Established in 2009, GateHouse first began as a sober living house catering to men in New Hampshire. With time, focus, and dedication, the facility quickly expanded and grew into a multi-facility treatment center providing addiction treatment at various levels of care. Today, it provides comprehensive recovery services to the affected communities by promoting accountability, personal responsibility, and overall well-being. The treatment team is highly experienced and treats clients as a whole. All treatment methodologies are evidence-based, creative, and comprehensive and designed to successfully meet the unique needs of every patient. The recovery programs provide struggling addicts with a chance to find hope and strive for a healthy future. The team at GateHouse is personally invested in their client’s success stories and is relentlessly supporting them to reach lifelong sobriety.

Programs at GateHouse Treatment Center

GateHouse Recovery Center extends the following programs to clients according to their personal circumstances and addiction severity:


GateHouse Treatment claims to be one of the leading substance use disorder rehabs in MA and NH. These programs take place in New Hampshire at a convenient location and focus on delivering individualized care. Following are some components of a detox program at GateHouse addiction treatment New Hampshire:

  • Expert clinical care
  • Trauma therapy
  • 12-step immersion program
  • Safe and supervised housing
  • Life skills
  • Case management services

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

As suggested by the name, a partial hospitalization program at GateHouse Rehab combines the residential and outpatient services while giving some flexibility to patients. Despite being a bit flexible, a PHP maintains a higher level of structure than other levels of care. This program can be an excellent choice for people who have achieved some stability after completing a detox program but are not ready for the independence that a standard treatment program provides them. Hence, a PHP acts as a stepping-stone before patients can go into a much more accommodating schedule.

Contrary to an inpatient program involving full-time residential care, a PHP allows clients to continue living at home or a shared residence as they attend therapy and treatment. When clients begin a PHP at GateHouse, they participate in six hours of therapy six days a week, which involves individual and group sessions. They return to a sober living arrangement or home following each day. Following are some aspects a PHP focuses on:

  • Helping clients develop communication skills through regular participation in social interactions
  • Addressing family relationships and helping clients rebuild connections
  • Support in finding employment and learning time management skills between recovery and employment searches
  • Continued structure and discipline during clinical programs
  • Immersion into 12-step programs, like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

As a part of the intensive outpatient program, experts help people step down from a partial hospitalization program into the community. An IOP is less-intensive than a PHP and runs for 30 hours per week, involving various group and clinical sessions that last for months. Clients enrolling in this program can enjoy structure much more freely while continuing their familial obligations and other commitments. This increased freedom also allows patients to learn more about relapse prevention methods.

At GateHouse Treatment, an IOP provides various components to its clients, such as family therapy, individual sessions, community housing, medication management, etc. Some top goals of this level of care include the following:

  • Client education on the successful management of recovery and work schedules
  • Availability of peer support in group sessions
  • Provision of new information, life skills, and guidance by group leaders on adopting and practicing new behaviors
  • Reinforcement of Structure and Discipline in a treatment plan
  • Advancing individual recovery and healthy living

Outpatient Program (OP)

The outpatient program is one of the most flexible levels of care at GateHouse that tailors to a client’s individual needs. This level of care is the best for people with mild substance use disorders and can also benefit those who have already completed more intensive programs. As an outpatient, clients can continue living an independent life at home while tending to their social, work, and personal duties and applying their addiction-tackling skills to these lives from time to time.

Patients enrolled in outpatient programs at GateHouse have stable jobs as they attend meetings and 12-step workshops, and one-to-one sessions with a case manager or therapist twice a week. Other components of this program may include the following:

  • Reinforcement of accountability to maintain long-term sobriety
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Case management services, focusing on various aspects like managing finances and legal/medical issues
  • Relapse prevention education
  • Supporting clients with managing employment finances and family matters
  • Regular appointments with the medical team to address issues related to medication and healthcare

Family Program

GateHouse New Hampshire runs a family program in the form of the following two phases:

  • Phase One involves the initial thirty days, during which the family members will be in minimal contact with their loved ones. This break in communication gives clients a chance to focus on themselves and begin the healing process without any distractions. During this 30-day window, the staff members constantly work to assess and understand every client as thoroughly as possible to form a better understanding with them while determining the best course of action they need. Family members may feel distressed and distant, but they must remember that their loved ones are in a safe space, surrounded by experts. The staff team will keep updating them every week through case management calls.
  • Phase Two: Once the staff deems it appropriate, family members can become a part of their loved one’s treatment. This participation may occur in the form of bi-weekly sessions with experienced therapists. Moreover, family members will spend more time with clients to improve their relationships. Therapists will help family members learn how to form healthy boundaries and maintain them while communicating with their loved ones in treatment. The family can also go for individualized family therapy alongside their loved ones


How can GateHouse Treatment Center help with alcohol withdrawal?

GateHouse Recovery Center understands that alcohol withdrawal can be a scary experience for anyone and may easily frighten people. It, therefore, helps people understand the freedom that lies on the other side of the addiction and make them feel empowered to choose a safe treatment option that allows them to move toward sobriety. The treatment team acknowledges that some people may face difficulties while taking these steps, especially if they have been using alcohol for years. Fortunately, no matter how long or chronic an addiction is, recovery is always possible with the right guidance, and rehab ensures that every person gets this help and support. Furthermore, it adopts a compassionate approach to help clients heal from within and continue walking down the recovery path.

Is it necessary to participate in every treatment program at GateHouse New Hampshire?

Clients do not need to participate in and complete all treatment programs throughout their recovery process. Some may benefit from a more intensive program, while others may do fine with the standard without requiring any highly-structured care. Each program a client enrolls in will be according to their circumstances, and their natural progression will help them learn certain milestones and pick up valuable skills along the way. Experts will continue to monitor their response to treatment and assess if they require leveling up or down for better outcomes.

Who will be treating me during my stay at GateHouse Rehab?

GateHouse Rehab has a vast team comprising many specialists, including the following:

  • Admissions team: This is the frontline team of experienced and compassionate experts that a client encounters the minute they decide to join GateHouse
  • Executive team: These experts have vast experience in leadership and help run the rehab while delivering a message of hope for everyone.
  • Medical Staff: This staff team includes highly experienced and fully licensed psychiatric and medical practitioners providing a broad range of medical services on a need basis.
  • Clinical Staff: All clinicians at the rehab have master’s degrees and years of experience in managing substance use disorders.
  • Case Managers: These managers work with every client on a personal level and help them tackle financial and legal problems.
  • Address 155 Main Dunstable Rd Suite 130, Nashua, NH 03060, United States.