Ocean Hills Recovery is an addiction treatment service provider that uses a team of caring and competent staff members to offer individualized drug treatment programs. These experienced staff members routinely combine the evidence-based 12-step theories with psychotherapeutic approaches to formulate the best treatment plans for their clients. The rehab also shares a collaborative treatment philosophy based on the ongoing efforts of its knowledgeable staff and their years of addiction treatment experience.

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The graduates of Ocean Recovery inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab Dana Point confirm how these programs have helped them achieve and maintain sobriety. In addition to engaging in therapy, clients at this rehab can also make new sober friends, rekindle their relationships with family members, and attend plenty of sober events.

What Ocean Hills Recovery Offers

Ocean Hills Recovery typically provides the following levels of care to people fighting alcohol and drug addictions.

Detoxification Services

The detox process at Ocean Hills Recovery rehab follows a three-step approach to make it easy to go through and understand. The method swiftly moves clients from one client to another while avoiding potential relapses and complications. The three detox steps include

  • Evaluation: This step aims to assess each patient’s individual circumstances, health status, and concerns. For this purpose, a trained professional completes a mental and medical checkup which allows them to pinpoint any health condition if present and design an appropriate detox plan.
  • Stabilization: As soon as a client officially enters the detox program, the priority of the experts is to stabilize them physically. For this purpose, they may use different psychological and medical interventions that provide them with as much comfort as possible.
  • Transition: As soon as the client gets over their drug or alcohol use and gets free from any withdrawal symptoms, they are ready to transition into the next level of care, which is typically an inpatient program.

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient treatment programs at Oceans Recovery typically follow as soon as detox finishes. As a part of this program, all patients get comfortable rooms and enough support to settle well in the facility. Shortly after, they begin treatment with individual and group therapy sessions. Throughout the entire inpatient treatment duration, these individuals are encouraged to identify their underlying addiction causes while learning how to acquire sobriety. Some common types of therapy that an inpatient program at Ocean Hills Recovery include:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

As a part of inpatient treatment, patients also learn essential life skills and set obtainable goals that drive them toward recovery. In this way, this level of care not only helps these people achieve sobriety but also teaches them to learn and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The adolescent and adult partial hospitalization program identifies each patient’s unique needs and uses them to customize a treatment plan. The treatment plan includes different experienced professionals, such as doctors, nurses, therapists, and counselors. A partial hospitalization program may consist of regular individual and group counseling, life skills training, relapse prevention training, and targeted counseling for gender-specific groups.

A partial hospitalization program is well-structured and rigorous, like an inpatient program; however, it does not bind clients to live onsite for the entire duration of treatment. People who willingly wish to stay under supervision during this program can be adjusted to sober living arrangements for convenience.

Intervention Services

Sometimes, convincing a loved one to seek treatment for an underlying drug or alcohol abuse can be extremely difficult. Ocean Hills Recovery offers professional intervention services to make things easier in such circumstances. As a part of these services, a highly skilled interventionist works with the family members and loved ones of an addict to devise a plan through which they can convince them to seek treatment. This planning and practice significantly increase the chances of convincing a loved one fighting addiction to seek help.


How long does treatment last at Ocean Hills Recovery California?

The length of stay at Ocean Hills Recovery treatment center Dana Point will vary for each client, depending on their needs and requirements. Most inpatient programs typically last for 30 days; however, some might be shorter and more intensive. As a rehab that prioritizes patient needs, the staff members will evaluate the personal circumstances of every patient and give them an estimated time of treatment to overcome their issues fully.

Should I go for inpatient or outpatient treatment?

The outpatient program at Ocean Hills Recovery is suitable for people who cannot take time from their everyday life and responsibilities to seek addiction treatment. Inpatient programs, on the other hand, are best suited to those who have severe addictions that have been affecting their lives negatively and require treatment under constant supervision from experts. The panel of experts at Oceans Recovery will complete the client’s assessment before determining a program for them.

I do not have any insurance. What can I do?

Ocean Hills Recovery works with multiple insurance providers to make treatment affordable for the majority. However, for people who do not have a valid insurance plan, the staff members at the rehab might be able to offer alternative methods, such as private pay. Those who cannot afford treatment may also enquire about financing options to access it without hindrance.

Will I need to detox at Oceans Recovery before receiving treatment?

There are many factors that the Oceans Recovery team takes into consideration to decide if a client requires detox before they can begin formal treatment. The admissions professionals work with each client in a one-to-one session to obtain a thorough history of their substance use and other medical conditions before making appropriate recommendations. Clients are advised to provide accurate information so that the experts can provide them with the best possible care. In most cases, detox is essential to eliminate the physical aspect of addiction before transitioning into therapy.

Should I travel to receive treatment at Oceans Recovery drug rehabilitation center Dana Point?

The answer to whether you should stick with local treatment or travel to a different area to join Oceans Recovery is individual. A lot of people find it easier to get treatment in a local rehab as it is close to home and in a familiar neighborhood. Others, on the other hand, like traveling for it as it helps remove themselves from an environment full of triggers and allows them to seek treatment in full privacy and with zero distractions.

What do Ocean Hills Recovery reviews suggest?

The customer reviews regarding Ocean Hills Recovery are primarily positive. Many people have called it a peaceful and refreshing place to recover with professional experts and compassionate staff members willing to offer help and support as needed. 

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