AspenRidge Recovery is a Colorado-based mental health and addiction treatment center that provides a safe space for clients to heal and recover. It offers various programs to manage trauma and promote body and brain healing. What sets these programs apart is the team’s focus on the root causes fueling these issues that increase the chances of long-term recovery. The rehab offers flexible programs during the day and evening to accommodate as many people as possible.

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Through its in-depth programs, the treatment team at AspenRidge Recovery helps people realize that they are valuable and deserve to live a fulfilling life without alcohol and drugs. This commitment also extends to the family members of the rehab as they can also take part in the recovery program to learn aspects like boundary setting, relapse prevention, codependency, etc. The rehab understands that diseases like addiction affect a single person and negatively impact their loved ones. Hence, it aims to help everyone move forward by breaking the addictive chains.

Treatment Programs at AspenRidge Recovery Center

AspenRidge Treatment Center provides various treatment programs to its clients to provide them flexibility. These programs are of varying intensities and run simultaneously using multiple platforms so that most people can commit to them and seek recovery. Mentioned below is an overview of the treatment plans currently offered at AspenRidge:

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs at AspenRidge Recovery offer the most intensive, well-structured treatment and care to patients who join the rehab. These programs provide a middle ground, an intensive outpatient program, and a residential treatment plan where clients can commit to strict recovery goals without shifting into rehab. Partial hospitalization programs also help clients set a firm base for recovery so that they can start transitioning to lower care levels as they progress. This level of care includes both individual and group therapies, along with the following highlights:

  • Total duration of up to 30 days
  • Access to family program
  • Weekly individual therapy sessions with an expert for mental health, addiction, and trauma management
  • Psychiatric services
  • 6 hours of group therapy five times a week
  • Lifetime community support
  • Alumni participation
  • Medication-assisted treatments

Daytime Intensive Outpatient Programs

These programs typically run for up to 60 days and accept adults suffering from complex traumas, mental health issues, or substance use disorders. These addiction programs are available on need, and the total duration can vary depending on individual cases. An IOP also delivers a continuum of care that helps clients slowly move through different levels of care until they can pursue an independent life. As a part of these programs, clients can receive up to 15 hours of therapy per week in individual and group sessions. Morning and afternoon sessions are available to join as suited. All clients can also enroll their loved ones in the family program and receive case management services and medication-assisted treatments. They can also access lifetime community support and join the AspenRidge Recovery alumni program.

Evening Intensive Outpatient Programs

The evening intensive outpatient programs include individual and group therapy that patients can access in person or online. These programs usually run for 90 days and cater to adults suffering from substance use disorders, complex traumas, or mental health issues. Following are the highlights of evening IOPs at AspenRidge Recovery:

  • Long-term duration, lasting up to 90 days
  • Case management services
  • Family care program
  • Psychiatry services
  • 3 hours of group therapy thrice a week
  • Lifetime community support and alumni membership
  • Biweekly individual therapy sessions for mental health, addiction, and trauma
  • Medication-assisted treatment programs

Family Programs

At AspenRidge Rehab, the treatment team ensures to involve their client’s family members whenever possible, as experts believe this involvement is a necessary part of treatment. As a part of the family programs offered at this treatment facility, the loved ones of a client can avail of the following services:

  • Assessment: These assessments involve the immediate loved ones of a client who have to fill out a Core Support Questionnaire to help experts determine the clinical necessity of the program.
  • Individual Family Sessions: These private sessions allow family members to sit down with an expert and work on acquiring various skills, such as forgiveness, boundaries, communication, and identification of family roles. These sessions also prepare them for moving the family into a more favorable place of reintegration.
  • Multi-family Groups: These groups allow family members of different clients to work together under expert supervision to learn more about mental health, addiction, and trauma. These interactive groups also help different families connect and form a supportive community where they can help others and seek their advice when needed.
  • Case Management: These services provide community referrals to families with long-term commitments.

REACH Program

The REACH program at AspenRidge Recovery runs for 12 weeks and provides an intensive outpatient level of care to people. However, what makes it different from the standard IOP is its online reach. A team of licensed therapists uses HIPAA-compliant, private mediums to connect with clients through video calls and help them attain sobriety. Despite using an online platform, the experts offer similar treatment modalities, such as family sessions, group counseling, and one-to-one meetings, without asking clients to travel to rehab. The REACH program can be particularly beneficial for people with time constraints or those who cannot travel to and from rehab daily for recovery programs.

Why Choose AspenRidge Recovery Rehab?

As per the founders of AspenRidge, the following qualities make the rehab a good option for people with underlying addictions and mental health issues to join:


The rehab is in a network with many major insurance companies that can cover a significant part of treatment costs. Hence, clients do not have to pay much from their pocket and can focus on getting well without worrying about financial constraints.


For many people, work and personal responsibilities can make it extremely hard to take out time and focus on healing and recovery. AspenRidge Recovery helps such people participate in its programs by offering increased flexibility, such as evening therapy sessions and online programs. Clients can join any of these flexible programs at a time that suits them best.


The atmosphere that AspenRidge provides its customers is completely private and comfortable. All information is confidential; the rehab does not reveal it to anyone without the client’s permission.

Evidence-based Methods

The treatment programs at AspenRidge are intensive and include evidence-based methodologies likely to increase users’ quality of life. These programs also involve families and other proven methods, such as medication compliance and lifestyle adjustments, to make recovery possible.


Why should I consider joining AspenRidge Recovery?

AspenRidge Recovery is a famous addiction treatment center accredited by The Joint Commission. The rehab also has a license from the Office of Behavioral Health and is a National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers member. It offers evidence-based, affordable mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment. The rehab team works daily to expand its vision toward advocacy, education, and access to behavioral health services.

How does AspenRidge Recovery Lakewood carry out the admission process?

The admission process at AspenRidge Recovery takes place in the following three steps:

The first step involves providing insurance details to the rehab team. A representative will contact the insurance company on your behalf and navigate the benefits.

Following the confirmation of insurance benefits, you will work with one of the licensed therapists to understand the current circumstances and highlight your goals and needs. Based on this information, the expert will map out a personalized treatment plan per your unique situation.

Once a treatment plan is in place, you can start your recovery journey at AspenRidge.

Which insurance companies do AspenRidge Recovery work with?

AspenRidge Recovery Rehab is currently in network with the following insurance companies:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • TriWest
  • TriCare
  • Cigna
  • Beacon Health
  • Cofinity
  • First Health
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Bright Health
  • Address 7500 W Mississippi Ave # 200, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States.