Hillcrest Rehab began its operations in Los Angeles with an aim to create a treatment center that not only supported people in finding sobriety but transformed them into the best versions of themselves. Most clients that come through its doors leave with a substance-free lifestyle and a new-found dedication to a healthier future. Working from Chatsworth, the rehab provides a perfect and safe environment for people with addictions that separates them from the external world and its triggers.

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The lodging and grounds are comfortable and beautiful, allowing residents to enjoy their stay. The treatment programs at Hillcrest rehab center make use of the spiritual, body, and mind to provide comprehensive recovery instead of simply treating the symptoms. The facility understands that every individual has a unique set of circumstances requiring individualized treatment. It offers these people the confidence to seek recovery no matter where they are.

Hillcrest Health and rehab has assembled the best and the brightest minds to join their facility, including doctors, chefs, nurses, psychiatrists, massage therapists, fitness trainers, meditation and yoga instructors, and more. All these experts come together to design holistic and innovative approaches for addiction treatment. The treatment programs at Hillcrest are also flexible enough to adapt to different treatment modalities while identifying and managing the root causes of addiction.

Programs at Hillcrest Rehab Center

Hillcrest rehabilitation center provides the following treatment programs to its clients:


Detoxification is the first and most crucial step in ensuring a lasting recovery for every client. It addresses the physical component of addiction by removing all toxins from the body to cut off the chemical dependency on a drug or alcohol. As soon as a client enters Hillcrest, the medical staff assesses them to determine the levels of alcohol or drug in their system. These assessments provide them with a detailed understanding of their health. From here, an onsite MD takes over by collaborating with the patient to create an individualized detox protocol. As detox begins, the staff members are there to help clients every step of the way and provide appropriate help and medications to keep withdrawal symptoms under control.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment involves staying onsite for the entire treatment duration under a medical team’s constant supervision. Each resident meets with a psychiatrist two times a week and attends group therapy once a week. The aim of residential treatment is to help clients uncover the root causes of their addiction and find healthier ways to approach their life in the coming days.

In addition to participating in therapy, clients will have access to spa-like amenities, such as luxurious bathrooms and bedrooms. They can also join in holistic activities, like massage therapy, yoga, and meditation, to improve other areas of life besides addiction. The multifaceted residential treatment program at Hillcrest Health and rehab allows clients to work on all aspects of health, including mind, body, and spirit, to achieve wholesome recovery.

Family Therapy

Hillcrest Rehab considers addiction a family disease impacting more than one individual. This is why it offers a family therapy program that encourages the addicted and their family members to participate in the recovery program. The program aims to connect family members to form a sound support system for each other. This allows them to work on their troubled relationships while working together toward recovery.

Alumni and Aftercare

From the moment a client steps into Hillcrest, their treatment team starts planning their life after rehab. The time after completing treatment is indeed the most challenging as it is when an individual has to assimilate into everyday life while utilizing their newly-formed skills. To make this process easier for everyone, experts at Hillcrest health and rehab provide abundant resources to help them continue living a sober life. These clients can also become a part of the thriving alumni community who is always willing to support the struggling participants.

The alumni community at Hillcrest is full of people who have been in the same shoes and struggled with addiction. Together, they help each other in moving toward a better future through sound advice, lasting friendships, and trading useful information and resources. Hillcrest frequently arranges scheduled meetups and events with guest speakers to help its alumni family stay connected and sober for years to come.


How long is the detoxification phase at Hillcrest Rehab?

The exact length of detoxification at Hillcrest rehab varies from one person to another. Most people recover from the uncomfortable symptoms within 3 to 10 days; however, others may have to continue seeking treatment for much longer. Regardless of how long a detox continues for someone, the staff at Hillcrest is always there to support them.

How often do clients receive individual therapy?

Clients at Hillcrest rehabilitation center participate in individual therapy at least two to three times per week. The exact number may increase or decrease on a case-to-case basis.

Does Hillcrest rehab center accept insurance?

Yes, Hillcrest rehab works with many large insurance carriers. To verify if your insurance plan will cover the cost of treatment at Hillcrest, get in touch with an admissions specialist by calling the rehab.

I am using prescription medications. Do I need to bring them with me to the rehab?

Yes, all clients who are using prescription medications must bring their own supply as they come to seek treatment at Hillcrest. However, keep in mind that the care team may re-evaluate these clients or confiscate their medications depending on recent recommendations.

Can I leave the facility during treatment?

Yes, clients are allowed to leave the premises to attend medical appointments. They can also leave the rehab to be a part of group outings and activities; however, they will constantly be under staff supervision the entire time.

Can I keep working during treatment at Hillcrest?

Yes, clients can keep working from Hillcrest through their laptops. However, such clients must coordinate with their admissions specialist to convey their request beforehand so that their needs can be timely met.

Is smoking allowed at Hillcrest health and rehab?

Yes, Hillcrest rehab has designated smoking areas for customers to use all tobacco products. However, clients must bring their supply of cigarettes with them to the rehab.

Can I bring money with me to the Hillcrest rehab?

Yes, clients can bring money with them to the rehab. However, the money, along with other valuables, will be taken by the staff members and kept in a lockup.

Can the family members come to visit their loved ones in treatment at Hillcrest?

Yes, clients can have visitations from their family members and friends once they have successfully moved through the detox phase.

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