Addiction is a complicated disease that can affect many dimensions of a person’s life. There are various types of therapies available to treat addiction effectively. The core issues for the development of addiction can be managed through therapy, rehab, counseling, and treatments. Victory Addiction Recovery Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center located in the heart of Acadiana, offers economical and standard treatment efficiently and effectively.

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Victory’s medical and licensed clinical team is highly experienced with a deep understanding of the chronic disease of addiction. They are fully committed to family recovery as they know how to deal with its adverse effects on the client and the family. Therefore, the family’s active participation begins on admission and is continued throughout the course of treatment.

The treatment is personalized, focusing on the mind, body, and soul and the main goal is to provide the best substance abuse services. Their comprehensive treatment approach strives for the quality treatment of fundamental issues and co-occurring conditions. The client is completely treated through evidence-based counseling techniques such as nutritional therapy and exercise therapy.

Victory Addiction Recovery Center provides all the tools and resources through qualified nursing staff available all the time to make a safe and organized environment. Along with being supportive and dedicated, they offer community awareness, education, and support group to the clients and their families.

Getting Admission to Victoria Rehab Center: The Intake Process

The process of admissions

To begin the admissions and intake process, a person only needs to pick up his phone and call the intake department of the center. The support staff is present 24/7 to deal with clients to solve their particular problems. The founders of Victoria rehab are aware that starting the admissions process can be frightening and confusing for a person. For this reason, the admissions staff is always eager to answer different clients’ questions about Victory. They also provide free assessments and evaluations if a person is unsure about his drug addiction.

Clients’ admission criteria also include their physical and mental capability and their ability to participate in a structured and intensive treatment program. Clients can get help from the rehab anytime and be connected with a helping, caring, and experienced professional who will listen to their issues. The professional staff will ensure to answer every client’s question about the admissions process and provide proper guidance on the next steps.

At the start, during a phone interview, the admissions counselor of the center asks some basic questions about treatment needs. Next, another phone assessment is scheduled with a therapist to learn more about a client’s history, who will then decide and determine a person’s eligibility for their program. Only in rare instances is Victory rehab center unavailable for a client, and in that case, they make sure to help the client find another treatment center. 

Programs Available at Victoria Treatment Center:

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Detox is the process of allowing the body to remove the drugs in it and effectively manage a person’s withdrawal symptoms. A person may begin to experience a variety of unbearable emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms after discontinuing the use of drugs or alcohol. Being the most serious form of treatment in the center, detoxification can even be harmful to a person.

The medical team of Victory recovery center is very professional and experienced, and they follow proper detox protocols for all substances. Healthcare professionals keep an eye on their clients and monitor them continually to provide them with a safe and comfortable experience. The detox regime of individuals will always depend on their drug use history.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential treatment, requires a patient to be admitted to a hospital or other care facilities. These treatments are structured environments where patients are removed from stressful situations that promote an urge to use various drugs. Addiction to drugs or alcohol damages a person inside-out, which can be difficult to cope-up with. The residential treatment program of victory rehab center allows clients to take a gap from their daily lives. While living in a home-like residence, daily treatment activities such as group therapy, individual therapy, and experiential approaches are arranged regularly.

A healthy and positive living style can prevent a person from reverting to addiction. Professionals work together and try to treat people thoroughly, and they also try to link them with various spirituality and meditation groups. The duration of the residential program depends on the type of treatment needed and mostly lasts for two weeks to 90 days. 

Professionals Program

Victory’s licensed medical and clinical staff lead residential and intensive outpatient treatment and use different techniques and methods like group, individual, or gender-specific therapy. Since addiction can cause problems, people with specific needs are provided with specialized treatment. The center designs professional programs to address the multiple needs of clients. The victory treatment center is always ready to help its clients understand problems and cope with issues specific to their profession.

Specific programs are designed to treat particular professionals, such as business owners, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. These kinds of treatments are helpful for clients to get back to work and set their routines. If someone wants an update on their progress, the center can provide them with the referral source and licensing board as needed. A client can also have a summary and recommendations for continuing care as discharge approaches.

Aftercare and IOP

The intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides flexible treatment for those seeking care, and this program is used by the center where people with substance abuse can restore themselves. Victory’s clinical program is well-balanced, analytical in assessment tools, and evidence-based in its programs. Counselors use Trac 9, a web-based standardized assessment tool, to track progress. Conclusively, professionals help people continue their work and live in their homes happily.

Educational lectures, process groups, group and individual counseling, and a 12-Step program philosophy are essential features of victory recovery center’s program. An individualized approach of the center helps their clients in treatment, and their small group settings allow clients to explore their issues.

Intensive Outpatient Program provides:

  • Personalized counseling
  • Group counseling sessions 
  • Family groups
  • A referral for detox and medical services
  • Drug and alcohol testing


What should I bring with me for an inpatient stay?

Individuals should take about 5-7 appropriate clothing, personal hygiene items, a bathrobe, exercise attire, and sneakers. Victory rehab will provide pillows, towels, and linens, but people can also bring their stuff like this. However, all items will have to be approved by the victory staff.

Will my family or friends be able to call or visit me?

Since family support is an essential factor of treatment, phone calls are allowed with some rules, but these rules have to be followed. Clients will be given an ID number on admission; if someone wishes to call or send them mail, they must have the correct ID number. Families can attend an educational session before visiting their loved ones on Saturdays. They can also meet Victory’s clinical staff and learn about addiction. However, visitors are only allowed when the client’s detox protocol is completed.

Do you have a support program just for families?

Yes! Victory rehab has created a family care program for support on Thursday nights at 6:00. People whose family members are suffering from addiction can go and meet their loved ones.

Are meals provided?

The local restaurant serves three meals daily, and healthy snacks are also available during the daytime. The rehab also offers specific diet plans as prescribed by a dietitian. 

What will a typical day be like?

A typical day rotates around groups, individuals, and family therapy sessions. Outside the counseling groups, people can participate in exercises, daily assignments, morning meditation, spirituality groups, and relaxing activities.

  • Address 111 Liberty Avenue
    Lafayette, LA 70508