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Oxford Treatment Center

Oxford Treatment Center, located in Etta, Mississippi, is a beacon of hope for those wanting to begin their journey toward…

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EDCare Rehab

Spread across Kansas City, Denver, and Omaha, EDCare is a network of rehabilitation centers catering to people with eating disorders.…

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More About Top Rehab Centers Mississippi

Rehabs in Mississippi can be the perfect recovery option for people fighting chronic alcohol and drug addictions in the Southern part of the United States. With more than a hundred addiction treatment centers and detox facilities, the state caters to all types of clients with unique needs and challenges. If you or someone you love requires evidence-based, affordable, and high-quality treatment in Mississippi state, this article can help you embark on the road to recovery.

Entering a Mississippi Rehabilitation Center: Admission Process and First 24 Hours

Admission to an alcohol and drug rehab in Mississippi is usually initiated by a patient, a referring healthcare provider, or a family member. Most rehabs assess patients for admission through a phone call or in-person to determine whether they are eligible for their outpatient or inpatient programs.

Dedicated admissions teams work in these treatment centers that respond to all calls with one goal: to remove any barriers between clients and provide the help they require. These teams are available round the clock to listen to patient concerns and help them professionally navigate their challenges. One of their core duties is to answer all queries and provide the information that a potential client seeks.

A client must have their insurance card ready to begin the admission process formally. An admissions specialist will ask them for their name, social security number, date of birth, and address. Those insured through a family member may have to provide similar details of the primary insurance holder. Once all information is in hand, a rehab will check the insurance benefits of each client and contact them as soon as it’s done to confirm admission and arrange an in-person meeting.

Once a client arrives at a rehab for admission, they will most likely sit down with an admissions nurse who will:

  • Help them complete all paperwork and other related formalities
  • Check their insurance information
  • Check their baggage
  • Gather a detailed personal and family medical history

Following this, most clients receive an in-depth psychiatric and medical evaluation to determine a suitable course of treatment. Regardless of whether the first step of treatment is a detox or a residential program, a client will be able to start treatment once their customized plan is curated.

Holistic Therapies and Recreational Activities for Well-Rounded Recovery

In addition to the standard therapeutic interventions and behavioral therapies, many rehabs in Mississippi provide holistic remedies and recreational activities to support recovery. These include:

Art Therapy

Many rehabilitation centers employ dedicated art therapists to provide their clients with a well-rounded, holistic program. Evidence considers artistic expression a healthy way of working through emotions, even after a treatment program is complete.

Music Therapy

As one of the oldest forms of communication and a great pastime, music is often incorporated as an essential element of a holistic treatment program.


Mindfulness and meditation practices can help patients calm their minds and reflect on their issues and resolution.


Yoga classes help clients focus inward as they learn to connect to their breath and body.

Equine Activities

Many rehabs have an equestrian center that provides equine activities for recovery from a holistic point of view. Through these programs, clients can learn horseback riding and even enjoy proctored rides on specified riding trails.

Gardening and Fishing

Many rehabs have well-maintained private gardens and lakes to enjoy hobbies like gardening and fishing during spring, summer, and autumn.


Facilities like sand volleyball and basketball courts encourage patients to get outside and enjoy a game to refresh their minds.


Where can I find the best drug rehab Mississippi?

You can easily come across multiple drug and alcohol treatment centers in Mississippi throughout this southern state. These rehabs are mainly located in abundance near big cities, such as Oxford, Southaven, Tupelo, and Jackson. With more than 98 rehab centers catering to all types of addictions in Mississippi, you will have plenty of options. These rehabs operate standard and intensive outpatient programs, residential treatments, partial hospitalizations, medical detox, and sober living services for a wholesome recovery. Most of them are present close to an airport for more accessible transportation.

Can I detox in a Mississippi rehab?

Mississippi is a perfect location to detox, with around a hundred addiction treatment rehabs and 30 detox centers. You can easily choose one of these rehabs according to your budget and preferences to safely detox from drugs or alcohol. Detoxing in a professional environment is an intelligent choice for people suffering from a substance user disorder. Whether you are dealing with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, the associated withdrawal can be highly uncomfortable and even dangerous for many. However, when you choose a professional center for detox in Mississippi, it can provide you with several benefits, such as 24/7 professional monitoring, the availability of nurses and clinicians to maximize comfort, and medical assistance as needed.

What is the cost of treatment at an MS rehabilitation center?

Approximately 70% of the rehab facilities in Mississippi accept some sort of health insurance, and about half of them are also known to accept Medicaid and Medicare plans. Almost all of them accept payments in cash, and for those with no cash or insurance, a sliding fee scale is also available in more than 60% of these treatment centers. There is no way to estimate the exact cost of a treatment program in a Mississippi drug rehab on your own. After performing an intake assessment, an admissions specialist can provide the best guidance regarding the fee structure.

What is the weather like at a Mississippi drug and alcohol treatment center?

While participating in a Mississippi drug rehab center, you may not know what to expect, especially if you come from another state or country. The winters in Mississippi are mild and short, but the summers are hotter and more humid. So as you pack your things for a residential treatment program in this area, make sure to bring appropriate clothing items to stay cool.

Are there any same-day MS rehab centers that I can enroll in?

Many rehabs in MS provide same-day emergency admissions for alcohol or drug addictions. However, remember that there is no guarantee on the time you will be admitted. Admissions in these rehabs depend on the clients’ specific needs and the rehab’s capacity at that time. So in case of a medical emergency related to a drug or alcohol addiction or withdrawal, it is better to contact your local emergency service provider immediately.