Substance use and addiction can quickly become crippling diseases, not only for individuals but also for their families. These addictions trick people into believing that their situation is unescapable and they will remain stuck in it forever. However, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery experts firmly believe that there is hope and recovery for people stranded within an addiction.  Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery is an intensive residential and detox facility catering to men and women over 18 years fighting substance use disorders. The rehab provides an unparalleled treatment experience to its clients with the help of the latest scientific advances delivered in a holistic, friendly, and comfortable environment.

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The rehab visualizes addiction as a disease of the system rather than the person and provides treatment programs that draw from various therapeutic models and techniques. These techniques include relapse prevention, music therapy, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy, recovery programing, music and art therapy, psychosocial education, and more. The rehab considers every person unique and aims to help them reach the best possible outcome with the help of individualized care delivered by dedicated professionals. To ensure that the programming takes place in the best way possible and through high standards, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery employs a team of certified and well-trained therapists, addiction counselors, and psychiatrists specialising in addiction management.

Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery: What The Admission Process Looks Like

Seeking addiction treatment can be extremely intimidating and daunting. However, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery professionals strive to make it much easier for everyone. The experienced and trained professionals are always available to answer all queries and help people learn more about their problems and treatment options. Below is an overview of what the admission process at Blue Ridge rehab may look like.

What to Expect During the First Call?

When a person makes the first call, an admissions expert takes time to learn more about them and their situation. All staff members understand how difficult it can be to decide on entering a treatment program. During the telephone conversation, an admissions counselor asks questions about the patient’s specific circumstances to determine whether Blue Ridge rehab can be an appropriate place for their recovery. The staff members are available round the clock to take the call and have the pre-admission discussions. They also ensure that everyone who reaches out to them is heard and respected as a person struggling with an addiction. No one at Blue Ridge views addiction as something that defines a person.

What to Expect During Admission?

If someone decides that Blue Ridge has the plan to help them overcome their addiction, they can ask the rehab to begin the pre-admission assessment. This assessment includes a comfortable conversation with the pre-admission assessment team in which the admissions counselor asks questions to learn more about the patient’s ongoing addiction. The counselors also focus on addiction symptoms, how they affect different aspects of life, the history of addiction, and any past treatment experiences. They also enquire about the patient’s current living conditions and their social support network, including their relationships with family members, friends, and significant others.

Once the experts believe that they have a program tailored to the patient’s needs, they will move towards confirming their admissions. At the same time, the counselors engage patients in more comprehensive evaluations with ongoing conversations to determine how they can best support their treatment. Sometimes, these assessments continue during treatment to check patient compliance and confirm if the treatment process requires any amendments based on the changing needs of the patients.

Treatment Programs at BlueRidge Recovery

All treatment programs at Blue Ridge Recovery begin with an in-depth evaluation of the addiction history, patterns or use, and other characteristics. Each potential client completes the pre-admission assessment as described above with full confidentiality. Following this, the medical and clinical directors of nursing offer them an appropriate placement for the program that best fits their interests, needs, and requirements. This program can be either a medically-assisted detox or a residential treatment program.

Medically-Assisted Detox Program

For many people, an effective addiction treatment only begins once they successfully overcome their physical dependency on the substance. Suppose a person continues to experience constant cravings. In that case, they can no longer focus on recovery and wellness, and the treatment outcomes may not be as positive or successful as they should be. To avoid these unnecessary troubles, Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery provides a medically-supervised detox program to all its clients who need it. This program is one of the leading programs in Georgia, carefully designed to help people stop using substances in the most comfortable and safest ways possible.

Detoxification at Blue Ridge Recovery may also use medications as necessary under the supervision of the medical director and nursing staff members. All clients have access to a licensed nurse on duty 24 hours a week throughout the program. This constant supervision aims to make the environment and the process more comfortable and convenient while minimizing the risk of a relapse.

Residential Treatment Program

Residential programing at the Blue Mountain Recovery Center runs for 35 to 45 days. The program provides clients with tools to start a life free from alcohol and drugs. Each client undergoes a full assessment followed by the curation of an individualized treatment program. Remember that these programs are mutually agreed upon and created by the collaboration between experts and patients. The residential treatment program is constantly updated based on how much a client progresses. The programming aims to engage a client’s emotional, spiritual, social, mental, vocational, legal, and physical needs to help them transform as a whole person.

Experts providing residential care understand that recovery from any substance addiction can be extremely difficult and may affect different persons differently. Hence, they provide empirically-supported, up-to-date treatments and additional experiential activities for the best outcomes. The highly-skilled, compassionate staff members also train themselves regularly to have the most up-to-date treatment methods to help patients. Some treatment therapies included in the residential program at Blue Ridge include:

  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • One-to-one counseling


Where does Blue Ridge Rehab Center operate?

Blue Ridge rehabilitation center operates from a 50-acre wide hilly, wooded area present in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The residential facility is located on the north side of Atlanta, Georgia. It provides all residents with a home-like place to harbor a community for themselves and heal in a peaceful and tranquil setting.

What is the staff like at Blue Ridge Rehab?

Many people abusing drugs or alcohol hesitate to discuss their problems, even with a medical professional, mostly because of the misconceptions and stigma related to addiction. The staff at Blue Ridge rehab tries its best to break these barriers by understanding the disease and how it can make seeking help very difficult. The staff members are willing to work relentlessly with every patient to help them fight the battle against substance abuse and find lasting sobriety. These staff members take care to adopt a non-judgmental behavior and provide unbiased and unopinionated care to everyone.

Does BlueRidge Recovery provide a continuum of care?

Blue Ridge recovery rehab conducts an in-depth assessment of each client before admission with the help of a trained addiction admissions coordinator. Based on these assessments, clients move to the detox program or directly into residential treatment. Throughout their stay, the treatment team monitors their progress and provides a discharge plan upon completing the program to engage them in ongoing care for long-term sobriety.

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