skills to clients while coordinating with other agencies for aftercare arrangements. They also connect with community resources to find help for their clients with clothing, utilities, education, healthcare, childcare, and housing. Lastly, community support specialists also teach clients how to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol while encouraging them to take part in healthy social activities.

The founders of Preferred Rehab AZ Ellsworth realize the importance of continuing support, especially for patients fighting addictions. In addition to connecting them with appropriate support groups like Narcotics Anonymous, they may also refer them to different therapies and other aftercare modalities. Alumni groups are also available, which further assist these patients in relapse prevention.

Virtual Services

Virtual services at Preferred Rehab include a computer-based simulated 3-D environment in which real people connect through avatars in meaningful ways. These virtual services at the rehab currently provide treatment for anger management and use it for parenting, DWI, Drug Court, and Substance Education for Young Adults. Preferred Rehab started using virtual world counseling for adolescents who were about to leave its residential rehab to return to their Missouri homes where there was a lack of outpatient services to maintain continuing care. This counseling service has been helping hundreds of patients maintain good recovery outcomes without being restricted to onsite programs.

Mental Health Program

Preferred Family Healthcare provides different mental and behavioral health services to people with serious mental illness and other issues, such as depression, anxiety, and grief. This mental health program currently expands to the following areas:

  • Missouri and Illinois have Clarity Healthcare which provides different behavioral health services.
  • Missouri also has Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation which covers 21 counties and provides services to adults and teenagers with serious mental illness. The rehab also provides day programs in Trenton, Kirksville, and Hannibal while operating a residential facility in Kirksville. Additionally, Kirksville and Trenton also have PFH Behavioral Health Clinics, which provide diagnosis, assessments, medication management, and therapy to clients.
  • Oklahoma has Dayspring Community Services, which runs behavioral health clinics and offers different services. The professional staff of these clinics can also be found in homes, schools, and other settings throughout the service area. Oklahoma branches of Preferred Rehab also provide extensive bilingual services.

Some other unique mental health programs offered at other locations of Preferred Rehab include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Virtual Services – Portal
  • Anger Management Classes
  • Achieving Recovery Through Creativity (ARTC)
  • Mental Health Awareness Training (MHAT)

Preferred Rehab Arizona Ellsworth also ensures that it does not deny any client access to treatment or services due to their inability to pay. It offers discounts and provides a sliding fee schedule to people depending on their family income and size.

Transitional Living Programs

The transitional Living and Scattered Sites Program at Preferred Rehab Gilbert, AZ, has been designed to provide a home to youth over the age of 18 years. These people are ready to start living independently but still require support and care. The rehab team stays in contact with them three times a week and develops independent living goals for them that they strive to achieve. The type of residence each member of the youth get may vary; however, some of the most common types of assistance provided include help with seeking and maintaining employment, cooking skills, budgeting, and educational goals.

Foster Care Programs

This unique service program in Oklahoma provides comprehensive clinical support to children and their families in collaboration with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The staff team works with both the biological family and foster family of children to build good relationships with all caregivers involved and support smooth transitions from different homes and placements. The team of staff members overlooking this program is well-educated and knowledgeable regarding the various state systems that are involved with such children and families. Moreover, Preferred Rehab collaborates with teachers, schools, and daycare centers to help deliver appropriate support to these families and children. Foster Care Program can be found in Tulsa and delivered by Dayspring/PFH Clinic.

Medical Care Programs

The expert staff members at Preferred Rehab can help individuals looking for dental, primary care, or any other form of medical care. It offers a wide array of medical services that benefits the overall health and well-being of its clients through specialized facilities, such as Healthcare Homes and the PBHCI Integrated Care Project.


Are the clinics running under Preferred Family Healthcare Rehab accredited?

Yes, where applicable, the services provided by Preferred Rehab Gilbert AZ are accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or CARF. This achievement indicates that the organization is committed and dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people it serves.

Who is included in the professional staff team at Preferred Rehab?

The care team at Preferred Rehab clinics is comprehensive and includes professionals from all relevant fields, such as:

  • Psychologists
  • Behavior analysts
  • Prevention specialists
  • Family therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Registered nurses
  • Certified teachers
  • Community support specialists
  • Licensed social workers
  • Advanced practice nurses

What is the cost of treatment at Preferred Rehab?

Preferred Rehab never denies treatment to anyone just because they are unable to afford it. The exact cost of treatment varies depending on the program someone needs. However, the staff members are always available to make adjustments and offer discounts wherever possible and needed.