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East Tennessee Recovery (ETR) advertises itself as an honest and safe environment that provides addiction treatment services to everyone without any judgment, harassment, or discrimination. Every employee at this rehab is held to the highest moral and ethical standards; their number one priority is the safety and priority of every patient that walks through their doors. The experts at this treatment facility believe addiction to be a chronic disease that must be collectively treated by addressing all aspects of the life of a recovering individual. Based on this ideology, the highly trained staff team at East Tennessee addiction centers treats chemical dependencies with principles of the latest medical research and evidence-based philosophies.

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Apart from medication-assisted therapy, the rehab also provides multiple behavioral services and counseling sessions in various settings to maximize the chances of recovery for each client. Additionally, the rehab also prepares its patients for their recovered lives in the community by connecting them with different employment opportunities and helping them with interview preparations. 

The staff at East Tennessee Recovery is committed to providing encouragement, compassionate care, and ongoing support to all clients as they maintain their sobriety. Even if their clients slip and relapse, the rehab welcomes them back and views this incident as an opportunity for further growth. The motto at East Tennessee rehab is to provide every person struggling with addiction a life free from their underlying substance abuse with as much support and care as possible.

Services Available at East Tennessee Addiction Center

At ETR rehab Tennessee, clients can enroll and take help from the following programs to manage their addictions:

Medication-Assisted Treatment

The rehab uses different medications to help clients overcome their addiction-related issues. Different types of medications are used for addressing various issues. For example, experts may prescribe certain medications to counter drug cravings while others keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. The choice of medication is made after careful consideration, and a medical expert reviews it carefully to ensure that it does not harm the client.

Therapy and Counseling

East Tennesseecounseling and therapy sessions take place in different settings, such as individual, group, and family settings, to help clients recover at a better pace. These therapies and counseling sessions allow them to connect with trained therapists and other people facing similar issues and develop a support system for themselves which positively enhances their recovery process. Different types of psychotherapy are available at the rehab, and clients can choose from them depending on their personal needs and requirements. The frequency of these sessions varies depending on the intensity of addiction-related issues a person faces.

Community Support and Case Management

At East Tennessee Recovery, experts address acute addiction issues and provide detailed planning for the life their clients have to spend once they recover. Hence, the specialists at this treatment facility collaborate with their clients to help them design a plan to maximize their community support once they leave rehab to pursue an independent sober life. Case management services are also available, which involve identifying and assessing the needs of every patient, service planning that caters closely to these needs, and making arrangements to implement these services. The rehab staff also keeps in touch with its clients after discharge and monitors them continuously to ensure they are on the recovery path.

Outpatient Programs

The comprehensive outpatient programs at East Tennessee Recovery rehab help patients manage their symptoms while addressing their needs as required. With regular attendance, these programs help them start enjoying a life free from chemical dependencies.

Holistic Modalities

The East Tennessee addiction specialist teams use a holistic approach and treatment modalities to address the social and mental factors of addiction in their patients. This approach helps clients achieve comprehensive recovery and a chance at living a sober life.

What to Expect in an East Tennessee Recovery Treatment Program?

At East Tennessee Recovery Center, a client can expect the following experience:

Day One of Treatment

The first day of a personalized addiction treatment program will typically be the longest and most important day of the entire course. As soon as a client reaches rehab, they will undergo mandatory registration and a health assessment. Following this, they will meet with one of the highly trained physicians who will order certain laboratory tests according to each client’s diagnosis and treatment. Clients will also get a chance to meet with one of the licensed clinicians from the rehab’s counseling department, who will evaluate them further and schedule further therapy sessions based on specific needs.

Second Visit

The second day of treatment at East Tennessee Recovery begins with another health assessment, after which the client goes into a follow-up with their doctor. A member of the counseling department also meets with them to form an individualized treatment plan and start working on case management. Moreover, clients also get introduced to group therapy as a part of their second visit.

Ongoing Treatment

As a part of the ongoing treatment, the care team at East Tennessee Recovery tries its best to involve the clients in their medical decision-making. One of the team’s duties is to keep evaluating their clients’ progress and tailor their ongoing treatment accordingly to best suit their changing needs. A part of this ongoing treatment also involves aftercare planning to equip clients with the right skills and tools to continue their recovery.


Does East Tennessee Recovery accept insurance?

Yes, East Tennessee Recovery accepts Medicare and Medicaid along with other forms of insurance. For more details, contact a rehab clinic nearest to your location. Alternatively, you can also visit the official website, fill in your details in the form, and send it to the rehab. A representative will get through all the information and get back to you as soon as possible.

What does the East Tennessee rehab expect from me?

The rehab team at East Tennessee Recovery expects to maintain a welcoming, respectful, and safe place for everyone to achieve recovery. Hence, they have certain rules in place to ensure the delivery of such an environment to everyone about bias. The rehab is expected to brief every client about these rules as soon as they enter treatment.

What is the cost of treatment of a treatment program at East Tennessee Recovery?

The cost of treatment varies for each client depending on how intensive treatment they require and the ideal length of their treatment program. For more information, you can get in touch with a representative of the rehab who will assess your circumstances and give you an estimated price.

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