The Phoebe House is a popular drug and alcohol rehabilitation center working from Arncliffe, Australia. The facility was established in 1984 by a group of young women concerned about the treatment needs of mothers with substance use. Almost three decades later, the rehab remains fully operational, offering holistic, evidence-based programs tailored to the needs of every client. The treatment facility exclusively deals with women and children from different backgrounds, cultures, and areas across Australia. 

The staff members at Phoebe House are highly trained with sufficient professional knowledge and skills to best support all residents in achieving their goals. The recovery journey for each client is well-supported with help from their treatment team, children, families, and other agencies. 

Programs at Phoebe House Arncliffe

The Phoebe House program aims to ensure the well-being and safety of all residents and their children throughout the tenure of treatment. The staff members take care to keep all families together and assist all clients in establishing and maintaining healthy bonds with their children. The program includes various services, such as case management, individual counseling, etc., for up to nine residents. Additionally, the rehab also has a children’s center with appropriate staff members who take care of up to six children at a time for four days a week. 

The in-house group therapy program at Phoebe House allows residents to acquire relapse prevention skills, learn behavior management, and train their emotions. The rehab also links with external organizations to encourage learning in clients in specialized areas, such as first aid training, family violence and its effects on children, and more. All treatment programs at Phoebe House ensure the development and growth of residents in community-based activities while helping them reconnect with their families. 

Mentioned below is a brief overview of the Phoebe House program and its components:

Opioid Treatment and Relapse Prevention

The relapse prevention training at Phoebe House focuses on safety management ideas that minimize the risk of using substances again for long-term recovery. Relapse prevention is available throughout all aspects of the program and allows clients to learn how to identify different stages of relapse and how to prevent them in the future. At the same time, the facility also provides a chance for the residents to participate in opioid treatment programs to build a healthy life. 


Each client will have access to weekly counseling sessions with a trained counselor throughout the program. These sessions will focus on helping clients identify their goals and work on special areas of treatment as per their unique needs. For example, some may focus on interpersonal relationship building while others may learn how to improve their self-esteem.

Case Management

Each resident at the Phoebe House gets a designated case manager who works closely with them to identify and achieve the treatment outcomes. The case management at this facility uses holistic approaches to help clients self-identify their needs and prioritize their goals. Some common areas that a case manager may focus on include employment, education, health, recovery, housing, and engagement in community-based activities.

Myee Children’s Program

This program is available at Myee Children’s Center, located inside the Phoebe House. At this center, the care team caters to children under the age of 5 and help them meet their age-specific training needs. As a part of this program, clients can engage with their children through various activities, such as play therapy, baby massage, developmental goal planning, and more. 

Parenting program

Clients in the parenting program can learn to establish healthy bonds with their children. Experts will guide them through various therapeutic approaches to build these relationships, such as structured play sessions, parenting groups, and individual goal setting. While this program at Phoebe House mainly works around the needs of the children, it also supports mothers along the way. 

Rebuilding Family

At Phoebe House, family relationships hold utmost importance. Hence, throughout the treatment program, the care team will help each client rebuild all important family relationships to boost their long-term recovery. For some clients, this therapy is only about connecting with their children, while for others, it may involve members they have not spoken to for years. Depending on individual circumstances, the staff at Phoebe House is available to provide help and assistance as and when required. 

Group Therapy

The staff at Phoebe House encourages all clients to take part in group therapy for introducing meaningful changes in their recovery journey.  Each client gets multiple opportunities to engage in group therapy throughout the week. These group therapies have different topics in every session, such as:

  • Narrative therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Self-esteem
  • Effective communication
  • Money management
  • Psychoeducation

Community Engagement and Weekend Planning

As clients progress through the treatment program, the care team encourages them to engage in weekend planning and community engagement. They will have a wide range of activities to choose from and participate in over the weekend. These activities may include baby-rhyme time classes, play groups, and Alcoholics Anonymous/ Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Participation in these activities require planning and preparatory skills before clients can engage in them and reflect on their experiences. 

Health and Nutrition

During the tenure of the Phoebe House program, each client will participate in different workshops to learn about how to make healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, each client will have one evening per week to cook for the whole house and share their unique cuisines and ideas. Cooking classes will also be available in-house to help residents learn new culinary skills. 

Additionally, the rehab also runs an exercise program that includes weekly yoga and Zumba classes, daily walks, and regular participation in local pools. The rehab tries to make these activities as entertaining for clients as possible. 

Aftercare Program

Once clients finish their treatment a Phoebe House, they will engage in an aftercare program that may last for up to a year. As a part of this program, clients receive regular phone calls and skype calls for follow-ups. During these calls, experts at the rehab ask different questions about their children, their accomplishments, and their participation in the community while enquiring about any further support if they need it. Moreover, the rehab also calls their old clients to attend an afternoon tea session every six months and share their experiences, accomplishments, and challenges with others. 


What is the cost of the Phoebe House program?

The cost of treatment at the Phoebe House may vary depending on the individual client’s needs and requirements. The best way to find out how much treatment will cost you is by contacting a representative of the rehab directly.

Who does Phoebe House cater to?

The Phoebe House is exclusively for women and children suffering from alcohol and drug addictions.

How long will the treatment last?

The treatment program’s length is not fixed but varies depending on client needs. For example, a client with more severe drug addiction or additional complications may need to spend more time in treatment than someone who has milder forms of addiction.