Foundation House is a not-for-profit residential rehabilitation center that helps people on the path to recovery. This treatment center offers a comprehensive residential drugs rehab program and provides support, strategies, and gambling rehab by putting forward trust and faith by helping people through rehabilitation. Foundation House Sydney provides a base for individuals ready to change their lives, start their recovery phase, and start a new chapter. This health club offers rehab for those with drugs, alcohol, and gambling addictions.

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Founded nearly 20 years ago, this residential rehab NSW benefits those who need rehabilitation services and meets their admission criteria. With a 28-day in-patient residential program that is usually seen as the ‘first step’ for those seeking alcohol, gambling, and drug rehabilitation, they also offer outpatient services, residential rehabilitation, and ongoing support after rehab.

Foundation House Sydney is an inconspicuous and professional organization offering a sympathetic and friendly approach to those who want to enter a residential program. The experience and expertise of the staff are paramount as they strive to elevate therapy services to a new level. Rehabilitation assistants work closely with occupational and physical therapists to help clients solve their issues and discuss their needs in strict confidence.

Exposure to traumatic life events such as domestic violence and child abuse is a driver of service needs. Foundation House Sydney helps individuals on the road to recovery by addressing the impact of trauma. They offer a four-week program based on patient’s specific needs and provide a safe platform where their needs are supported. The team may also recommend holistic and complementary therapies depending on the patient’s needs. 

Health club professionals help those who come to the treatment center with conditions like anxiety, depression, and complex physical and mental health needs. With energetic and extraordinary staff who serve their clients enthusiastically, Foundation House ensures that appropriate medical care is always provided at the highest levels.

This non-profit organization is mainly funded by the construction industry and receives limited government support. Relapse programs of this residential rehab NSW connect their clients with many others to support them in establishing and increasing their recovery and social capital. Rehabilitation clients mostly find their way via toolbox talks, workplace training, and impairment training offered by the BTGDA program. 

Types of Programs Offered at the Foundation House Sydney

The following treatment options are offered to patients by Foundation House Sydney

Residential Program

Foundation House Sydney helps clients re-establish their life foundations to lead happy and productive lives with the proper care they deserve. They specialize in a 28-day residential rehabilitation program and a 12-step treatment approach. The residential program also provides a supportive and healing environment where people can focus on recovery. 

Being a live-in health care facility for both men and women that provide therapy to those with drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions, Foundation House Sydney also manages a comprehensive phone, face-to-face assessment and modifies a program for the client’s state of affairs and their needs.

Individual treatment plans, created and implemented by the Foundation house, allow people to recover in a way that best fits them socially and emotionally. Specialized individual counseling, group work, self-help meetings, and case management are major considerations of this program. Foundation House Sydney also deals with other issues like mental health-related or health and medical related and helps their patients with referrals to get proper treatment.

This residential rehab NSW uses best-practice treatment methods and combines them with social and recovery capital, peer conversations, life skills support, and family support services. Aftercare and relapse prevention is the next step after the 28 days, which is considered valuable and productive for those in the treatment centers.

Outpatient Program

Foundation House can be an effective and flexible option for those seeking to recover from substance use disorder and drug, alcohol, and gambling groups. These services help clients who are in full-time employment and those appropriate for the 28-day residential rehabilitation service.

For health service unions and construction industry members, these programs support their clients on an outpatient basis and help them engage in suitable treatment options, including abstinence or harm minimization. Outpatient Foundation House programs entail various therapeutic interventions and services and can take place in many different settings.

In rehab, a comprehensive assessment is given to the client that forms the structure of an individual treatment plan accompanying a wide range of referrals, counseling and addiction recovery strategies, and support spanning skills to attain the client’s treatment goals. Additionally, Foundation House Sydney has a credible gambling group on Thursday evenings, open to the public to help people become alcohol and drug-free.

Relapse Prevention Program

At this residential rehab NSW, the main goal is to guide people on their journey toward lifelong recovery, and their purpose is to prepare them for possible relapse down the road. The chronic nature of addiction indicates that relapsing from drugs and alcohol is an expected process. Therefore, relapse prevention is considered the central strength of recovery capital. Many stories are told about peer support, and real-life support connects and improves the health and well-being of all clients.

The Foundation House relapse prevention groups build communities that revitalize their clients with people feeling alone in the home and workplaces. Such groups give hope to clients that recovery is possible and can create recovery capital. This program is available for both present and ex-clients. Groups are held every Wednesday night, starting with a casual peer support BBQ dinner and a one-hour relapse prevention group.  This helps people develop strategies that may contribute to a relapse. 

The team at residential rehab NSW knows that a relapse prevention plan is critical to maintaining sobriety for any recovering addict, and the rehab ensures that their clients achieve long-term sobriety. Following are some meetings held at the rehab:

  • A gender-specific group that is held every Wednesday.
  • Relapse Prevention Groups at 6:30 pm after BBQ
  • Groups are held weekly for women.
  • Men’s Group consisting of various relapse prevention topics


When can I have visitors? 

Saturday and Sunday have been allocated for visitors between 4.00 pm and 5.30 pm.

Can I use my mobile phone whilst in the program?

No, mobile phones are not allowed. A person can take them only on the day of admission and will be returned on the day of graduation.

How do I pay the rent and deposit?

Banking details can be given for a direct deposit, but the rehab also accepts Visa/MasterCard or cash.

Are there gym facilities at Foundation House?

No, although you can go on a walk each morning and do yoga twice a week.

Is there any support for families?

Yes, Foundation House Sydney provides a family support group on a Monday evening from 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm.

What is the fee for a residential program?

Rent (full board) ranges from $230-$300 per week. The client pays the rent for the first week on the day of their admission, and the urine analysis fee is $35, which is payable on the day of admission.

  • Address building 502, Wharf Road, Rozelle/Lilyfield, NSW 203