Alsana Treatment Center is a famous eating disorder rehab that supports adults of all genders and communities to achieve lasting recovery and better health. It offers holistic-based, highly individualized care built on its own Adaptive Care Model, allowing the treatment teams to address all problematic areas of their client’s lives. Offering in-person programs in various locations, including Missouri, Alabama, and California, along with virtual treatments, the compassionate team of professionals at Alsana eating disorder treatment center is committed to meeting every client wherever they are in their journey toward recovery.

Programs Offered at Alsana Treatment Center

Clients are welcome to join any one of the following eating disorders programs at Alsana Birmingham or other campuses:

Two-Week Fall Intensives Program

This two-week-long treatment program comes with the following features:

  • In-person and virtual sessions for greater care access with client convenience
  • Relapse prevention programs for clients of all body types and genders
  • One-to-one weekly meeting with a multidisciplinary team comprising compassionate treatment professionals and programs like nutritional counseling and nursing touchpoints
  • Alignment with Alsana’s Adaptive Care Model for more progress
  • Daily group sessions to support relational healing and provide a sense of community
  • Specialized therapy sessions for family members to educate the clients’ external support system
  • Detailed psychological assessments at the times of admissions and discharge

Keep in mind that some program details may differ depending on the location you choose for treatment, the level of care, and the delivery of care.

Virtual Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

Alsana proudly offers flexible treatment as a part of their partial hospitalization programs (PHP) or intensive outpatient programs (IOP) to cater to clients from all across the US. While these virtual programs do not completely replace in-person treatment, they provide extra flexibility to meet each client’s unique needs. Virtual programming at Alsana also makes it easier to meet clients wherever they are in their recovery process.

Because of a sharp increase in clients interested in availing of virtual services, the rehab has recently expanded its offerings. The virtual programs are now available in the morning, mid-day, and evening sessions. PHP virtual sessions take place seven days a week for up to six hours a day. For IOP, the sessions take place up to five days a week, each lasting for three hours. This recent expansion has helped the care teams accommodate diverse client schedules to improve their access to care.

Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Residential treatment is appropriate for those who require 24/7 care and supervision. It comes with round-the-clock nursing care, regular individual and group therapy sessions, compassionate staff members, nutritional monitoring, and medical care. Each client lives in a comfortable accommodation that allows them to heal privately while maintaining complete discretion. Other features of treatment at a residential eating disorder of Alsana rehab include the following: 

  • Two individual and one family session under the supervision of highly trained therapists
  • Ongoing family therapy
  • 24/7 onsite nursing
  • Two sessions per week with a dietitian
  • A level system to increase autonomy as clients progress through recovery
  • Up to two weekly sessions with psychiatrists and physician extenders
  • Experiential family week
  • Staff supported snacks, meals, and post-meal processing
  • Highly individualized weekly treatment plans

Day Treatment Programs

As a popular Birmingham recovery center, Alsana offers day treatment programs that include a caring and supportive community for those who wish to meet their goals without requiring overnight supervision. Those who need this supervision may get recovery-focused apartments at an additional cost.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The intensive outpatient programs at Alsana Treatment Center include clinical therapy with holistic nutrition in an environment where clients are free to practice healthy life skills with autonomy. This level of care also provides clients with a safe space to live independently, make decisions, and be a part of the community to seek support and guidance throughout recovery. People at this level of care are free to stay off-campus or get a supervised apartment at an additional cost.

LGBTQ+ Treatment

All in-person and virtual treatment programs at Alsana welcome all genders, including the members of the LGBTG+ community, with open arms and zero judgments.

Vegan-Inclusive Treatment

Vegan Programming is an attempt by the care team at Alsana to accommodate all types of clients and help them recover from eating disorders. Those with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can seek inpatient, outpatient, and virtual treatment with suitable adjustments in their meal plans to continue ongoing recovery without compromising their dietary lifestyle.


Where is Alsana Treatment Center located?

Alsana has multiple campuses operating from the following locations:

  • Santa Barbara, California
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Westlake Village, California
  • St. Louis, Missouri – Pacific and Ballwin Area
  • Monterey, California
  • Thousand Oaks, California

What do Alsana rehabs in Birmingham Alabama treat?

At present, Alsana treats the following conditions: 

  • Anorexia
  • Trauma
  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Diabulimia

What is the average length of stay at Alsana?

The average duration of treatment at Alsana is around 30 to 45 days in residential care and up to 45 to 60 days in day treatment and IOP. Keep in mind that the length of stay varies from client to client, depending on their clinical preferences and needs, clinical recommendations, and insurance coverage.

Will my insurance pay for treatment at Alsana?

Yes, Alsana does accept insurance coverage and works with many companies to make treatment affordable for its clients. However, because coverage plans of every client may vary, it is crucial to get complete information about the benefits you can avail yourself of at this rehab from your insurance provider. Throughout the treatment, Alsana provides each client with a Utilization Review Specialist who works closely with all insurance companies to authorize client care.

Will Alsana help me if I require tube feedings or intravenous feedings?

Alsana Treatment Center avoids tube and IV feedings unless they are necessary. However, these feedings are unavailable in their treatment centers, and clients may have to shift to a nearby hospital to avail themselves of them. They may return to rehab once they are stable and no longer require any stabilization.

Do clients with different eating programs get therapy in the same group?

Alsana aims to bring people with different types of eating disorders together to promote a greater sense of understanding of themselves and the rest of the participants. Since different eating disorders share many similarities, it helps foster connections and compassion among the community members. The experts at Alsana also believe there is very little benefit in separating individuals by the type of eating disorders they suffer from, as doing so can stigmatize specific groups or behaviors.

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