Onsite Tennessee is a world-renowned workshop provider that supports clients in their battle against mental health disorders. Through these 6-day-long workshops and long-term residential programs, the rehab targets people suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, codependency, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The clinical team provides customized individual, family, and couple therapeutic programs to ensure a wholesome recovery in all aspects of life. With the help of its qualified staff members and therapists, Onsite offers multiple treatment modalities, such as psychodrama, brain spotting, EMDR, CBT, DBT, and experiential therapy to promote healing.

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Located in the Smokey Mountains in Furnace and Cumberland, Tennessee, Onsite works from a 150-acre large campus that provides a peaceful and tranquil environment for recovery. Away from the daily distractors of life, this campus allows clients to submerge in nature while enjoying all luxuries and comforts they are habitual of. All accommodations at the onsite treatment center are well-equipped with premium bedding, well-designed country charm, and a solid stone fireplace in every room. Clients can regularly participate in yoga and fitness classes, horseback riding, swimming, and basketball games throughout their stay at this rehab. Apart from this, Onsite also employs a dedicated culinary team that provides gourmet meals to all guests.

So far, Onsite rehab has claimed to have helped thousands of people, equipping them with tools to handle the daily challenges of life better. Onsite therapy, in particular, is world-famous and has also been featured on various popular platforms, including The Doctors, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, and the New York Times.

Treatment Highlights of Onsite Rehabilitation Center in Tennessee

A typical treatment program at Onsite Tennessee rehab center includes the following:

In-Depth Wellness Assessment

This wellness assessment includes a two-hour-long evaluation on the initial visit. During this assessment, an expert asks patients about their family and medical history, exercise routine, sleep and lifestyle habits, nutrition patterns, spirituality, and overall health. Depending on individual circumstances, the assessment may include a physical exam followed by diagnostic testing.

Individual/Group Counseling

Onsite counseling sessions are tailored to meet the specific lifestyle requirements of clients. This counseling also takes place through virtual sessions for more convenience.

Individual/Group Coaching

Coaching sessions at Onsite support clients’ emotional health. By focusing on their present and future, coaches encourage clients to keep moving towards their goals while gaining an enhanced sense of satisfaction with life.


This category includes three or 4-day-long programs that provide hope and healing in a client’s preferred location. These programs include individuals, families, groups, and couples and help them target their specific issues with care and attention. Clients closely work with licensed professionals during these intensives to acquire vital tools for recovery and healing while learning conflict resolution and general coping skills.


These world-famous workshops take place on one of the Onsite campuses and focus on introducing life-changing transformations in clients’ life. Many expert therapists continue to guide clients through their popular evidence-based framework that leads them back to the life they wish to live.

Treatment Planning

Treatment planning includes collaborating with clients and their loved ones to devise a practical and robust treatment plan to help them achieve good health and recovery. The treatment plans that Onsite Tennessee comes up with are collaborative and strength-based and are in the client’s best interests.

Coordination of Care

Onsite rehab offers Wellness Concierge services, responsible for coordinating individual treatment plans with multiple experts. This program aims to ensure clear communication between providers and clients and improve the quality of care.

Holistic Care

In addition to using evidence-based therapeutic modalities, Onsite regularly offers holistic care and wellness opportunities to all its clients. This holistic approach to recovery aims to tend to their mental, physical, relational, and spiritual needs at once.

Functional Medicine

A treatment program at Onsite treatment center includes virtual or in-person appointments with a functional medicine expert. The responsibility of this expert is to help clients identify all components that lead to disease while assessing their bodily functions, psychological symptoms, and nutritional status.

Onsite Workshops

Following are some of the most popular Onsite workshops currently available for clients to avail:

Living Centered Program

As the most popular Onsite workshop, the Living Centered Program allows clients to connect with their past and current circumstances and how they are affecting them. This six-day-long workshop allows them to rewrite their narratives while resolving the problematic areas of their life. It also helps patients develop congruence between their values, feelings, and actions.

Healing Trauma Program

The Healing Trauma Program at Onsite helps patients address the pain and traumas of the past. It also addresses the compulsive behavior cycles and the disconnection that individuals may experience following a traumatic experience. With the help of trauma experts, clients can gain education and develop innovative tools necessary to support their recovery.

Healthy Love and Relationships Program

This six-day revolutionary workshop helps people address the wounds that lead to self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors and help them regain self-worth.


What is ‘Milestones’ at Onsite Recovery?

Milestones refer to the specialized residential program for trauma management. It serves patients with severe symptoms of unaddressed trauma, such as PTSD, depression, codependency, and anxiety. This innovative, highly integrative program can continue for a variable length, typically ranging from 30 to 90 days depending on individual needs. Milestones residential services include multiple clinical modalities, excellent customer service, and warm hospitality.

Who is included in the care team?

Onsite Tennessee employs a team of clinical therapists and staff members with codependency and trauma management training. Each client gets their primary therapist responsible for coordinating their care throughout their stay at rehab. Moreover, the treatment team for every client includes admissions specialists, trauma specialists, primary therapists, client advocates, equine therapists, aftercare coordinators, family therapists, and other support staff.

What treatment modalities does Onsite rehabilitation center use?

The treatment programs at Onsite rehab make use of the following treatment modalities.

  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Experiential therapy psychodrama
  • Somatic therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Internal family systems therapy
  • Brain spotting
  • Trauma-sensitive yoga
  • Songwriting and music therapy
  • Emotionally focused therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing
  • The polyvagal theory
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation

Does onsite accept insurance?

Unfortunately, the Onsite treatment center does not accept any insurance because it does not provide treatment in a hospital setting and does not formulate a diagnosis for any of its clients. Clients are responsible for paying for their complete treatment at the time of admission in US cash.

What is Onsite treatment center cost?

There is no definitive cost of treatment as multiple factors define it. Talk to an admissions representative at Onsite Tennessee today to get a personalized quote. 

  • Address 1038 Hwy 48 N, Cumberland Furnace, TN 37051, USA