Situated in Burns, Tennessee, Mirror Lake Recovery is a top-notch treatment center setting a high standard of true clinical excellence. Located in a scenic location, the campus spreads to 75 acres. It has a clinical team that delivers effective treatment to transform the lives of everyone who comes to the rehab to defeat their addictions.

Mirror Lake Recovery Center has become a leading provider of substance use addiction in the area. This recognition has been earned by the rehab through its evidence-based progressive treatment methods while delivering services with regard and compassion for those who have an addiction. Experts at Mirror Lake Rehab are committed to improving the lives of men and women in their care and have helped many people achieve sobriety and long-term recovery. With a spectrum of services for clients, Mirror Lake is there for everyone, regardless of their complex medical histories.

Programs at Mirror Lake Recovery Center Burns TN

Mirror Lake Rehab currently offers the following programs to its clients based on what their needs are and the level of care they must begin with to achieve long-term recovery:


Detoxification is the very first step of addiction treatment for most people, regardless of what they present with. Depending on the type of addiction they have, the withdrawal process can be very painful for a person, and the purpose of a detox program is to ease this time and support patients through prescription medication. These medications can provide supportive help, such as pain relief and curbing cravings. The detox team assesses each patient at Mirror Lake Recovery who is suitable for a detox before getting a personalized program that indicates whether they need prescription medication or not.

Some patients may also start participating in therapeutic programming as a part of their detox. This programming can include group and individual sessions that help clients prepare to adopt a lifestyle change to maintain and support their newly acquired sobriety.

Residential Programs

These programs begin once a client has been stable enough after detox to undertake rigorous treatment. The aim is to build a strong foundation for lasting recovery. As a part of residential treatment, clients take part in structured activities and therapies to overcome their negative habits and break the cycle of addiction. People with the following disorders can benefit from residential programs at Mirror Lake:

Partial Hospitalization Programs

This program comes after residential treatment and is suitable for people needing care in a structured environment but is more flexible than a residential program. A partial hospitalization program may run seven days a week and offer additional flexibility for people to join it at their convenience while carrying on with other life-related tasks.


When clients leave Mirror Lake, they are not alone, as discharge planning begins long before their discharge date. An aftercare plan at the facility allows clients to understand the steps they should take to maintain sobriety. Aftercare is customized for each client based on their unique needs. Some clients benefit from more therapy sessions along with medication management, while others require sober living homes. The team in charge of aftercare planning finds all resources in their area to help them stay sober and schedule appointments with them on their clients’ behalf before sending them home.

Aftercare meetings at Mirror Lake follow the 12-step addiction treatment model. This model recognizes people who have achieved and maintained sobriety and awards them with medallions, coins, or chips to represent their dedication and motivation to stay sober. The aftercare program also allows clients to establish and maintain a strong support network, which plays an instrumental role in staying sober.

Alumni Services at Mirror Lake Recovery Center

The alumni association at Mirror Lake involves an active group of clients who have achieved recovery but meet frequently to provide each other with a continued sense of support. When these people first come to the rehab to seek help, the become a part of the supportive and dynamic community. Using their recovery journeys, the staff members provide the care and support that helps them live a sober and healthy life. It is imperative to note that this encouragement and support does not end when they leave the rehab after achieving their targets. In addition to providing a comprehensive discharge plan to follow, Mirror Lake Rehab offers them a place in their vibrant and active alumni program.

It is common for many clients to form close bonds with other clients and staff members during their treatment onsite. These relationships they establish during treatment are significant and help patients steer along their path of early recovery without staggering. Participation in the alumni services allows all clients to pursue these relationships and benefit from them to prolong their recovery. Following are some activities offered as a part of the Mirror Lake Recovery alumni program:

  • Dinner
  • AA meetings
  • Campfire experiences

Most events happen on Fridays when hundreds of alumni members return to the campus to benefit from the strong support and sense of belonging permeating this program. The rehab constantly encourages all graduates to participate in their alumni services and programs to keep benefitting from the continued support following the completion of their treatment.


What are the three phases of addiction at Mirror Lake?

Clients who choose Mirror Lake Center to achieve sobriety and good health embark on a journey with a unique treatment plan that ensures a full continuum of care. The programming at the rehab involves three phases, including:

  • Residential treatment
  • Medically-supervised detox
  • Partial hospitalization programs

The treatment phases mentioned above enable the rehab to deliver comprehensive treatment that clients need to excel while achieving their recovery goals. In each treatment phase, clients receive personalized plans to elicit favorable outcomes.

How does Mirror Lake Recovery Center provide support and guidance to people?

Mirror Lake has multiple highly trained staff members with valid credentials and enough experience to understand the complex nature of addictions and other co-occurring mental health issues. These professionals provide the guidance, support, and skills needed to help clients overcome addiction-related obstacles while achieving recovery. The treatment approach at Mirror Lake includes a 12-step model of recovery along with other services such as Christian-based treatment and family therapy. Experts at Mirror Lake believe that each man and woman deserves to live a life free from the insidious cycle of addiction. Hence, the team strives hard to assist everyone in evolving and growing beyond self-destructive thought processes and behaviors to achieve sobriety.

Who can get admitted to Mirror Lake Rehab?

When someone is ready to begin their recovery journey, they can contact the center to discuss their treatment needs and learn about the set criteria for treatment. In general, prospective clients must fit the profile mentioned before to get admission at Mirror Lake:

  • They must be 18 or older.
  • They must have a history of deteriorating occupational or interpersonal functioning and a disrupted family and social life.
  • They should have a history of substance abuse or dependence, with or without the presence of a co-occurring mental health disorder.
  • They must be able to maintain living activities in an environment that supports recovery.
  • They must be fit enough to participate in the program structure offered at Mirror Lake.

Who is on the team at Mirror Lake?

Mirror Lake has a comprehensive team of experts who customize all treatment plans according to patient needs. Some members of this team include psychiatrists, addictionologists, medical professionals, case managers, clinical technicians, registered nurses, and a Masters-level therapist.

  • Address 999 Girl Scout Rd, Burns, TN 37029, United States.