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Beating addiction to alcohol or drugs is a complex challenge that requires a high level of dedication and fortitude. While it is expected to feel alone in addiction, remember that it is treatable. Free by the Sea, a rehab based in Washington, is a facility for people with underlying addiction by providing them with the information and support they need to begin recovery. The rehab offers a wide range of resources and support for people with an addiction to restart their lives without relying on any substances.

Some standard services at Free by the Sea rehab include inpatient and outpatient programs, detox referrals, addiction counseling, and more. All programs are held in a judgment-free zone as the rehab aims to provide individualized and compassionate care to those struggling with substance use disorder but wish to overcome it.

Why Choose Free by the Sea Treatment Center?

Following are some reasons to choose Free by the Sea for addiction treatment potentially:

Supportive and Caring Staff

The welcoming facility ensures comfort as an essential part of their client experience. The treatment team believes that a good panel of experts and other staff members form the fundamental cornerstones of any recovery program. Hence, it plays a crucial role in helping patients while displaying professionalism. Most team members at Free by the Sea are in recovery themselves, which makes them more understanding and compassionate about the patients they are dealing with. These staff members can also relate and empathize with them regarding their struggle while providing support that only comes from someone in a similar situation.

Nutritional Meals

Nutritional deficiencies are commonly seen in people struggling with substance use disorders, which only lead to poorer moods and health. Free by the Sea rehab has a well-structured kitchen equipped with ingredients and tools to provide all patients with nutritious meals and snacks. The rehabs strongly believes that relinquishing old and unhealthy habits is integral to health restoration. Hence, it aims to help patients fighting substance use disorders establish healthy eating habits so that they can recover well and faster.

Treatment with a Human Touch

Free by the Sea addiction treatment center provides all patients with a caring and relaxing environment. It has on-site laundry facilities, 24/7 availability of snacks, and a team of highly professional, trained, and compassionate staff members that ensure a supportive and pleasant environment. The accommodation comes with comfortable furnishings with dedicated areas to display personal photos. All these factors increase the chances of success for each patient fighting substance use disorder by providing them with a place conducive to successful outcomes.

Comprehensive Counseling

Counseling is one of the most crucial parts of addiction recovery. Free by the Sea facility offers a chance to book individual and group counseling for patients who join the rehab. The treatment team understands that success in addiction recovery is often a lifelong experience, so it takes pain to ensure that every client gets a plan to make life possible without alcohol or drugs in the long run. The mental health and substance use counselors work together with each patient to ensure they have plans outlined for short- and long-term success. Moreover, the team also provides patients with skills to avoid relapses following treatment.

Despite addiction being represented as a significant barrier, Free by the Sea makes patients believe that this barrier is surmountable. The staff members make all patients at the rehab realize that they do not have to undertake the recovery program alone and are ready to support them every step of the way.

Admissions at Free by the Sea Rehab

Enrolling in an addiction rehab can be emotionally challenging, and the Free by the Sea rehab tries its best to make the process as easy as possible. Whether a person is calling for themselves or a loved one, this Washington rehab has highly trained staff members who are prepared to help everyone while understanding the stress they may be facing. The staff understands how alcohol and drug abuse can create an irrevocable downward spiral for people with addiction along with their loved ones. The crisis that comes along with these addictions often motivates people to call a rehab, and Free by the Sea is trained to handle such patients in their most vulnerable conditions with comfort and care.

During the first conversation over the phone, the admissions team at Free by the Sea encourages clients to share as much history as they can about their alcohol or drug abuse. This information helps the staff understand if their rehab can provide a caller with the help and support they need. Moreover, it also helps them know the type of treatment a potential patient may need for the best chance at recovery. After the call, the admissions team conducts a deep admissions evaluation, which may take one to two hours.

If the team determines a person is fit for treatment at Free by the Sea, they receive an offer for admission into an appropriate program. The admission process only proceeds once a person has agreed to it. Once the agreement is confirmed, clients receive a contract for the service. The team at this Washington rehab understands that it can be a difficult time for patients and assures that they will be well taken care of through programs designed to meet their needs and assist them in recovery.

Free by the Sea has now created a portal to make the admissions process more efficient and convenient. Clients can create an account on the outlet to access features, such as pre-screening, signing admissions and financial documents, etc. The rehab team understands that accessibility and privacy of their medical information are essential for clients, so they take special care to keep everything confidential.


Can I bring snacks and food with me to the rehab?

The rehab does not permit outside foods or drinks. Meals are regularly scheduled, and each client can access snacks on-site. For those wishing to get additional items, the rehab allows once or twice weekly grocery runs.

Can I bring electronic devices to the rehab?

The rehab permits MP3 players and iPods onsite if they don’t have any Wi-Fi capability. All other devices, such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets, are not allowed and must be left at home. Patients who need access to the internet during their treatment are provided Wi-Fi by the rehab after seeking permission from their counselors.

Do I need a diagnosis or a referral to get help from Free by the Sea?

The rehab accepts referrals but encourages those without referrals or formal diagnoses to make contact. For the latter group, the rehab offers in-depth evaluations to establish a proper level of care for their addiction.

How can I pay for treatment at Free by the Sea treatment center?

Free by the Sea accepts private pay and insurance as a form of payment.

Will my privacy be protected at Free by the Sea?

As a registered drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, Free by the Sea is obligated by law to comply with the Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). This policy protects all client information by directing the centers to keep it private and confidential.

How long has Free by the Sea been working?

Free by the Sea started working in 2011; however, the staff members at the rehab are highly trained, with more than three decades of experience in their respective fields.

Will I get any support once I have left the rehab?

Before leaving rehab, each client receives a personalized discharge plan to provide them with lifelong recovery.

What is the staff expertise at Free by the Sea?

The staff members at Free by the Sea comprise qualified and professional counselors educated and trained in different fields, such as chemical dependency, dual diagnosis, and mental health.

What do Free by the Sea reviews say?

The reviews call it a good option for substance use disorder treatment as it hired certified mental health therapists and substance abuse counselors to help patients in need.

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