All Points North Lodge, also known as APN Lodge, is a mental health and addiction treatment center that utilizes a whole-person approach to healing the mind and body. Unlike conventional healthcare facilities, it does not hold a line between mental and physical healthcare and believes both to be critical for a high-quality life. Hence, it integrates both to help people pursue physical and mental health simultaneously with maximal chances of recovery.

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The rehab aims to tear down the stigmas that people with mental health issues face so that they can finally focus on making real progress in life.

Services Available at All Points North Lodge

APN Lodge currently offers the following treatment programs and services to its clients:


A team of assessment professionals is available at APN Lodge who aim to find out the root cause behind the issues a client faces. They collaborate with patients to gather information, know their life stories, and paint a clear picture of their past and present. This information helps them determine the best path toward recovery and healing. Since its establishment in 2019, the rehab has performed hundreds of assessments on people nationwide. Some common types of multidisciplinary assessments are available at All Points North treatment center.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Physical Examination
  • Addiction Medicine Evaluation
  • Psychological Evaluation (for an additional fee)
  • Neuro-cognitive Assessment (where necessary)
  • Neuropsychological Screening and Testing (for an additional fee)
  • Gathering of Collateral Information
  • Laboratory work, such as toxicology screening of fingernail, urine, and hair


All Points North Lodge Colorado also offers a 24-hour detoxification program under expert supervision for clients who require clinical and medical care. The multidisciplinary approach caters to all unique needs and provides comfort and a safe experience lasting 3 to 10 days. Each client goes through a pre-admission process before entering a detox program. Each undergoes a nursing assessment as soon as they arrive, following which the detox protocol commences. Each client receives medical supervision and appointments with different staff members throughout the procedure according to their specific withdrawal symptoms and needs. Upon completing a detox program, the staff team briefs them about recommendations regarding the next treatment steps.

Virtual Therapy Programs

In addition to helping patients through real-time programs and support, APN Lodge takes treatment to another level by providing remote support wherever needed. The telehealth programs at this rehab provide clients with a smoother transitional experience as they move out of the continuum of care and start reintegrating into their lives. The virtual therapy programs at APN include group meetings and individual sessions to provide everyone with a balance of connection and support. The ultimate goal is to lay a solid foundation so that each patient feels more confident about achieving recovery.

Family Therapy

All Points North Lodge Colorado provides an intensive and comprehensive family program that targets siblings, children, partners, and other family members of choice. These loved ones have a chance to participate in recovery by working closely with dedicated family therapists to identify and solve their unique family issues. The therapists also help them curate a targeted plan of action so that they can heal with their loved ones and move forward with the right tools available to them. Some of the most common topics discussed and addressed as a part of family therapy include the following:

  • Increasing support
  • Better boundaries
  • Family conflict
  • Breaking patterns
  • Generational trauma
  • Communication and connection
  • Increasing ways to show up for each other in tough times

Dual Diagnosis Program

All Points North aims to help people move from a surviving state into a thriving state. The expert team understands that every treatment plan is more successful when it is addressed beyond the symptoms while paying attention to the root causes. Poor mental health remains one of the main causes of addiction in many people. APN Lodge provides such people a chance to overcome all underlying issues as a part of one dual diagnosis program.

A dual diagnosis program at All Points North not only addresses the primary substance use disorder but also extends treatment for co-occurring orders, such as:

Mental Health Treatment

In addition to accepting people fighting substance use disorders, All Points North rehab also extends help to those with poor mental health. Through its full continuum of care, the rehab provides many front doors to clients where they can start treatment regardless of where they are in recovery. The rehab provides various levels of care, such as residential care, partial hospitalization programs, and virtual intensive outpatient programs, at different branches to cater to more patients’ needs. The virtual APN Connection also provides one-to-one therapy, support groups, and outpatient help to clients who need extra support.


How long will I need to stay at APN Lodge for recovery?

The staff team recommends every client stay onsite and receive treatment for at least 30 days for a good experience. However, most of them will likely benefit from longer programs, lasting 60 or even 90 days. Programs extending beyond 90 days are also available for those who need them for long-term healing. APN Lodge generally has no typical length of stay, which varies depending on patient needs. The level of care a person is enrolled in also plays a role in determining how long they would need to stay in.

How much does All Points North Lodge cost?

The cost of treatment at APN rehab also varies depending on multiple factors. For instance, the level of care, duration of the program, and services included in a program all play a role in determining how much a patient needs to pay to enroll in a treatment plan. Fortunately, the treatment center is willing to collaborate with insurance providers to cover as much treatment cost as possible. The list of insurance providers it works with is not specified anywhere. However, clients can use an online verification form on the rehab’s official website to query the admissions team and confirm if their insurance plan is acceptable.

What do All Points North Lodge reviews say?

Mot reviews left by people who joined and sought treatment at APN Lodge describe their stay pleasantly. Most have mentioned how the rehab helped change their lives with excellent staff members and good programming and services. A few of these reviews indicate disappointment in certain clinicians and recommend improving the staffing.

What types of holistic approaches are used by experts at APN Lounge?

Experts at All Points North utilize various psychotherapeutic approaches to promote recovery. At the same time, they also complement the main recovery program with additional holistic therapies, such as HBOT, DTMS, social connection activities, spa services, wellness-based stress management services, and healthy physical activity.

What types of services are available for patients at APN?

All Points North Lodge provides many services to people battling substance abuse and mental health issues. Most of these services are holistic and combine with other evidence-based approaches for comprehensive care. Each treatment program includes a different blend of these services based on a patient’s needs. However, some of the components of these treatment programs remain fixed for everyone, such as health and wellness programming, case management, group therapy sessions, one-to-one private sessions, and more. The frequency of these services may also vary based on each client’s individual needs.

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