Indiana Center for Recovery, or ICFR, is a famous drug and alcohol rehab that delivers high-quality treatment under the care of the most experienced and highly credentialed staff. The rehab’s physicians, behavioral health technicians, and therapists are dedicated to immersing each client in the recovery experience as swiftly as possible. Their mission is to manage every person who walks through ICFR’s doors with the same level of respect and compassion they would want for themselves.

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Indiana Center for Recovery has established a care model that puts patients first with a highly experienced treatment team, proven treatment process, campus community environment, and a high commitment to achieving the best outcomes. One of its aims is to help clients so that no one requires a repetition of treatment. The rehab operates from spacious grounds that allow clients to fully enjoy a residential experience while receiving treatment in peaceful and comfortable surroundings throughout the day. The environment inside the rehab is recovery-promoting and allows the guests to receive relapse-battling, highly personalized recovery plans for long-term sobriety and good health.

Services Available at Indiana Center for Recovery Bloomington Indiana

Indiana Center for Recovery South Bend currently offers the following services to its clients:

Inpatient Detox

Most substance treatment programs at Indiana Center for Recovery begin with a detox process that takes place in a residential facility. It includes round-the-clock medical care and uses several evidence-based therapeutic models to facilitate healing. The detox facility is state-of-the-art and provides a comfortable and safe environment for patients to recover. Through effective treatment, the detox experts at ICFR ensure that each client overcomes all barriers to recovery while working towards long-term sobriety. Under staff care, all patients receive supervision throughout the day and night. The detox care team also includes therapists and other professionals that enable the rehab to curate comprehensive treatment plans focusing on client needs.

Inpatient Residential Program

Following detoxification and physical stabilization, most clients transition into residential treatment programs that support their health and healing through critical services. While detox clears the drugs and alcohol from a client’s body and helps them go through withdrawal, inpatient programs address the psychological causes of addiction. By bringing triggers, causes, and other issues to the surface, inpatient programs prepare clients to witness the beginning of long-term recovery. These programs provide them with plenty of time to rest, recover, and reflect on why addiction took over their life and what they can do to manage it. The residential environment comes with 24/7 care and support from highly-trained staff members who are always available to address all individual concerns.

What makes residential programs at Indiana Center for Recovery beneficial is that they remove clients from the interferences of the outside world and place them in a drug-free environment to focus solely on healing. These programs also allow them to relearn specific life skills to support their newly-achieved sobriety. Most clients at Indiana Center for Recovery remain in inpatient programs from one week to 60 days; however, the duration can increase depending on individual needs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

A partial hospitalization program refers to the highest level of care at the Indiana Center for Recovery following residential rehab. It is an outpatient treatment at least five days a week, with four to six hours of daily therapy. Also known as day treatment, PHP allows clients to seek intense and well-structured treatment while remaining at their homes or sober living communities. It best suits individuals struggling with psychiatric illnesses but can safely recover at their own homes without requiring constant supervision. A typical PHP program at Indiana Center for Recovery involves regular 12-step support groups meetings, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, to encourage recovery in all participants.

Mental Health Services

At Indiana Center for Recovery, experts believe that recovery is possible for every person. The comprehensive mental health services offered at the rehab can benefit people with any mental illness in inpatient and outpatient care. These services use medication, therapy, and holistic modalities to break down the barriers to mental health treatment and uplift the community’s mental health in general. The award-winning mental health treatment center at Indiana Center for Recovery caters to patients will all types of concerns, illnesses, challenges, and disorders.

Veterans Program

The Veterans Program at Indiana Center for Recovery tailors its drug and alcohol treatment as per the needs of serving and old military personnel. The program takes place on a state-of-the-art campus with certified staff and provides veterans access to several evidence-based therapies to fight substance cravings. These methods also reduce physical and mental pain while promoting freedom from alcohol and drugs by encouraging a substance-free life.

The Veterans Program also includes Indiana Center for Recovery dual diagnosis services at different levels of care, including detox, residential, and outpatient treatments. Each veteran receives an individualized treatment plan that caters to any mental health history, medical condition, or disability that they may have.


What is genetic testing, and why does Indiana Center for Recovery use it?

Indiana Center for Recovery Alcohol and Drug Rehab uses Genesight, an innovative form of genetic testing that identifies which medications will work the best for a given client. This type of genetic testing takes the guesswork out of medication and allows experts at the rehab to identify the best treatment option from the beginning for faster recovery.

Does Indiana Center for Recovery Mishawaka provide trans-magnetic stimulation services to everyone?

No, trans-magnetic services or TMS are not beneficial for every patient. The experts at Indiana Center usually perform a psychiatric evaluation and physical exam to match a client with the treatment. With any tests or discussion of depression, it is unclear whether this type of therapy will be beneficial for lifting the underlying disorder. Certain clients, such as pregnant females, those with implants, or clients taking certain medications, may also not be suitable for receiving TMS.

What insurance plans does ICFR Bloomington accept?

Depending on your insurance type, most treatments at Indiana rehab centers will come at little to no out-of-pocket costs. The insurance team at the rehab can help verify your coverage, requirements, and insurance benefits to ensure medical necessity while minimizing costs.

Verify your insurance with Indiana Center for Recovery to receive treatment at our Mishawaka facility. Our insurance staff can contact the insurer on your behalf and expose all the details of your coverage possibilities.

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