Greater Los Angeles harbors plenty of sober living facilities to choose from. Westwind Recovery Center lies among these top facilities that provide client-centered treatment in a supportive and safe environment. Whether it is luxury living, low-income, all-female or all-male, LGBT, co-occurring disorders, or co-ed homes you are looking for, this rehab has a suitable place for everyone and everything. It provides a protected space to seek high-quality care while maintaining integrating and effectively practicing the 12-steps principles.

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Operating from twelve different locations, including Culver City, Woodland Hills, and West and East Hollywood, Westwind Recovery sober living provides residence to everyone who wishes to maintain their newfound sobriety in a place they can call home. The rehab promises a wide range of treatment types, such as inpatient, outpatient, residential, and detox. All these programs offer services to every sober community regardless of sex, race, age, or sexual identity.

Westwind Recovery Center Los Angeles: A Historical Overview

Westwind Recovery Center officially began when three friends, Justin White, Zachary Ament, and Justin Wells, decided to open a recovery residence in Hancock Park. The idea was first shared by Ament and Wells when they shared a sober house in Laurel Canyon. They later proposed this idea to White who was working as a Director of Operations at a local detox center at that time. 

With the collaborative efforts of the three friends, the very first Westwind Recovery residence opened its doors in 2014. The three co-founders combined their vision and used it as a cornerstone for drug and alcohol treatment, freedoms, structure, and everyday living with a client-centered approach that they believe was lacking in most sober living houses of that time. They wished the struggling community to feel at home by providing them with a comfortable living space that was free from punitiveness and rigidity and equally focused on the element of fun.

With time, Westwind Recovery grew, opening fifteen different campuses in only two years’ time. It particularly catered to those who wished to prolong their recovery by living in a sober space that they could trust. In December of 2017, the rehab elevated its services, even more, to incorporate other facilities like detoxification and formal addiction treatment in inpatient and outpatient settings with the help of Bradley Athens, a well-known professional at a detox facility in Hollywood Hills. The team of four then worked together while putting their fears aside and committing to excellence to establish a rehabilitation that we now know as Westwind Recovery Center.

Westwind Rehab Treatment Levels

At Westwind Recovery Center, clients can expect to seek treatment at one of the following levels of care.

Detox Center

The drug detox center at Westwind clinic includes caring staff members who help each client by providing them with a medical-supervised space to recover. The staff members may use different medications to reduce the discomfort associated with withdrawal. The choice of medication to use varies, depending on the severity of addiction, the type of drug being abused, and other factors.

Most people who enter detox undergo a 72-hour-long period through which experts help them kick out all residual substances from their bodies. The length of this program may increase depending on individual situations. Once the client is medically stable, they then proceed to the treatment unit where they officially start working on an addiction treatment program.

Inpatient Treatment

Following detox, most clients move to residential or inpatient treatment where they meet their long-term treatment team and peers. Some activities expected to take place at this level of care include the following:

  • Individual chemical and mental health assessments
  • Group therapy
  • Team-building outings
  • Medical appointments for medical and psychiatric care
  • Fitness and wellness activities like hiking and yoga
  • Life skills training
  • Spiritual care
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Family program participation
  • Creative arts groups, such as music for coping and art therapy
  • Continuing care planning
  • Experiential and educational workshops
  • Virtual reality meditation sessions
  • Twelve-step and recovery meetings

Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient rehab at Westwind Recovery Center works in a similar manner as the inpatient rehab, with the only difference being that the latter offers 24/7 programs and care. Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, includes therapy for a set number of hours per day on fixed days per week. Some common components of this program at Westwind include:

  • One-to-one counseling with a professional
  • Group therapy
  • One-to-one appointments with a psychiatrist and medical doctor
  • Educational sessions

Some common evidence-based therapies utilized in outpatient programs include cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, twelve-step facilitation, medication-assisted therapy, and family involvement

Virtual Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

The virtual IOP programs are perfect for those seeking flexibility in their treatment. With this program, each client receives the same high-quality care and therapy from the comfort of their home. An expert collaborates with every patient using online mediums to create personalized treatment plans that include 12-step meetings, group therapy, and individual therapy. They also have 24/7 access to support staff to get any help whenever they require it.


How long does inpatient alcohol rehab last in Westwind Recovery Center?

At Westwind Recovery, the length of stay in an inpatient program depends on a client’s progress in meeting specific milestones. The clinical team with work with clients and their families along with their insurance providers to design the best timetable and plan. It is important to keep in mind that just like addiction may take weeks or months to happen, its recovery may also take some time. Even when a person discharges from inpatient treatment, they will receive recommendations about ongoing recovery support and follow-up care to strengthen sobriety while reducing the risk of relapses.

How much does treatment cost at Westwind Recovery?

The cost of treatment at Westwind Recovery Center is not fixed and typically varies depending on a handful of factors. Some of these common factors include the level of clinical care you require, the duration of treatment, the intensity of treatment, whether or not you opt for aftercare services, etc. The amount you pay for treatment also depends on whether you have insurance benefits that cover the cost or if you are paying out of pocket. Fortunately, Westwind Recovery Center is in-network with many insurance carriers and most people who approach this rehab for help are able to cover a significant portion of treatment costs through their insurance plans. Because insurance benefits and policies may vary, it is important to check with your provider first to determine the coverage specifics.

How can I pay for virtual IOP?

Most insurance providers also provide coverage for virtual treatment in the same way as in-person treatment. The admissions team at Westwind Recovery Center can work with you to figure out your coverage options or provide self-pay options if you do not hold insurance at present.

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