La Jolla Recovery Rehab is an addiction treatment center extending its multi-level services to San Diego residents. It provides a solid foundation for individuals to build long-term recovery from alcohol and other drugs. The facility also offers them a chance to be a part of a lovely sober community while enjoying the San Diego sun and beaches. The safe and structured environment in the rehab not only promotes healing and recovery but also provides various personalized programs and services to empower all residents and help them achieve their true potential.

From detox services to outpatient programs and family therapy, La Jolla Recovery Center supports individuals in rediscovering their passions and strengths. The rehab has world-class recovery professionals and addiction counselors who engage with each client, motivating them to set their inner momentum in motion. The expert team at La Jolla understands that recovery from addiction does not follow a cookie-cutter approach, so they offer a range of different care options so each person can choose the one they benefit from. All treatment and care are highly personalized and delivered in one-to-one and group settings throughout the sobriety journey. While working on achieving sobriety, residents of La Jolla can also focus on rediscovering their passions and finding joy in activities that do not involve using alcohol or drugs.

Programs Available at La Jolla Rehab

La Jolla aims to provide customized treatments to its patients depending on their needs and requirements. The Rehab realizes that every patient is different; hence, they cannot follow the same cookie-cutter approach to seeking recovery. Hence, it offers various types of programs and levels of treatment to ensure that everyone gets an experience they can truly benefit from.

Following are some programs currently available at La Jolla Recovery Center under expert supervision:


Providing the best detox in San Diego, La Jolla’s exclusive program helps people stop using alcohol or drugs without putting their bodies through avoidable discomfort. The entire process takes place under the strict supervision of a dedicated team who keeps patients comfortable and safe. This initial treatment step is medically supervised, which means that a team of medical professionals also monitors patients and may provide certain medications to relieve the associated withdrawal symptoms.

So far, La Jolla provides detox services to people addicted to Vicodin, Xanax, Oxycontin, alcohol, and more. It uses evidence-based methods and a team of world-class staff members to ensure this critical process progresses as smoothly and error-free as possible. Most people spend three to seven days overcoming their physical addiction in a detox program; others may stay for up to twelve days. Once the detox process concludes, each patient undergoes an in-depth evaluation to determine where to transition.

Inpatient Treatment

La Jolla Rehabs in San Diego also provides inpatient rehabilitation to people who have completed detox programs but require continuous intensive therapy and support to maintain sobriety and address the root causes of addiction. This transformative treatment step relies on evidence-based therapies and mixes recreation and holistic healing elements to make the overall experience comprehensive and wholesome. These activities include walks on the beach, hiking, surfing, and many more. Inpatient treatment is also personalized, and the rehab also offers specialist programming to specific groups, such as gender-specific treatment or LGBTQ+ groups.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at La Jolla aims at people suffering from minimal to moderate addiction severity. It requires treatment and help in a less-intense program than partial hospitalization or residential treatment. The IOP at this rehab includes day and evening programs to accommodate as many people as possible. The estimated duration of the program is around 30 days but may vary from client to client.

The outpatient center under La Jolla is close to Californian beaches and includes dedicated rooms for individual and group therapy, staff offices, and dining areas. Each client continues to live at home while attending rehab for 15 hours a week to engage in therapy programs and other services. In addition to counseling in private and group setups, clients can also take help with treatment planning, case management, discharge planning, and aftercare services.

All intensive outpatient programs at La Jolla are personalized to ensure every client gets the treatment they need. The components of this program focus on helping them overcome psychological and physical addictions and practicing newfound sobriety for years with minimal relapse risk.

NAD Therapy

NAD is a co-enzyme comprising nicotinamide and adenine. It naturally occurs in all living cells and can affect various activities and systems in the body, such as mental clarity, cognition, overall energy levels, and digestion. La Jolla offers NAD therapy that aims to increase the body’s overall serotonin levels that regulate mood and manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Delivered as intravenous (IV) drips, NAD therapy may not cure addiction but can promote brain healing at a cellular level while repairing the damage from excessive substance use.

Family Program

The ultimate goal of the La Jolla Treatment Facility family program is to make communication between different family members more robust and long-lasting. These strengthened family bonds can also play a huge role in optimizing the recovery process. At La Jolla, the family program provides different services, such as family educational workshops, family counseling, and other interactive opportunities involving therapists and case managers of a client. By participating in these programs, family members of a person struggling with addiction can ensure that they understand what their loved one is going through and learn how to best support them during the time they spend in the rehab and when they return home.


How does a detox program differ from a rehab and sober living?

Depending on the symptom severity, La Jolla Rehab offers various programs or levels of care as the first step of treatment. Most people with years of addiction or severe symptoms require undergoing a detox process where they gradually learn how to stop using the substance altogether under medical supervision and oversight. Once this step is over, they may proceed to the rehab phase, where they learn different tools and techniques to stop themselves from trying drugs once again. Sober living is usually the last step for people when they have finished the rehab program and are ready to leave the rehab but do not feel confident enough to start living independently and fear that they may start reusing drugs again.

How long will my treatment at La Jolla Recovery continue?

As per addiction experts, the duration and qualify of treatment are two different variables that can affect the long-term sobriety in a person. These are the two most important factors to consider when designing a treatment plan. Hence, no definitive treatment period exists for people joining La Jolla Recovery Center. The treatment team assesses their circumstances and underlying issues and designs a treatment plan that may extend from a few weeks to a few months.

What should I bring with me to the rehab?

The most important advice the La Jolla team gives its clients is to prepare quickly, as seeking treatment urgently can lead to early sobriety. Clients can bring minimum clothing and essentials while the rehab team can arrange the rest.

My loved one is currently under treatment at La Jolla. Can I send them some money?

The staff team at La Jolla can set up an account for their clients, and their loved ones can send money to them that they can use. However, remember that this may vary depending on what level of treatment your loved one is currently in.

What do La Jolla Recovery reviews say?

Reviews about La Jolla are primarily positive; they consider rehab a good and positive place to begin addiction recovery.

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