Women’s Recovery is a mental health and addiction treatment center based in Denver, providing specialist care to the female gender. Its outpatient clinic operates from Colorado and combines clinical treatment with trauma-informed care for people regardless of whether they have completed inpatient treatment or are taking the first step to addiction recovery. The goal of treatment at Denver Women’s Recovery is to help females create and live the life they truly deserve. The gender-specific programs aim to help struggling women overcome barriers that may keep them from seeking treatment.

The staff members at Women’s Recovery Denver understand that addiction and mental health issues can make a person feel isolated. Hence, they work closely with them to establish a community that understands these struggles. All staff members at the rehab are exclusively female to make clients more comfortable.

Experts running Women’s Recovery firmly believe no two women are the same. Hence, they adopt a trauma program to help clients understand how their individual experiences have shaped their lives more compassionately. Every woman receives a personalized treatment program targeting her unique needs through one-to-one counseling, medication management, and group therapy.

Programs Offered at Denver Women’s Recovery Center

Denver Women’s Recovery provides different treatment programs at multiple levels of care, depending on client needs and requirements. Most begin with intensive outpatient treatment, with or without a simultaneous recovery house program. Mentioned below are the types of treatment plans currently available at this rehab:

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Program

The outpatient program at Women’s Recovery allows patients a chance to enroll in active treatment while choosing to remain at home. This program is suitable for women who have completed an inpatient treatment course or have a solid foundation of recovery. Depending on individual needs and the program’s intensity, women attend therapy several times a week to focus on recovery and build on it. Women’s Outpatient treatment at this Denver-based rehab includes group therapy, individual sessions, and other forms of treatment to provide clients with the best chance of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Experts at Women’s Recovery understand how difficult it can be to manage a substance use disorder, especially in people with a co-occurring mental health condition. To help such females, the rehab offers a dual diagnosis program that focuses on both issues and ensures they are on the path to recovery.  

The qualified and caring staff members have vast experience in treating people with co-occurring disorders through the treatment that best suits them. The goal of a dual diagnosis program is to provide long-term healing and recovery for both mental health disorders and addiction simultaneously. At Denver Women’s Recovery, all clients will feel at home and realize that the treatment only works with their recovery and best interests in mind.

Sober Living Residence

Denver Women’s Recovery provides an option to stay at a sober living residence for women who do not feel safe at home. These residences provide a home-like environment where recovering addicts can live responsibly while distancing themselves from unhealthy triggers. Moreover, these sober living arrangements also cultivate a friendly and compassionate environment that helps with the psychological symptoms of phobias, anxiety, depression, and other co-occurring issues.

Vivitrol Program

Vivitrol programs at Denver Women’s Recovery are available for people battling alcoholism or opiate addiction. These programs include Vivitrol, an FDA-approved medication to fight withdrawals and improve the chances of addiction recovery. Research indicates that Vivitrol is one of the safest drugs to help opioid addicts and alcoholics safely release their substances. Its active ingredient is naltrexone which reduces cravings and minimizes the risk of relapses. Moreover, naltrexone does not carry an addiction potential which is why it is safe and easy to consume and can make the overall recovery experience more comfortable.


What levels of care are available at Women’s Recovery?

Women’s Recovery provides case management services, intensive outpatient programs, and recovery housing services exclusively for women. The programs are open to those fighting addiction with or without a co-occurring mental health disorder. According to the rehab, this level of care best suits those who have already completed an inpatient program.

What types of disorders are treated at Denver Women’s Recovery?

Women’s Recovery deals with many disorders, including substance use disorders and behavioral addictions, such as gambling addiction, sex addiction, and shopping addiction. Moreover, it also provides help for co-occurring mental health illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.

What is the treatment experience like at Women’s Recovery?

As an individual begins their outpatient drug and alcohol treatment at Women’s Recovery, they can expect to get high-quality care from the treatment staff from day one. Each client gets a warm welcome and is made to feel at home at the recovery housing program. During their inpatient stay, they meet their therapist and begin working with them through one-to-one sessions. Each client also receives group therapy and other treatment methods based on individual needs. Case management services are also available to acclimate them to the program and focus on transitioning back into the community without any hurdles.

Can I join an intensive treatment program without living in the recovery housing program?

While it is not compulsory, Denver Women’s Recovery encourages all clients receiving intensive outpatient care to join the recovery housing program simultaneously. This is because an IOP needs a participant in a stable and healthy environment to succeed. Moreover, a recovery housing program also provides an environment where patients can be accountable for their actions and maximize treatment efficacy. The housing program can be particularly beneficial for all females who believe that their home environment is not conducive to recovery or have too many triggers which may force them to relapse sooner or later.

Will I get treatment for my co-occurring mental health disorder?

Most women who come to join Denver Women’s Recovery for addiction also suffer from a co-existing mental health disorder. Therefore, the rehab ensures that all underlying issues are treated side by side to enhance the chances of recovery. The therapists at Women’s Recovery curate a treatment program that especially meets each client’s unique needs. They may offer specialist therapy to treat underlying issues, such as EMDR, for people with a trauma or abuse background history.

How long does treatment run at Women’s Recovery?

The Denver Women’s Recovery expert team advises all clients to commit to a treatment program for at least ninety days. These ninety days allow them to get fully comfortable within the program and seek good support to improve their recovery chances. Those who wish to stay longer are welcome and highly encouraged. In general, a stay of six months at the rehab ensures that a client can fully reap all benefits of what the treatment center is offering them.

Does insurance cover treatment at the rehab?

Fortunately, Women’s Recovery allows individuals to use their insurance policy to pay for treatment. The rehab has a dedicated admissions team who can help verify the insurance by directly talking to your company and confirming the benefits. In this way, you can expect to commence treatment immediately with minimum hurdles.

Will I need to undergo an alcohol and drug screening before starting treatment?

Whether or not you join a recovery house program, Women’s Recovery requires an alcohol and drug screen for all patients. This screening process allows them to monitor their progress along the way while giving clients an additional level of accountability.

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