Eagle Overlook Recovery is a rehab for adolescents fighting addiction and other mental health issues. It is dedicated to providing all clients and their families with good-quality therapeutic and medical care in a secluded and peaceful environment close to nature and promotes long-term recovery. The staff team at this rehabilitation center deeply believes in fostering the growth in their clients by building on their strengths, helping them identify their interests, and developing stronger connections between their minds, spirit, and body.

At Eagle Overlook Georgia drug rehab, the founders and staff members believe in the importance of understanding and fighting the effects of substance addiction on minds, physical bodies, and spirituality. Based on these beliefs, these experts help clients accept, expect, anticipate, and cope with different feelings on the spectrum, from pain to joy. All clients also get a chance to explore their mind-body-spirit connection and adopt spirituality to cope with life’s unpredictability.

Every adolescent who walks through the doors of Eagle Overlook Recovery receives age-appropriate, respectful, and highly-specialized treatment that addresses their unique needs. The rehab treats all clients and their families with respect, pays attention to their needs, and works with them as a team to meet the highest standards of care. The environment these clients live in is conducive to healing and safe for them and their families.

High-Quality Treatment Features at Eagle Overlook Recovery

Eagle GA Recovery Center provides addiction treatment to adolescents fighting substance use disorders and associated mental health conditions. Some features of these treatment plans include the following:

Personalized Treatment

The staff team at Eagle Overlook Recovery creates individualized treatment plans for all clients. The development of treatment plans is always a collaborative effort that involves clients, their therapists, clinicians, family members, physicians, and recovery advocates. A part of the process is to meet clients where they are in their recovery process and adopt an approach that best fits their needs alongside providing necessary accountability and guidance that ensures long-term recovery. The treatment plan also provides patients with a plan of action for continued treatment post-discharge.

Dual Diagnosis Approach

Many adolescents that approach rehab for addiction are also suffering from a mental health disorder at the same time. Such clients require special attention to all co-occurring conditions simultaneously; otherwise, recovery may become impossible. For such clients, Eagle Overlook Recovery provides a dual diagnosis program that simultaneously deals with all underlying issues. The CEO of the facility, Dr. Aflatoon, is a board-certified and state-licensed doctor in addiction psychiatry and general psychiatry and actively participates in dual diagnosis treatments.

Professionally-Trained Staff

All treatment programs at Eagle Overlook Recovery for adolescents take place under the supervision of registered nurses, medical directors, recovery advocates, and clinicians. These staff members provide diverse backgrounds and skills that help clients in different ways. All staff members undergo extensive orientation processes in which they get formal training on adolescent development, crisis intervention techniques, CPR, and cultural diversity. This highly-qualified staff team makes medication management and onsite lab testing available to clients.

Intimate Treatment Environment

Eagle Overlook Recovery provides a highly-customized approach to a calculated and very small client population. It only entertains up to 20 clients at a time to ensure that each of them gets personal attention. Each counselor has a maximum of 8 clients to deal with to reduce the chances of missing out on any crucial element of recovery.

Beautiful Campus

Eagle Overlook Recovery operates from a secluded, peaceful, and distraction-free community. The campus covers 54 acres of wooded land close to the Southern side of the Appalachian Mountains. Each client gets a beautiful, well-decorated bedroom and bathroom shared with another person. The lodging facilities come equipped with security cameras to protect client privacy and safety.

Warm Community Environment

While many people are afraid of seeking help from rehab due to their cold, sterile, hospital-like environments, Eagle Overlook Recovery changes this misconception. It offers treatment in an environment that fosters recovery, wellness, and a sense of community without compromising on medical care, clinical expertise, and professionalism.

Holistic Programming

Programming at Eagle Overlook Recovery includes different activities, such as individual and group therapy, psychoeducation classes, and participation in self-help groups, such as Smart Recovery, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Refuge Recovery. Additionally, it also provides clients a chance to participate in wilderness programs and expressive and experiential therapy.

Family Participation

Family therapy and education groups are integral to the recovery programs available at Eagle Overlook Recovery. The family education programs take place on Saturdays, whereas therapy is available every day, including weekends.

Behavior Management

The clinical staff at Eagle Overlook Recovery has received adequate training in verbal de-escalation techniques, positive reinforcement methods, and adolescent behaviors. To address negative behaviors coming from adolescents, these staff members also implement alternate therapeutic modalities depending on their client’s age, emotional makeup, past experiences, and intelligence.


Is Eagle Overlook Recovery licensed?

Yes, Eagle Overlook rehab for adolescents has been licensed by the Healthcare Facility Regulation Division of the state of Georgia.

How many staff members are currently working at Eagle Overlook Recovery?

Eagle Overlook Recovery for adolescents has fully-licensed master’s level clinicians, each of them catering to 8 clients at a time. The rehab has carefully adopted this ratio to ensure that every client has access to clinicians whenever they need it. The treatment team typically includes registered nurses, a medical director, recovery advocates, and clinicians.

Do family members participate in adolescent therapy?

Eagle Overlook Recovery encourages family members to participate in their loved one’s treatment programs at the rehab. For this purpose, the rehab extends family therapy sessions and family education groups.

How long will my child have to stay at Eagle Overlook Recovery?

The length of stay at Eagle Overlook Recovery differs for each client, depending on their personal needs. It also depends on how well they are progressing in treatment. Some clients only stay in treatment for a week, while others may have to continue seeking help for months.

Does Eagle Overlook Recovery also provide school/study time?

Yes, all clients get scheduled time for schoolwork on weekdays. During this time, they also have access to a tutor. Parents are responsible for coordinating with their teenager’s school authorities and making arrangements to ensure the continuation of their school work as they receive therapy.

What recreational activities are available at Eagle Overlook Recovery?

Some examples of recreational activities at the rehab include pizza nights, ping pong, expressive therapies, hiking, and exercise.

What do Eagle Overlook Recovery reviews say?

As per customer reviews, Eagle Overlook GA Recovery Center is a good place for adolescents and teens to receive safe and effective treatment with home-like environments and experienced and supportive staff members.

  • Address 45 Eagle Overlook Drive
    Dahlonega, GA 30533