CuraSouth Detox is a leading treatment facility that helps people fight substance use disorders. With over two decades of experience, the facility is now a part of the Guardian Recovery Network (GRN), which provides evidence-based therapy based on extensive client feedback. Each program is strategically crafted by a well-experienced team of addiction treatment professionals willing to guide everyone as they slowly progress toward recovery.

The treatment professionals at CuraSouth believe detox is the first and crucial step toward recovery. This critical time is important to build a solid foundation for clients to work and achieve healing slowly. Instead of forcing them to detox in a sterile hospital setting, the rehab provides a cozy, serene, home-like environment with a world-class team and compassionate staff members.

As clients at CuraSouth detoxify their bodies and minds, the staff members start addressing their deeper roots of addiction simultaneously. The rehab offers individual, family, and group therapy along with various 12-step recovery tools to address clients’ mental, spiritual, and emotional needs for a long-term sober and healthy life.

Addiction Treatment Services at CuraSouth Florida

CuraSouth Detox Center provides a range of addiction services to stabilize patients and help them combat substance use disorders in the long run. The experts here believe that to help clients thoroughly heal and stay motivated, they must have enough life skills and coping mechanisms to succeed. The facility uses evidence-based detox methods and holistic strategies to ensure a successful detox experience. Because detox is never a one-size-fits-all approach, it provides tailored programs to each client, depending on their circumstances.

At present, the following types of detox programs are available to enroll in at CuraSouth Florida:

Following are some proven methods that CuraSouth applies to make a detox program effective and successful:

Medication-assisted treatment

In many patients, such as the ones with opioid withdrawal, the treatment team uses medications like Subutex or Suboxone to minimize psychological cravings while reducing the severity of physical withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, people who present with alcohol addiction can get access to a mild benzodiazepine, like Serax or Librium, to safely stop using it.

Use of over-the-counter medication

In addition to prescribing controlled drugs, experts at CuraSouth also provide over-the-counter medicines, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, to help clients relieve their painful withdrawal symptoms. Other medicines, such as anti-nausea drugs and non-addictive sleep aids, are also available depending on individual withdrawal symptoms.

Tapering program

Sometimes, it is unsafe to let a patient quit using a substance cold turkey. For such patients, experts plan a tapering program where they can safely come off the substance bit by bit instead of completely stopping it. Tapering also minimizes the severity of withdrawal symptoms while making the overall experience less uncomfortable.

Holistic methods

In addition to medication support, many holistic therapies are available at CuraSouth Treatment Center to make the withdrawal experience more comfortable and pleasant. For instance, patients may use acupuncture to alleviate their drug or alcohol cravings or enroll in massage therapy to reduce their physical symptoms.

Additional Addiction Treatment Services at CuraSouth

CuraSouth Drug Detox Florida primarily focuses on helping clients through a safe and effective withdrawal. At the same time, it also aims to provide them with highly individualized and more comprehensive care through the following additional addiction treatment strategies:

An in-depth medical and clinical assessment

Each client undergoes an in-depth evaluation and assessment of their circumstances upon arrival. These assessments help experts decide the course of treatment that is more likely to benefit patients.

Case management services

Each client gets a case manager who walks them through the early stages of recovery while helping them set personal treatment goals. Case managers also help connect a patient’s clinical team with their loved ones while taking care of any legalities connected to an individual.

Individual and group therapy

Group therapy takes place daily, whereas individual therapy sessions are available weekly to identify and address the main causes of addiction.

Family therapy

The treatment team at CuraSouth believes in involving the loved ones of every patient to improve their recovery chances.

Aftercare services

In addition to medical detox and rehabilitative therapy, CuraSouth also extends aftercare services to each patient to ensure they are on the right path even after leaving the facility.

What to Expect During Admission and Treatment at CuraSouth Detox

When patients enter the medical detox program at CuraSouth, they can expect respect and compassion from the treatment team. Each patient undergoes an in-depth medical and clinical assessment within 24 hours of admission to help the care team understand the type of treatment to provide. Clients are then directed to their accommodations and receive a brief tour of the facility to understand what they can access during their stay. Every patient can voluntarily attend on-site 12-step meetings, group therapy, and other workshops focused on recovery. The daily schedule outlining the timing of these meetings is available in the common areas for patients to see.

Throughout the admission process, patients and their loved ones can expect the following:

  • Compassion: The care team at CuraSouth understands what a patient is going through and aims to help them in whatever way they can
  • Honesty: All staff members will provide patients with honest answers about treatment without withholding any information
  • Transparency: Full transparency is maintained by the care team regarding treatment costs, insurance benefits, and the self-pay system
  • Helpfulness: The expert team at CuraSouth understands how difficult it can be to go through detox and addiction treatment. Hence, it is always available round the clock to answer any queries and help patients in whatever way possible.

Each patient remains in detox for three to seven days, depending on their individual needs. Once they achieve physical stabilization, clients can progress to the next appropriate level of care.


Does CuraSouth Detox accept insurance?

CuraSouth Drug Detox FL works with many major insurance providers to help clients cover their treatment costs. It also runs a no-obligation, free insurance benefit checks for those interested in joining the facility. As a part of this service, the admissions team speaks with a patient’s insurer on their behalf and gets a detailed verification of their benefits.

I live in another city. Should I Travel to CuraSouth for treatment?

Traveling away from home town to seek treatment is a good thing for many people. In such circumstances, the temptation to leave therapy early to return home and re-engage in substance abuse is minimal, reducing the risk of a relapse. CuraSouth Florida offers a complimentary car service for people residing in surrounding areas who wish to attend the program. For those traveling from another state, the rehab can help with flight bookings and reliable transport arrangements from the airport to the facility.

How long does it take for the treatment program to complete?

Most people complete treatment and leave the CuraSouth Alcohol Detox program within three to seven days. However, remember that these are only estimates; experts can adjust the duration to meet the client’s needs.

What should I tell my employer when I am in treatment?

Clients who need to take time off work to attend detox at CuraSouth can be eligible to benefit from the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA ensures that no one gets terminated from work while they take leaves to pursue treatment. The case management staff members at the rehab can help patients set up the necessary paperwork for FMLA. It also provides cell phones and laptops for self-employed people so that they can keep working remotely.

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