The Olympia House Rehab is an alcohol and drug addiction rehab that uses the recovery model of treatment to fight chemical dependency in its patients. It uses person-centered individualized recovery plans that integrate the latest evidence-based treatments and target the whole person. Along with therapy, it also connects patients with peer support groups to ensure a multidimensional recovery. The rehab takes pride in providing services that address the unique psychological, biological, spiritual, and social components that might be triggering addictive patterns in an individual.

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So far, Olympia House has been serving multiple Northern California counties, including San Jose, Marin County, Sacramento, Yolo County, Sonoma County & Napa, Oakland, Berkeley & Solano County, and more. At this rehab, the treatment team is committed to respecting every client for their unique identity and allows them to express their sexual orientation and gender. The team recognizes, celebrates, and honors the value of diversity in its clients and other staff members. This view is reflected in their individualized treatment approach that views these individual differences as strengths rather than weaknesses.

Treatment Programs Available at Olympia House Rehab

Olympic Recovery Center provides the following types of treatment programs to its clients:

Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox

At Olympia House, clients get access to a safe environment to undergo a detox process to get over their physical addiction. This process can be medication-assisted or non-medical, depending on the client’s wishes and needs. At the moment, the rehab provides detoxification services for alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, stimulant abuse, and opioid addiction. As a part of this process, it connects all clients with diverse resources to ensure a stress-free detoxification period. The initial days of the detox process include intensive oversight and monitoring to ensure that every patient is doing well and safe. Following this, medications may or may not be provided to keep the withdrawal symptoms under control.

Residential Program for Substance Addiction

Olympia House residential program welcomes people fighting alcohol and drug abuse to heal and recover in a structured environment with 24/7 staff supervision and support. The program runs under the supervision of drug and alcohol counselors and clinicians trained to offer various treatment modalities through individualized programs. Some of the salient features of this program at Olympia House Rehab include the following:

  • Qigong Tai Chi
  • Relapse prevention
  • Individual psychotherapy twice every week
  • Organic gardening and farm animal care
  • Aftercare planning
  • Miscellaneousamenities
  • Individual chemical dependency counseling twice a week

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Olympia House Petaluma provides rehabilitation services to clients without restricting them to the campus for the entire duration of treatment. With a special focus on recovery and wellness in all life aspects, IOP at this rehab supports clients in their journey towards a sober life by providing them with group support, treatment, structure, and a safe place to fight their daily struggles related to addiction. The program is open for people who have finished residential treatment and wish to step down, along with those who have never sought treatment at Olympia House. The program runs from 9 am to 12 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with random alcohol and drug tests.

A typical IOP at Olympia treatment center continues for eight weeks depending on individual needs and insurance coverage. It includes one hour of individual counseling and 9 hours of group therapy per week, and monthly family support meetings. The program provides clients with a safe space to process their struggles and feelings, learn coping skills to minimize the risk of relapse, and use evidence-based therapy to counteract and manage overwhelming emotions and thought distortions.

For most clients, IOP begins with a clinical assessment to determine and screen for mental health issues and substance abuse. Depending on the results, the staff members curate specialized treatment plans unique to the needs of each individual after identifying their specific treatment goals. A typical IOP includes various evidence-based modalities along with peer support groups.

Aftercare Action Plan

As clients finish treatment and are ready to leave Olympia House, they craft an aftercare action plan which includes their goals and steps to achieve rewarding and long-lasting recovery. The purpose of creating this aftercare plan is to ensure that those under the care of this rehab remain connected, supported, and engaged on a path of recovery and self-directed wellness.

At Olympia House, an aftercare plan may include the following services:

  • Preventive Maintenance: As a part of this component, clients get free tune-ups at the rehab. The first one is available ninety days after they leave rehab, followed by two weekly sessions. Note that a tune-up refers to a 3-day stay at the rehab at no cost. To avail of these tune-ups, clients must be sober and available through the weekend.
  • Transitional Support: While many clients prefer returning to their homes for independent living following the completion of treatment, some do not feel confident about it. Such people may use the transitional support services at Olympia House, through which they can live in sober living environments. These environments allow them to resume responsibilities of daily living, such as preparing food, earning an income, and arranging transportation with support available every step of the way.
  • Coaching & Guidance: A trained therapist or counselor at Olympia House works as a case manager with clients while coaching them on essential life skills, such as health management and financial planning. These coaches also help them develop ongoing plans to identify and commit to various recovery-based activities that enable them to move forward with all aspects of life.


What are the goals of IOP at Olympia House Rehab?

The goals of the intensive outpatient program available at Olympia House Rehab include the following:

  • Provision of a safe space for clients who are trying to recover from a chemical dependency
  • Help clients reconnect with family, peer groups, social supports, and additional aftercare treatment relationships as needed.
  • Provision of a holistic environment that promotes a biopsychosocial-spiritual recovery process and addresses all aspects of recovery.
  • Set and strengthen a solid foundation of healing and recovery

Does Olympic Recovery Center treat co-occurring disorders?

Yes, in addition to substance abuse, the rehab also manages the following co-occurring disorders in its patients:

Will the rehab verify my insurance for me?

Yes, the rehab encourages following a three-step approach to verify insurance benefits for its clients.

  • Step One: Provide the details by calling the rehab or completing a contact form online
  • Step Two: Give the team time to contact your insurance company and verify the maximum coverage and benefits.
  • Step Three: Get into a discussion with the admissions team, who will let you know what your insurance covers and how much you will need to pay out of pocket
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