Infinite Recovery is a well-known holistic wellness treatment center that gives individuals a chance to heal from substance use disorders comfortably and effectively. The experts appointed at this facility believe that a journey to recovery does not always have to be difficult and provide a full-spectrum approach to support addiction treatment for everyone who walks through their doors. At Infinite Recovery, all clients undergo a holistic treatment program custom-tailored to their individual needs. A compassionate team looks after all patients as they move past their recovery stages, one after the other.

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At the moment, Infinite Recovery is serving the local communities of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and the rest of Texas. It offers dual-diagnosis mental health recovery programs that use evidence-based solutions and implement them in the light of their core values. The treatment center deeply values healing and a holistic approach to recovery and integrates both into programs for the betterment of the communities they serve.

The Road to Recovery Program at Infinite Recovery Austin TX

At Infinite Recovery, clients swiftly pass through the following levels of care to achieve sobriety.


Infinite Recovery features a team of well-trained interventionists who utilize an evidence-based and highly successful model to help distressed families of people battling addictions. This model helps the interventionists create a gentle yet proactive approach to addressing a loved one’s addiction without exposing them to threats, surprises, or shocks. The experts also train all family members to best support their loved ones and help them realize the consequences of not seeking help.


Infinite Recovery detox services are in an exclusive center where each client receives individualized medical attention. The detox staff members onsite help them transition to recovery in a distraction-free comfortable space where they focus on taking the next steps toward a drug-free life. The detoxification program at Infinite Recovery focuses on compassion and is backed by clinical and medical professionals to provide proactive and targeted care to detoxing individuals.


The residential treatment program at Infinite Recovery takes place in the Hacienda San Gabriel campus, which includes a 100-acre ranch along the San Gabriel River. The campus provides the perfect place to begin their recovery journey with a personalized treatment plan in a gender-specific and safe environment for both males and females.

Extended Care PHP

Extended care partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) at Infinite Recovery are usually the next level of care for people who finish inpatient treatment. These less-intensive continuing care programs provide clients the best chance to achieve long-lasting recovery. The usual PHP programs at Infinite Recovery may extend to 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the patient’s needs. These programs are confidential, discreet, and easily accessible to everyone. During PHP, experts encourage every client to form good relationships with the staff members so that they can best evaluate the most appropriate approach for treatment. The staff members then follow the 8-dimensions of the wellness model to help clients slowly move towards total transformation. To further support their journey, the PHP programs include group therapy, drug toxicology, and a constant evaluation of their changing medical needs. The programs strongly focus on resolving any underlying traumas that might drive these individuals toward substance abuse and help them get back to their everyday life without using drugs.

Intensive Outpatient

Next in line after an extended care PHP level of care is the intensive outpatient program (IOP) which allows clients to continue seeking recovery as they re-enter their workplace or school. Through the IOP program at Infinite Recovery Austin, people can receive confidential and discreet help in the form of group therapy sessions, which are less intense and more flexible than all other treatment modalities. In these sessions, the trained therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy tools and other treatment modalities to help clients reintegrate into their offices, colleges, and social life. These clients also meet their counselors weekly to discuss any challenges they encounter in their recovery process.

Alumni Services

One of the aims of the treatment team at Infinite Recovery is to put their clients in a position where they can form strong bonds and relationships with other peers in recovery, even after recovery. Every client who once enters through the doors of this rehab becomes a part of its family, and Infinite Recovery keeps inviting them back for ongoing weekly alumni events. These events also offer aftercare services for at least six months following a discharge. During this timeline, experts from the rehab continue checking in on their clients through phone calls to monitor their progress, assess any hurdles in their transition, and provide appropriate advice and care.


How should I start the enrollment process for seeking treatment at Infinite Recovery Austin?

Starting the admission process at Infinite Recovery is fairly easy. All you need to do is contact the admissions staff through a phone call or online. One of the admissions specialists from the rehab will closely work with you to determine your needs and the right treatment plan according to your situation. They will also answer any queries you may have about your treatment and payment.

What if my loved one refuses to seek treatment?

If your loved one has been suffering from addiction and requires sobriety, they must first accept their need to seek treatment. If you feel they are resisting treatment, the staff at Infinite Recovery can help. By providing you with the right language, tools, and resources, you need to communicate your concerns with encouragement and clarity. If you feel like this method may fail, the rehab also has professionally trained interventionists to convince people within the Texas state to seek help as gently as possible.

What is the cost of addiction treatment at Infinite Recovery Cameron Road?

The cost of addiction at Infinite Recovery is not fixed and may vary as every client seeking treatment has unique needs. This is why the rehab staff always tailors their treatment to these patients needs. However, they realize that cost can be a concern to many; hence, they have an extensive admissions team who work with clients to sort out their financing options, insurance plans, and more.

How much time will I need to spend at Infinite Recovery for treatment?

Everyone has their treatment journey, which is why Infinite Recovery refrains from providing any fixed timelines for the recovery journey. However, the experts believe that the longer a person spends in treatment, the greater their chances of overcoming their addiction with longer-lasting sobriety. Infinite Recovery offers different levels of treatment for its clients to engage in a manner that appropriately matches their needs.

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