Camelback Recovery is a mental health and addiction treatment center operating in Phoenix, Arizona. Everything it offers is handpicked and tailored to improve client recovery and long-term sobriety. With top-notch accommodations, high-quality meals, plenty of amenities, and specialty programs, Camelback stands out from all its competitors in the local area. All patients with various underlying substance use disorders and mental health issues are welcome to join the rehab and use their insurance plans to cover treatment. The affordable yet high-quality treatment center can be a good place to recover and restart living a healthy life with no underlying addiction or mental issues.

Mental Health Programs at Camelback Recovery Treatment Center

Camelback Recovery Center provides the following programs to its clients:

Mental Health IOP

A mental health IOP aims to help patients strengthen their problem-solving and coping skills, learn how to navigate everyday life and enhance self-awareness. The aim is to feel more independent and lie life confidently while having an underlying behavioral health condition. The mental health IOP at Camelback encourages clients to engage in two to four hours of therapy daily for up to five times a week. The average program duration is four to eight weeks though some patients may continue attending it for up to twelve weeks for additional benefits.

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An IOP is the best level of care for people who require more intensive treatment than the one offered by a traditional outpatient program. It fits people with high motivation levels who wish to seek recovery help while tending to their daily responsibilities related to family, school, relationships, or work. When patients complete their IOP treatment, they meet with the treatment team to decide what happens next based on their current position and future recovery goals.

Mental Health PHP

A mental health PHP or partial hospitalization program aims to help people with behavioral and mental health disorders. This level of care is best for those with mental health issues severe enough to disturb their day-to-day life but without being at risk of harming themselves or the people around them. Also called day treatment, a PHP at Camelback Rehab runs for several hours a day, five days a week. As a part of treatment, patients spend most of their time engaging in therapy on-site before returning home later in the afternoon. Compared to standard outpatient programs, a PHP delivers high-quality care in an intensive treatment environment to people who are medically stable to continue living at home.

In addition to mental stability, another essential criterion for qualifying for a PHP is having a sound support system at home. Moreover, each patient who desires to participate in this program must have high motivation levels to stay in treatment and work on their recovery. It may also be a safe choice for people with mental health issues in addition to a co-occurring substance use disorder.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Camelback Recovery

In addition to offering comprehensive treatment services for mental health issues, Camelback Recovery also provides clients suffering from addiction a chance to cleanse their bodies through detoxification and work on a new, addiction-free life. Following are the steps involved in addiction treatment at the rehab.

Step One: Intake

As soon as a patient arrives at the addiction treatment center in Camelback Rehab, the first step is to undergo a detailed evaluation. This evaluation takes place by different treatment experts as the client remains under the protection of HIPAA laws. The assessment involves detailed discussions about a patient’s drug abuse history and its impacts on overall life. All intake processes take place in strict confidentiality, and the staff members protect their privacy without leaking information to anyone who doesn’t need to know it. At the end of this step, the treatment team uses the collected information to formulate an addiction treatment strategy unique to each client’s circumstances.

Step Two: Stabilization 

Once a client completes their evaluation process, they enter the next phase of treatment called stabilization. This is when they undergo a detox and experience withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the individual treatment plan, staff members may provide clients with various detox medications to ease their uncomfortable symptoms. Camelback Recovery also provides mental health services to clients in the stabilization step of treatment to help them cope with the withdrawal symptoms without putting themselves at risk.

Step Three: Long-Term Treatment

Though stabilization and detoxification remain crucial steps of addiction treatment, they cannot help patients in the long run until a carefully planned long-term rehabilitation program follows them. Hence, most people at Camelback transition to a long-term treatment phase as soon as they complete the first two steps of the addiction management program. These long-term programs teach them how to care for their minds while addressing the psychological and social issues behind their addictions. Following are the options a client may have in the third step of addiction treatment at Camelback Recovery:

  • They may return home and keep working on their recovery journey without any professionals. Experts highly advise against choosing this step as returning to a triggering environment after detox alone can lead to a very high risk of relapse. Once a relapse occurs, a patient comes back to square one and will require restarting the recovery journey all over again.
  • The second option includes participating in an intensive outpatient program or IOP. This treatment method allows participants to attend therapy and counseling sessions on-site during the day, followed by going home in the evening. Outpatient programs typically work best for people who have a supportive environment at home and are stable enough to continue working on their recovery journey without being tempted by triggers.
  • The third and last option is to enroll in an inpatient treatment program where patients stay at dedicated accommodations on-site under the supervision of a highly-qualified treatment team. The program duration may range from a few weeks to months, depending on how stable a person is and how fast they progress toward complete recovery. Camelback Recovery provides inpatient clients with complete psychological and emotional support. It incorporates family therapy in the recovery process to counteract the extensive effects of abuse on relationships and family members. Moreover, clients can also participate in 12-step programs to help them understand the origin of their addiction and work on them.


How long will I need to stay at Camelback Clinic?

The duration of treatment at Camelback Clinic depends on various factors, such as a patient’s current mental and physical health, their past mental and addiction history, and the level of care most appropriate for their recovery. In general, the rehab advises engaging in treatment for three to six months for optimal healing and recovery. The treatment team is of the opinion that when a patient stays in a healthy place, they can easily make healthy choices while moving forward toward complete healing. Such people should remain in supportive environments until they can make healthy choices independently without supervision.

Does Camelback Rehab have any accreditation?

Camelback Recovery has been accredited by the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Recovery House Association.

What does a partial hospitalization program at Camelback Recovery Rehab include?

Our mental health PHP includes the following services and therapies:

  • Talk therapy, also called psychotherapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dual diagnosis therapy (co-occurring disorders)
  • Medication management
  • Trauma-focused CBT
  • Family therapy
  • Social skills therapy
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Addiction treatments
  • Support group meetings
  • Case management
  • Crisis interventions
  • Sober companions
  • Life Coaching
  • Healthy meal and lunch services

Will Camelback Rehab accept insurance?

According to the rehab’s official website, it works with various insurance companies to make treatment affordable for its patients. However, the website fails to name specific companies covering the treatment costs. Interested individuals can fill out a form available online to confirm if they can use their insurance benefits to pay for treatment at Camelback.

What do Camelback Recovery reviews say?

Most reviews about Camelback Recovery consider it a good facility to seek mental health treatment. Clients mentioned that they felt safe during their treatment and experience, and the treatment team was helpful and willing to cooperate with all clients to help them succeed.

  • Address 4527 N 16th St, Suite 200, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States