Diamond House is a detox and rehabilitation center offering a home-like environment where patients fighting addictions can spend time healing and recovering through group discussions and private reflections. The intimate treatment setting only caters to six patients simultaneously to ensure everyone receives their undivided attention and care. Located in Northern California, all services are offered by Diamond Detox in safe, clean, and comfortable settings that enable individuals to focus entirely on treatment. All guests remain under 24/7 monitoring throughout their treatment tenure and collaborate with alcohol and drug counselors who ensure their safety.

Currently, Diamond House Detox is offering its premium detox services at two different places: Sacramento House and Elk Grove House. All clients first join Elk Grove House, undergoing an in-depth detox process under medical supervision for ten days. Following this program, they transition to the Sacramento House, where they stay in private detox facilities for one to four weeks to continue working on their recovery and strengthen it.

Addiction Programs Available at Diamond House Detox

Addiction programs at Diamond Detox can be divided into the following two types:

Post-Detox Stabilization Program

This program occurs in a residential setting, i.e., clients remain onsite and live at supervised accommodations throughout the treatment tenure. The average duration of these programs is around 30 days to ensure that people who have recently detoxed from a drug or alcohol can stabilize themselves and address all withdrawal symptoms adequately. The program occurs under the supervision of experienced and knowledgeable staff members specializing in co-occurring disorders. These expert teams follow a set curriculum to drive the stabilization program and ensure that all clients remain on the right track medically and clinically.

The post-detox stabilization at Diamond House has been designed to meet client needs right after they are out of the detox phase. The team helps these clients get one step closer to their goals in a clean, comfortable, and practical environment. All clients remain under the 24/7 care of a professional team with years of experience in the medical and mental health fields. Following are some common elements of a post-detox stabilization program at Diamond House Detox:

  • Medication management
  • Educational discussion
  • Structured guidance
  • Group counseling

Experts use a personal, collaborative approach to address all substance use issues and the associated medical, spiritual, and physiological needs.

Outpatient Services

Diamond Health offers the following types of outpatient services to people fighting addictions:

  • Partial hospitalization: Partial hospitalization is the best way to seek intensive care without the need to stay on-site. This option helps the client seek therapy from Monday to Friday for up to two weeks in a well-structured environment. Some common elements of a partial hospitalization program may include a nutrition program, addiction support groups, behavior therapy, and fitness groups.  
  • Intensive outpatient: People who enroll in intensive outpatient programs participate in therapy for three to four days. They travel to the rehab during these fixed days for three-hour therapy sessions. These therapy sessions are available in the morning and evening to accommodate as many people as possible. Depending on their needs, clients also join one-to-one sessions with a therapist, nurse practitioner, or substance use counselor.
  • Outpatient detox: People engaging in outpatient detox can come to the rehab during the day, attend therapy, and return home at night. This level of care is ideal for people who are compliant with treatment, have a supportive environment at home, and can manage to go through a detox without 24/7 support. This level of care is unsuitable for older people, people with complex medical issues, individuals with a history of seizures, or those with complex medical issues, as they all require intensive care.

Mental Health Programs at Diamond House Detox Sacramento

Many people go through mental health challenges occasionally, but when these issues constantly start messing with their ability to function, they can be called an illness. Like any other medical illness, mental illness requires professional support, and Diamond House proudly extends these services and supports to needy people.

At Diamond Rehab, no client gets one-size-fits-all treatment for mental health recovery. To ensure that everyone gets the treatment they can benefit from, the Sacramento campus has hired specialist teams that can deliver highly compassionate, high-quality treatment in a way that brings out the best results. People who come to the rehab for mental health treatment can get into discussions with an expert who can help them find a program that works the best for their underlying issues and everyday schedule.

All mental health programs at Diamond House offer security and flexibility under the care of certified mental professionals. Depending on needs, access to medical healthcare is also available. Mental health programs at the rehab are currently available at the following two levels of care:

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

PHPs at Diamond House provide people a level of care similar to an inpatient treatment while allowing them to return home in the evening. Clients come to the rehab during weekdays to attend therapy without having to live in 24-hour monitoring.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

IOP is a step down from a partial hospitalization program and provides more freedom. It mainly includes one-to-one treatment with a medical professional for up to four days a week for a few hours per day.


Why should I choose Diamond House Detox for treatment?

Undergoing a detox program with hopes of breaking free from substance use disorders can be an intense process and require experience and privacy. Diamond House provides such people an excellent opportunity to find and achieve a sober life while staying in premium accommodations that offer them plenty of time to reflect and rest. In addition to providing medical supervision, the rehab harbors supportive and friendly surroundings, further optimizing overall experience and recovery. Detox can be a very draining process for both physical and emotional health. Hence, finding a place like Diamond House where people can confront their negative feelings in comfort can lead to recovery. Each person can have an intimate recovery experience that leads to long-term, more fruitful outcomes lasting for years.

How do I start my treatment process at Diamond House Detox?

The admission process at Diamond House begins when an expert starts getting to know an interested individual. These discussions include discussing client needs and requirements in light of their ongoing issues. Since rehab offers many types of programs, it can be overwhelming for many clients to understand which one will suit them the best. Hence, the expert team at Diamond Detox stays with the clients throughout the initial screening process to ensure they choose a program that best fits their needs. Most people will begin with a detox, following which they can transition to one of the many rehabilitative programs, such as inpatient residential programs, partial hospitalization programs, outpatient programs, or sober living, depending on their unique circumstances.

Does Diamond House accept insurance?

As an intimate, private drug and alcohol rehab center that does not entertain more than six clients at once, the mission at Diamond House is to help as many people as possible in achieving recovery and rebuilding their lives. It provides a wholesome approach to healing through structured guidance, group counseling, mental health assessments, and medical care that some insurance companies cover. Unfortunately, Medi-Cal or Medicare are not among the accepted insurance policies. However, customers can contact the rehab and get an insurance verification.

Before coming to Diamond House Detox Sacramento, are there any affairs I should consider?

If you plan to seek treatment at Diamond House, ensure that you make appropriate arrangements in your work and personal life, as recovery may take some time. For instance, make arrangements to take leave from work by informing your boss or HR. If you have dependents, arrange childcare for the estimated time you may need to spend at Diamond House. Let your close family members and friends know you will be away, and ask one of the trusted ones to watch your home, pick up your mail, or water your plants.

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