First Step of Sarasota Inc is a mental health and addiction treatment rehab with an aim to help people with these psychiatric issues transform their lives. Dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence and a comprehensive continuum of care, the facility caters to everyone aged five and above. Its pledge to clients and their loved ones is to provide them a path leading to wellness with compassion and respect while encouraging them to take a step now for a better tomorrow.

Outpatient Services at First Step

Outpatient services at First Step Rehab include the following programs:

General and Targeted Case Management

General and targeted case management services at First Step deliver a person-centered approach and support to all involved clients. As a part of this program, experts work to optimize the lives of people with complex needs by linking them with appropriate treatment and other resources. Patients can use these services to build their own natural support system.

Compeer Program at First Step

Compeer is an international organization that matches adults and children with mental health illnesses with a trained volunteer who acts as their mentor, friend, and role model. Through the facilitation of these one-to-one friendships, mental health education, school-based mentoring, and social activities, the program helps patients recover in all aspects of life. All mentors included in this program spend at least four hours per month with their assigned mentees doing various community-based activities.

The compeer program is currently accepting both volunteer applications and client referrals. It is based on the belief that the time and dedication given by a mentor can improve a patient’s life while reducing the stigma surrounding their mental health illness.

Access Center

Access Center at First Step provides referral and counseling services to people with substance abuse or mental health crisis.

Early Intervention Program

The early intervention program at First Step delivers education on AIDS/HIV along with appropriate intervention services. Highly-trained outreach staff members run the program and aim to target high-drug traffic areas to meet its goals.

Forensic Services

The purpose of forensic services at First Step of Sarasota is to provide support, monitoring, and advocacy to all patients. It targets people with mental illness pursuant to Chapter 916 of the Florida Statutes. These include people committed to the Department of Children and Families under Chapter 196 or courted ordered for an evaluation. The program also caters to people who:

  • have been adjudicated as Incompetent to Proceed (ITP) due to a mental condition
  • have been declared Not Guilty because of Insanity (NGI) due to mental illness
  • have received an Order for Evaluation of Competency or Sanity

Living Skills Prevention Program

Sarasota rehab center offers a free adult prevention education program to everyone over the age of 18 years. These programs generally offer the following two components: practical guidance and personal growth. The personal growth component provides patients with education on the internal skills they need to become positive members of the community. The practical guidance module, on the other hand, delivers information on how to acquire day-to-day external skills essential to pursue a healthy life. Each individual topic included in the living skills prevention program includes four sessions, each lasting up to 45 minutes.

Maternal Outpatient Mental Wellness Program (MOM’S)

The MOM’s Wellness Program at First Step works by addressing the psychological health of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and mothers going through postpartum anxiety and depression. The program provides outpatient services tailored to pregnant women and women with dependent children struggling with alcohol to drug addiction. Case management is an important part of this program to ensure that the needs of all mothers and their dependent children are known to social services for better safety and recovery chances.

As a part of the MOM’s program at First Step, an advanced practice registered nurse with experience in psychiatric treatment evaluates the needs of all participants and provides recommendations accordingly. These recommendations may include prescribing safe medications. Women may join this program through a referral made by a medical provider, pediatrician, obstetrician, the Department of Health, or other community providers.

Outpatient Psychiatric Medication Services

Medication-based services at First Step of Sarasota rehab include in-depth psychiatric evaluations and prescribing appropriate medications to adults and children. These also include medication programs for opioid and alcohol use disorders.

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Outpatient psychiatric services at First Step involve comprehensive evaluations, monitoring, and medication prescriptions. All services are delivered by board-certified psychiatrists, psychiatric physician assistants, or advanced practice registered nurses. All participants can participate in adjunct outpatient counseling in group and individual settings to further optimize their treatment plan and recovery outcomes.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient services at First Step include individual and family therapy for behavioral, emotional, and addiction-related problems. All professionals have adequate training in providing integrated treatment for co-occurring addiction and mental health issues with the help of the best and most promising practices.


The web-based telehealth platform at First Step treatment center gives clients a chance to participate in face-to-face sessions with experts from the comfort of their homes or office. The program requires a computer or mobile phone with a camera and a stable internet connection.

Adult Residential Services at First Step of Saraosta Inc

In addition to the outpatient treatment services mentioned above, First Step also provides the following residential services:


This court-ordered residential treatment program caters to men and includes two-month-long intensive therapeutic components. This is followed by a four-month-long period of employment re-entry phase. The Department of Correction provides legal supervision to people involved in this service throughout the treatment duration.


Crossroads is a long-term treatment program targeting women. The program runs under the supervision of the Department of Corrections and may involve different components, such as life management skills, communication and relationship skills, anger management, and individual and group therapy.

Mothers & Infants

This residential program caters to pregnant women fighting substance abuse and focuses on helping them recover through psychoeducation and experiential services. It also takes help from 12-step programs to reinforce healing and recovery.


Pathways is another recovery program that combines experiential and psychoeducational services to clients in group and one-to-one settings, ideally for 28 days.


Seasons residential program at First Step serves people with substance abuse and mental health disorders through various psychiatric services, individual and family therapy, life skills training, and psycho-educational groups. The program is specifically for forensic clients or those under Statute 916 struggling with dual diagnosis.

Royal Palms

Royal Palms is a halfway or sober housing program with direct involvement with the 12-step programs and four hours of therapy per week. All clients pursue employment or receive vocational or educational training as they prepare to return to independent living.


Transitions is a halfway house program that comes with up to 10 hours of therapeutic services every week, along with daily participation in 12-step programs. During their stay at the halfway house, each client must take up a job or pursue any vocational or educational training to transition back to an independent lifestyle. People who have successfully completed the Pathways residential program are ideal for Transitions.


The Voluntary Interim Placement-Enhanced Recovery or the VIP-ER program provides day-to-day treatment to individuals that fulfill the Salvation Army’s criteria for homelessness. The Salvation Army is responsible for providing them with housing and shelter, whereas First Step aims to treat their underlying substance addiction.


How can I join a treatment program at First Step of Sarasota Inc?

The rehab suggests calling its walk-in access center immediately if you are currently going through an emergency. For any other assessment or treatment service, call the outpatient services landline.

What ages does First Step treat?

The mental health and addiction programs at First Step are for everyone ages five and above. These programs have been further categorized to be suitable for different age groups.

Will my information remain confidential?

First Step of Sarasota is dedicated to protecting client confidentiality as federal and state laws mandate. Every staff member working on-site is well familiar with these rules and obeys them throughout the duration of treatment.

How much will I need to pay for treatment?

Every service at First Step has different charges depending on a client’s insurance benefits and the level of care they require.

Does First Step of Sarasota accept insurance?

First Step accepts various insurance plans to make treatment affordable for all patients. A dedicated representative will verify all insurance benefits for a patient before commencing any billable service.

  • Address 1459 10th St, Sarasota, FL 34234, United States