Located along the picturesque coastline of San Clemente, California, Chapters Capistrano is a reputable facility in the field of luxury rehabilitation. The premier rehab transcends the conventional notions of recovery, offering a sanctuary where individuals can achieve sobriety in comfort. Chapters Capistrano blends the serene ambiance of Southern California’s coastal charm with cutting-edge addiction treatment modalities, creating an unparalleled environment for those seeking recovery.

With its roots firmly planted in compassion and personalized care, Chapters Capistrano caters to individuals committed to providing bespoke, evidence-based treatment plans. The facility has a team of experienced professionals who guide residents through every step of their recovery process.

In addition to its state-of-the-art treatment methodologies, Chapters Capistrano sets itself apart through its luxurious amenities. The facility offers a retreat-like atmosphere, providing clients with a respite from the challenges of everyday life. Surrounded by the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean, Chapters Capistrano offers a recovery program and an immersive experience that fosters lasting change and renewal.

Comprehensive Recovery Programs At Chapters Rehab – A Holistic Approach To Healing

Chapters Capistrano offers many recovery programs to meet the diverse needs of its clients. From traditional approaches to cutting-edge modalities, Chapters Capistrano is committed to providing a tailored and holistic healing experience. Some of the programs at the facility are:

12-Step Program

At the core of Chapters Capistrano’s approach is the time-tested and widely recognized 12-Step Program. The program, rooted in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), creates a sense of community and accountability. Participants work through each of the twelve steps, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction and building a foundation for lasting recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

Recognizing the intricate relationship between substance abuse and mental health, Chapters Capistrano offers a Dual Diagnosis program. The approach acknowledges and treats co-occurring disorders, ensuring that individuals receive integrated care for both addiction and any underlying mental health issues. Clients can achieve a more comprehensive and sustainable recovery by addressing these dual challenges concurrently.

Holistic Treatment Program

Chapters Capistrano takes a holistic approach to recovery, understanding that wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit. The Holistic Treatment Program integrates alternative therapies such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, providing individuals with a well-rounded toolkit for healing. The program recognizes the interconnectedness of various aspects of life and encourages clients to explore and nurture their overall well-being.

Non-12 Step Recovery Program

For those seeking an alternative to the traditional approach, Chapters Capistrano offers a Non-12 Step Recovery Program. The individualized program recognizes that recovery is not one-size-fits-all and tailors treatment plans to meet each client’s unique needs and preferences. By incorporating evidence-based therapeutic modalities, this program offers a flexible and effective path to recovery.

SMART Recovery

Chapters Capistrano embraces innovation by including SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training). The program focuses on self-empowerment and cognitive-behavioral techniques to promote independence in recovery. SMART Recovery provides tools and strategies for managing cravings, emotions, and behaviors, empowering individuals to take control of their recovery.

Relapse Prevention Program

Understanding that relapse is a potential part of the recovery process, Chapters Capistrano places a strong emphasis on relapse prevention. The program equips individuals with practical skills and coping mechanisms to navigate triggers and stressors, empowering them to build resilience and maintain lasting recovery. By addressing potential setbacks proactively, the Relapse Prevention Program contributes to the long-term success of individuals in their recovery.

Unparalleled Luxury – Chapters Capistrano’s Exquisite Facilities Elevating The Rehab Experience

Chapters Capistrano redefines the rehabilitation landscape with its opulent and thoughtfully curated luxury facilities. Tailored to meet the needs of each individual, Chapters Capistrano offers an exclusive environment that blends comfort with amenities, like:

Private Rooms

Chapters Capistrano takes privacy and comfort to the next level with its private rooms, providing clients with a serene and personal space to focus on their recovery. These elegantly appointed rooms offer a tranquil retreat, allowing individuals to reflect and rejuvenate in a secluded environment.

Cellphone and Laptop Access

Recognizing the importance of staying connected, Chapters Capistrano allows clients controlled access to cellphones and laptops. The thoughtful approach acknowledges the individual’s need for communication and work obligations, fostering a sense of normalcy and aiding in the transition back to everyday life after rehabilitation.

Flexibility in Length of Stay

Understanding that recovery is a unique and individualized process, Chapters Capistrano offers flexibility in the length of stay. Whether a client requires an extended period for a more comprehensive recovery or a shorter duration for targeted support, the facility accommodates various needs, ensuring that individuals receive the care and attention necessary for their specific circumstances.


Set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, the pool at Chapters Capistrano is a luxurious oasis for relaxation and recreation. Surrounded by lush landscapes, the pool provides a serene escape, allowing individuals to unwind, reflect, and engage in therapeutic activities, fostering a holistic approach to recovery.

Gourmet Dining and Menu

Culinary excellence takes center stage at Chapters Capistrano, where gourmet dining becomes integral to the rehabilitation experience. The facility has a chef-curated menu that caters to individual dietary needs and preferences. The emphasis on nutritious and flavorful meals supports physical well-being and enhances the overall sense of luxury and well-being.

Nutritional Counseling

Complementing the gourmet dining experience, Chapters Capistrano provides personalized nutritional counseling. Recognizing the crucial link between physical health and addiction recovery, the facility offers expert guidance on balanced nutrition, empowering individuals to make informed choices that contribute to their overall well-being.

Private Training at the Gym

Physical fitness plays a pivotal role in recovery, and Chapters Capistrano ensures that individuals can access private training at an exclusive on-site gym. Tailored workout routines, guided by experienced trainers, contribute to physical and mental well-being, promoting a holistic approach to recovery.

Chapters Capistrano’s luxury facilities transcend the conventional rehab experience, creating a haven of comfort and support for individuals seeking to overcome addiction. By integrating opulence with evidence-based care, the facility addresses the complexities of recovery and elevates the entire rehabilitation experience, setting a new standard for excellence in addiction treatment.


How much does luxury treatment at Chapters Capistrano cost?

The cost of luxury treatment at Chapters Capistrano varies based on each individual’s specific needs and preferences. For a personalized assessment and information on pricing, prospective clients are encouraged to contact the center’s admissions team directly.

Can individuals work during their treatment at Chapters Capistrano?

Chapters Capistrano understands the importance of balancing recovery with personal and professional responsibilities. While focusing on rehabilitation, the facility recognizes the need for some clients to maintain work commitments. Controlled access to cellphones and laptops is provided, allowing individuals to stay connected to work obligations during their stay.

Can people from other cities or states join Chapters Capistrano?

Chapters Capistrano welcomes individuals across the country to experience its luxury treatment programs. The facility has been designed to accommodate guests from various locations, offering a supportive and inclusive environment for those seeking recovery.

Where can one find Chapters Capistrano reviews?

Reviews for Chapters Capistrano can be found on the facility’s official website, providing firsthand accounts of experiences from individuals who have undergone treatment. Additionally, third-party review sites and testimonials may offer valuable insights into the quality of care and the transformative process clients have undertaken at Chapters Capistrano.

  • Address 1525 Buena Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672, United States.