The Last Recovery Resort is a men-only residential treatment facility that aims to help those stuck in deep, unbreakable addiction cycles. The programs offered at the rehab aim to address issues specific to men fighting severe substance use disorders. Through well-structured, long-term residential programs, detox processes, and aftercare services, the facility promises to provide all residents with a true experience of brotherhood. All programs at The Last Recovery are based on the famous 12-Step approach that blends holistic and evidence-based treatment methods, such as equine therapy, talk therapy, relapse prevention, and motivational interviewing.

The medical and administrative team running The Last Resort Treatment Center understands that everyone experiences addiction differently, so there can never be a cookie-cutter approach to its management. Hence, the rehab personalizes all treatment programs to include various elements, such as fitness programs, group therapy, dual diagnosis, etc. Once clients complete their program on-site, the staff members encourage them to engage in aftercare services, such as support groups, transitional housing, and outpatient programs.

The Last Resort operates from around a 50-acre campus with many horses on-site. The staff members are experienced and trained in providing equine-assisted therapy to support their clients’ recovery programs. The sprawling grounds surrounding the main building provide lots of space for the residents for meditative walks and quiet reflections. The campus is well-built, with a large kitchen, furnished dining areas, and a porch with rocking chairs. A swimming pool and fitness center are also available to clients to spend their free time. This ranch-style setting offers a unique environment for men to relax, rejuvenate, and prepare for an addiction-free life.

What Does The Last Recovery Rehab Treat?

The Last Recovery Rehab currently offers assistance and help with the following issues:


Alcoholism is one of the commonest problems that many men encounter. The problem, unfortunately, exacerbates due to poor social support, underlying psychiatric disorders, and low motivation. For such people, The Last Recovery Center offers a detailed treatment program that aims to provide acute management and prepares clients to practice complete abstinence in the future with minimal chances of relapse.

Dual Diagnosis

Many men who come to The Recovery Center for addiction treatment often suffer from hidden mental health disorders. Their psychological symptoms of the underlying medical illness can be secondary to the ongoing chemical addiction. For them, it becomes necessary to manage both issues simultaneously to promote recovery and minimize relapse. Fortunately, The Last Recovery offers such people a chance to engage in a dual diagnosis program where they can learn to heal from substance addiction and mental health issues together for a more comprehensive recovery experience. The clinical teams providing this treatment program are well-experienced in handling both types of problems and can guide patients in the right direction,

Mental Health Issues

People with underlying mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can also join The Last Resort to keep these conditions under control. The specialist team collaborates with clients to resolve these issues and find the triggering factors to ensure long-term recovery.

Opioid Addiction

The Last Resort Recovery Rehab specializes in offering help and supports to people fighting opioid addictions. These services are available to everyone regardless of using a prescription opioid like oxycodone or an illegal alternative, such as heroin. The center combines mental, emotional, and physical support therapies to break the addiction cycle. It may use detox and medical support to address the ongoing issue as deeply as possible.

Levels of Care at The Last Resort Recovery Center

The Last Resort Smithville currently offers treatment at the following levels of care:

12-Step Program

Evidence-based treatment undoubtedly forms the core of treatment at The Last Resort. However, the team members also incorporate the 12-step methods into their core programs and the newer treatment modalities to provide clients with a more balanced recovery plan for maximum healing and successful outcomes.

Inpatient Program

The inpatient programs at The Last Resort allow clients to move away from their usual surroundings to live on-site in a supportive, safe, and well-structured environment. The countryside setting of the campus will enable clients to recover without experiencing the traditional, depressing hospital-like environment. The inpatient program also incorporates many evidence-based psychotherapies, allowing residents plenty of time to spend close to nature for mindful healing.

Aftercare Support

The aftercare support programs at The Last Resort encourage patients to continue practicing their newfound sobriety for many years to come. These support services continue even after their residential stay finishes and may include features like sober houses, transitional living facilities, meetings with recovery coaches, and more. Aftercare programs ensure that all patients receive continued care while minimizing their risk of relapsing, especially during the early days of recovery.

Every patient who completes their treatment course at The Last Recovery can join their alumni association to keep in touch with others. This association holds weekly accountability groups where recovering addicts can connect with others facing similar issues and seek advice and help.

Medically Assisted Detox

Alcohol and drug addiction can badly damage physical and mental health. Once the physical dependence sets in, most people require a carefully managed detox process to break out of it. The Last Recovery offers medically-supervised detox services to people experiencing problems with physical dependence. The process occurs under the supervision of a medical team who monitors the patient’s vital signs to ensure that they are stable and away from risk.

Intervention Services

These services take place under the supervision of certified clinical interventionists and licensed counselors. Intervention refers to a coordinated and well-organized approach where a professional works with the family of an addict to plan how they should approach their loved one regarding their addiction. Using a straightforward method, the family members then begin the intervention process with an addict to help him understand how his addiction is causing troubles in his life. These interventions aim to make people realize their harmful drug-abusing behaviors and support them to seek treatment.


What should I expect at The Last Resort Recovery Center?

This men’s only addiction center is operating from Texas to provide a true experience of healing and brotherhood to people who join it. The professional team running the facility believes that addiction never exists in a vacuum which is why it offers a comprehensive program designed to address the ongoing addictive cycle along with other associated issues. The team includes competent medical doctors, therapists, nurses, recovery specialists, and addiction counselors with a good record of helping men break out of substance abuse and recover. The 55-acre campus allows patients to enjoy calm and peace to reflect on the ongoing recovery process while avoiding distractions. The rehab also accepts insurance to ensure no one feels pressured while seeking treatment.

Will I get family therapy at The Last Resort Rehab?

The Last Resort Treatment Center understands that supporting an addict’s family is equally crucial as supporting them. Hence, it offers a customized family program to the loved ones of all clients through a contract made before a client’s discharge. The family therapy programs usually involve clients, their family members, and a discharge coordinator.

How much will I need to pay at The Last Resort Smithville Tx?

Treatment costs at The Last Resort may vary depending on the level of care and type of program you choose. The best way to get the most appropriate quote is by contacting a rehab representative, asking them to assess your current circumstances, and seeking a quote.

How long will I need to be in treatment?

The duration of treatment at The Last Recovery may vary from one person to another depending on the severity of their addiction and their response to treatment. Most people require 30 to 90 days to make a complete recovery.

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