Apex Recovery, located in San Diego, California, is a distinguished state-licensed drug and alcohol rehab center dedicated to transforming lives through comprehensive addiction treatment and dual diagnosis support. With a deep commitment to addressing both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues, Apex Recovery stands among other rehabilitation centers.

The rehab also provides an exceptional range of accredited care programs, covering five distinct levels of substance use treatment. From the crucial detox phase to outpatient and aftercare, Apex Recovery offers a continuum of care that few rehab centers in Southern California can match. The holistic approach ensures that individuals receive continuous support as they progress along their recovery.

Apex Recovery combines cutting-edge medical treatment modalities and psychological therapies with holistic, client-centered approaches. The result is a comprehensive and highly effective system for helping individuals combat addiction and overcome mental health challenges.

Upholding Core Values for Excellence – Apex Recovery Rehab’s Commitment to Transformative Care

At Apex Recovery Rehab, wisdom, integrity, value, excellence, and accountability are more than words; they are the foundation upon which the facility has been meticulously built. These core values serve as the guiding principles that shape every decision, action, and interaction, ensuring that the mission, philosophy, and vision of Apex Recovery are tangible realities.


Apex Recovery’s mission is clear: to provide the world’s best evidence-based individual treatment and recovery. Central to this mission is the pledge to treat every person and family in recovery with the utmost dignity, respect, love, personal care, and attention. Apex Recovery is dedicated to following the most advanced scientific, medical, holistic, and intelligent approaches to addressing addiction. The facility goes a step further by creating a comfortable and unforgettable experience for every client and their family, one that is etched in their hearts and minds forever.


Apex Treatment Center delivers clinical excellence in the intensive treatment of dual-diagnosis alcohol and drug addiction. The rehab strives to be the finest alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, providing a comprehensive continuum of care. Seamless transitions between each level of care, along with ongoing alum tracking, help clients stay engaged and build a genuine peer-to-peer support system within the community.


The vision that drives Apex Recovery is nothing short of being a force for good and becoming one of the most successful substance abuse treatment programs. The facility’s vision is rooted in a well-researched and evidence-based model of treatment that includes holistic and integrative approaches alongside traditional therapeutic methods. It recognizes that true recovery and lasting sobriety involve a holistic approach that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.

Comprehensive Care – Combining Therapeutic Intervention With Innovative Medical Treatments and Holistic Wellness at Apex Rehab

Apex Recovery employs a multi-faceted approach, offering many therapeutic interventions with cutting-edge medical treatments and holistic therapies to support clients on their path to recovery. The following is an overview of these services at the facility:

Therapeutic Interventions

  • Individual Counseling: Apex Recovery’s therapeutic approach includes one-on-one counseling sessions, allowing clients to address their unique challenges and receive personalized guidance from experienced clinicians. These sessions provide a safe space for clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy sessions at Apex rehab provide a chance to form a connection. Sharing experiences and insights with peers helps individuals develop empathy, gain perspective, and build a support network that can be invaluable in their recovery.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT equips clients with practical coping strategies, helping them identify and modify negative thought patterns and behaviors. The evidence-based intervention at Apex Rehab promotes healthier decision-making.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): For clients dealing with emotional regulation issues, Apex Rehab provides DBT as a powerful tool. It teaches emotional control, interpersonal effectiveness, and mindfulness, aiding in managing stress and emotional turmoil.

Cutting-Edge Medical Treatments

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Therapy: Apex Recovery uses the power of virtual reality to provide immersive therapy experiences. VR therapy can help clients confront and manage triggers, phobias, and traumatic memories in a controlled and therapeutic environment. It offers a unique approach to exposure therapy, reducing anxiety and enhancing the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): TMS is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses magnetic fields to stimulate specific brain areas. It is particularly effective for clients with treatment-resistant depression and other mood disorders. TMS has shown promising results in regulating mood and reducing depressive symptoms.
  • Pharmacogenomic Testing: Apex Recovery utilizes advanced genetic testing to personalize medication management. Pharmacogenomic testing examines clients’ genetic makeup to determine how they may respond to different medications. The approach helps select the most effective and well-tolerated medications, improving treatment outcomes and minimizing side effects.

Holistic Therapies

  • Yoga and Meditation: Apex Recovery emphasizes the value of mind-body practices. Yoga and meditation are integrated into the treatment plan, promoting relaxation, self-awareness, and emotional balance.
  • Art Therapy: Creative expression through art therapy offers an alternative means of communication and self-discovery. It allows clients to explore their emotions, experiences, and aspirations.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Holistic well-being extends to nutrition. Apex Recovery guides healthy eating habits and proper nutrition, addressing the body’s physical needs during recovery.
  • Adventure Therapy: Nature-based activities such as hiking and outdoor excursions are integrated into the program. Adventure therapy fosters teamwork, builds self-confidence, and enhances personal growth.

Initiating Treatment – Scheduling an Appointment with Apex Recovery San Diego

Beginning the path to recovery at Apex Treatment Center is a transformative and life-changing step, and scheduling an appointment is the initial key to opening the door to a brighter future. To begin the process, consider the following steps:

  • Initial Contact: The process begins with contacting Apex Recovery. You can do this by calling their admissions line or visiting their website. The rehab team is usually ready to provide the support and guidance clients need.
  • Assessment and Evaluation: Once you have contacted Apex Recovery, its admissions team will guide you through an initial assessment. The evaluation helps in understanding your unique circumstances, needs, and goals. It is a compulsory step to determine the most appropriate level of care and individualized treatment plan.
  • Insurance Verification: Apex Recovery accepts most major insurance plans, and its team will work with you to verify your insurance coverage. The step ensures that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your treatment and can plan accordingly.
  • Treatment Plan Customization: After the assessment and insurance verification, Apex Recovery’s clinical team will collaborate with you to create a personalized treatment plan. The plan considers your needs, including the level of care required and the various therapeutic interventions that will be most effective for your situation.
  • Scheduling Your Appointment: Once your treatment plan is finalized, Apex Recovery will work with you to schedule your appointment to begin treatment. The rehab understands the urgency and importance of starting your recovery and will do its best to accommodate your schedule and preferences.
  • Commencing Treatment: With all the necessary arrangements, you will officially begin treatment at Apex Recovery. You will have access to the comprehensive care and therapeutic interventions outlined in your individualized treatment plan.


Which substance addictions does Apex Recovery treat?

Apex Recovery specializes in the treatment of various substance addictions, encompassing alcohol, opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription medications, and other drugs. Its expert team customizes care to address a diverse range of substance use disorders, tailoring treatment to individual needs.

Does Apex Rehab accept insurance?

Apex Recovery accepts most major insurance plans. Recognizing the importance of financial considerations in the recovery process, it strives to streamline this aspect for clients. The admissions team works closely with individuals to verify insurance coverage and navigate the financial aspects of treatment.

What treatment programs are available at Apex Treatment?

Apex Recovery offers many treatment plans to ensure individuals receive the most suitable care based on their circumstances. Treatment options include inpatient rehabilitation for intensive, round-the-clock care, outpatient programs that offer flexibility, partial hospitalization programs as a step-down option from inpatient care, intensive outpatient programs for structured support, aftercare and relapse prevention, dual diagnosis treatment to address co-occurring mental health concerns, and holistic and integrative therapies such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, and adventure therapy. It prioritizes individualized treatment, adapting plans to specific needs and facilitating smooth transitions between different levels of care.

  • Address 2810 Camino del Rio S #106, San Diego, CA 92108, United States.