Opening its doors to people with addictions in 2019, Brookdale recovery center offers rehabilitation services designed to heal trauma and overcome addictions. Spread across 100 acres of land in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, this rehab overlooks a private lake and can be the perfect place to begin working towards a new, happy, and vibrant life in sobriety.

Brookdale recovery center offers client-first experiences and tailored solutions for various behavioral issues and addictions. The programs offered at this facility include various evidence-based treatments designed to equip clients with the structure, support, and tools to replace the negativity in their lives with positivity. To achieve these goals, Brookdale has employed a deeply connected team of clinicians, nurses, and other staff members that provide robust healing programs in a supportive and sober environment. The unique approach that the rehab uses fosters confidence, accountability, and high self-esteem in all its residents, making a recovery much more achievable.

Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery Services

At present, Brookdale rehab offers the following services to its clients:


The team of experts at Brookdale understands that many people who require addiction treatment may not do so because of a lack of acknowledgment. If this is the case that someone you love is experiencing, you can consider trying out the intervention program offered at this rehab. With the help of the highly-trained interventionists at Brookdale, the rehab can equip you and your family with the necessary tools and resources to initiate a conversation with a loved one. The interventionists have many decades of experience in helping families find recovery for their loved ones battling addiction through dignity, respect, empathy, and compassion, and in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Detox Services

Upon arrival at Brookdale’s detox unit, specialist staff members will conduct necessary investigations, evaluations, and assessments. Experts make a working diagnosis using the information collected, followed by initiating urgent care. In addition to 24/7 medical and nursing supervision, detox at Brookdale includes regular screening by liaison personnel from the first day of the program. All detoxing patients will be provided counseling services and addiction education to better prepare for the next stage of treatment.

Residential Treatment Program

The residential program offered at Brookdale is one of the most integral steps toward recovery. After a client completes the detox program and is cleared by the medical staff, they are transitioned into residential treatment, where they closely work with a clinical team to uncover and manage the root causes of their addictions. As a patient-centered facility, Brookdale tries its best to provide every client with a unique recovery path based on their individual needs.

With a staff-to-patient ratio of 1:6, each client gets a chance to be treated individually with undivided attention. The treatment team uses a collaborative approach to care that fosters a relationship of understanding and trust between the clients and their care teams.

Family Program 

Brookdale routinely offers a Family Educational Weekend Program for the families of addicts to help them understand their loved one’s struggles and support them through recovery. Both clients and their families can participate in these programs to seek education, hope, and support as they overcome addiction challenges together. This program is an excellent opportunity for families to participate in the treatment process and maximize recovery. The Family Program at Brookdale is arranged twice every month at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center. It begins at 5 pm every Friday and ends the following Sunday morning with lunch and a process group with loved ones.

Signature Programs

The Signature Program at Brookdale makes use of a holistic and clinically-based model of addiction treatment. It focuses on evidence-based therapies like dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing to ensure recovery. Each client who chooses to enroll in this program receives the highest quality of care from expert clinicians.

Some key features of the Brookdale Signature Programs include:

  • Five individual sessions per week with a Signature clinician
  • One weekly individual session with the Family Program Director
  • One weekly session with the physician
  • A biofeedback bed
  • Nutritional assessment and meal planning by a certified dietician
  • A personalized dietary plan put together by a world-class chef
  • Wellness assessment and planning with the Recreation Supervisor
  • Personalized aftercare planning


What is the process of admission to the Brookdale addiction recovery program?

Before entering Brookdale rehab center, every individual must speak with one of their Admissions Coordinators over the phone to determine if they can seek appropriate care at the treatment facility. To determine this, the Admissions Coordinator will gather important background information from the individual. Simply put, the person wishing to join Brookdale must be older than 18 years with a primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder. They must be willing to join a detox program followed by clinical treatment. Suppose you or your family member successfully meet this criterion. In that case, the Admissions Coordinator will conduct a more thorough assessment to further ensure that the services at Brookdale can best address their issues. Following this, the Admissions Department will schedule appointments for all qualified candidates to visit the facility in person for further planning.

Does Brookdale rehab Poconos offer transportation?

Yes, the rehab provides 24/7 transportation services to clients who may require them. The treatment facility respects its patients’ privacy during this process by training the drivers to practice extreme discretion as they transport them to and from the rehab. Neither the uniform of the drivers nor the vehicles used for transportation display any words like “recovery,” “rehab,” or anything associated with addiction treatment.

What type of insurance is accepted at Brookdale?

Fortunately, Brookdale treatment center accepts most insurance plans, including the following:

  • Geisinger
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Beacon
  • BlueCross BlueShield

Keep in mind that the rehab doesn’t currently accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Are there any alternative forms of payment I can choose from?

If your insurance policy does not cover the entire treatment cost at Brookdale, you may consider using:

  • A credit or debit card, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • A payment plan with flexible financing options based on each client’s individual needs. 

To learn more about these options, call Brookdale and talk to a representative directly.

  • Address 2455 Back Mountain Rd., Scotrun, PA 18355