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Mayo Clinic Health System is one of the largest non-profit international medical practices aimed to deliver premium quality health care for everyone without discrimination. The clinic particularly focuses on early diagnosis and innovative cures for different medical issues. A well-integrated team of experts at various Mayo Clinic branches works together to overcome the most common challenges regarding patient care.

Established 150 years ago by two brothers, Charlie and Will, the Mayo Clinic stands out for its unwavering drive to power new technologies and revolutionize medical care. Presently, Mayo Health Clinic claims to have the highest number of top rankings than any other hospital, according to local and global world reports.

Why Choose the Mayo Clinic Hospital?

Following are some key features that the Mayo Clinic integrates into its daily practice to make it a top choice of treatment for potential patients:

Innovative Technologies

Mayo Clinic takes pride in operating a facility that transforms the latest scientific discoveries into patient care. Patients who attend these facilities directly benefit from the newly discovered therapies and treatments for the most complex and challenging issues. The facility is estimated to be running more than 12,000 clinical trials at present directed at improving patient care.

A Compassionate, Highly Individualized Experience

At The Mayo Health Clinic, a dedicated team of specialists carefully evaluates each patient’s history and current issues and works alongside them to create a customized plan. This approach simplifies the process so that patients can fully focus on healing. 

High Index of Accurate Diagnosis

Experts at the Mayo Clinic believe that getting the right diagnosis can help patients fast-track to starting an effective treatment plan. Hence, it continuously focuses on its tools for diagnosis and treatment.

A Qualified Team of Experts

The expert panel at Mayo Clinic includes top specialists belonging to different medical fields. These health professionals have been trained to deal with simple and complex health challenges, imparting confidence in patients that they are due to receive the most advanced care.

International Services

The Mayo Clinic runs several international patient centers, providing multilingual appointments, registration personnel, and finance management. The aim is to meet the needs of all international clients before, during, and after their visit. The staff deployed in these centers is always available to arrange appointments, address queries about insurance and billing, and arrange interpreters to make the overall experience smooth. The concierge services at these international centers make patients more at ease as they take care of all aspects of their trip, including flight booking, accommodation, entertainment, etc.

Concierge Services

Concierge services at The Mayo Clinic Hospital make it easier for clients to visit the facility and focus solely on their treatment without worrying about other aspects of their trip. The trained staff delivering these services can assist with the following:

  • Accessing and navigating patient online services
  • Narrowing accommodation options based on needs and budget
  • Recommending places to eat based on dietary preferences
  • Helping clients understand the direction to the Mayo Clinic as well as the surrounding areas
  • Ding custodial care for a child, adult, or pet
  • Explore local recreation options and attractions, including sporting events, theatres, parks, and art places
  • Finding banks, grocery stores, gift shops, salons, medical supply stores, and shopping centers
  • Notarizing documents

The concierge services also personalize the experience before, during, and following the visit to make it more pleasant and comfortable.

Health Equity

The Mayo Clinic Hospital collaborates with many organizations to eradicate health disparities. Some of its attempts to promote health equity include promoting community engagement research, delivering personalized healthcare, and running education programs. At the same time, the facility focuses on recruiting diverse clinical trial participants and investigators to minimize bias and find cures that benefit the majority of the world population. Moreover, it is also focusing on making healthcare available to and accessible to everyone. Mayo Clinic has currently dedicated $100 million to spend over the next decade to promote health equity and minimize disparities.

Joining The Mayo Clinic: What The Process Entails

The process of joining the Mayo Clinic involves the following steps:

Trip Planning

To simplify the process of arriving at the facility, The Mayo Clinic provides Patient Travel Services. To avail of these services, interested individuals can fill out an online request form on their official website. Shortly after the submission, the Mayo Clinic representatives will get in touch with them to support their travel to the facility. The Patient Travel Services plans out all details of the trip while considering special needs such as the following:

  • Changing flights due to changed appointment dates
  • Booking transportation to get around locally
  • Arranging accommodation in the proximity of the Mayo Clinic Hospital
  • Booking special accommodations based on individual needs


Packing can be confusing for people going on their first international medical trip. The Mayo Clinic has provided a comprehensive list of what to bring along for their trip and what to leave behind. Some of the things to consider bringing for the trip include the following:

  • Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes with a sweater to use in colder days
  • Comfortable slippers and walking shoes, preferably slip-ons or with elastic laces to make it easy to put them on and off
  • Insurance information/ card
  • Any documents sent by the Mayo Clinic
  • All medications, including supplements, over-the-counter, and prescription pills with complete information on doses and indication of use
  • Toiletries and personal care products, including toothbrush, conditioner and shampoo, shaving lotion and equipment, and toothpaste
  • A copy of the advance directive or living will to include in the medical record

Attending Appointment

Once patients arrive at the clinic, screening appointments begin almost immediately. All patients can sign up on the Mayo Clinic electronic app, including an appointment schedule. These schedulers provide an itinerary based on their current medical information and initial referral and provide a time for clients to attend appointments. The clinic can add new appointments, alter the existing ones, or set some for the future, making it easier for patients to keep tabs on their diagnostic and treatment procedures.


What does the Mayo Clinic specialize in?

The Mayo Clinic Hospital specializes in delivering various types of care, such as the following:

  • Emergency care
  • Birthing care
  • Heart care
  • Cancer care
  • Orthopedic services
  • Family Medicine

How many Mayo Clinic locations are there?

The Mayo Clinic services are available in different areas through the following campuses:

  • Mayo Clinic Phoenix Arizona
  • Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota
  • Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Arizona
  • Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida

Where is the Mayo Clinic international campus located?

Mayo Clinic has an international campus in London, United Kingdom. Moreover, it also has offices in Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, Salvador, Peru, Panama, and Mexico for international clients to book appointments.

How many international patients does the Mayo Clinic receive every day?

Mayo Clinic Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida campuses receive up to 1.3 million international patients from over 130 different countries in the world every year.

Is there a Mayo Clinic Atlanta or Chicago?

Unfortunately, Mayo Clinic Chicago or Atlanta does not exist as yet. The residents of these areas can visit the three main branches in Florida, Minnesota, or Arizona to get themselves checked.

How expensive will it be to visit Jacksonville Mayo Clinic from another country?

All Mayo Clinic branches offer Patient Travel Services that help patients plan their trip, including booking flights, arranging accommodation, and sorting travel to the treatment center. This service aims to arrange everything according to the client’s budget to make travel as affordable as possible.

Does the Mayo Clinic Hospital cater to specific accommodation needs?

The Mayo Clinic Minnesota, Florida, and Arizona cater to client needs, such as wheelchairs, oxygen, or accommodation arrangements for a service animal.

What is the usual duration of stay at The Mayo Health Clinic?

The duration of stay varies, depending on the number of appointments and tests a client needs based on their initial screenings and medical advice given by experts. In general, most tests and assessments wrap up within three to five working days but may take longer in complex cases requiring specialist appointments. Most clients at Mayo Clinic are outpatients who visit the facility for screenings and treatments and return to their accommodation by the end of the day.

Does Mayo Clinic ensure continuity of care?

Specialists at The Mayo Clinic frequently collaborate with doctors of their patients, including both local and international patients. Many patients get a diagnosis at the clinic after returning to their own countries to start subsequent treatment. In such cases, Mayo Clinic experts collaborate with their local doctors to ensure they deliver the best treatment.

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