Wernham House, a distinguished residential and respite care accommodation service affiliated with Aberdeen Cyrenians, is a beacon of compassion and specialized care for individuals facing the complex challenge of alcohol abuse. Located in the heart of Aberdeen, the facility offers a unique sanctuary where individuals struggling with age-related needs and addiction find solace and support.

Diverging from conventional care facilities, Wernham House demonstrates a holistic approach to eldercare, integrating substance abuse expertise with a nurturing environment. The trained staff combines medical knowledge, psychological support, and empathetic companionship, fostering a comprehensive healing process. With a serene ambiance and thoughtfully designed spaces, the facility balances comfort and functionality, ensuring the residents’ physical and emotional well-being.

Fostering Recovery and Independence – Wernham House’s Holistic Approach

Going beyond the conventional approach, Wernham House’s unique ethos and commitment to holistic care aims to redefine recovery. The facility’s innovative approach integrates various principles and aspects, including:

Building Respectful Relationships and Person-Centered Support

The cornerstone of Wernham House’s success lies in its dedicated staff members who establish relationships with individuals founded on respect, acceptance, and personal value. The staff’s commitment to seeing beyond the struggles and embracing the individual’s worth forms the bedrock of their approach. Each resident becomes an integral part of a supportive community where they are understood and valued for who they are.

The staff team’s mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals by providing person-centered support. The approach recognizes that everyone’s journey is unique, tailoring care plans to address specific needs and aspirations. Encouraging voluntary engagement empowers residents to actively participate in their recovery, promoting a sense of agency and ownership over their well-being.

Key Workers and Individual Action Plans

At Wernham House, each service user is assigned a named key worker and co-worker. This dedicated duo guides, monitors, and reviews individual action plans. Such a personalized approach ensures that no one walks the path to recovery alone. Key workers become allies in the journey, offering a listening ear, support in navigating challenges, and celebrating milestones achieved.

Promoting Independence and Resilience

A core principle at Wernham House is fostering independence among its service users. The aim of respite care is to facilitate physical and mental health recovery and equip service users with the skills needed to thrive independently in the wider community. The staff’s dedication to supporting residents in regaining their autonomy shines through in the programs and services offered.

Furthermore, respite care benefits the service users and offers respite to their caregivers. Taking care of a loved one facing substance abuse challenges can be emotionally taxing. Wernham House recognizes the importance of allowing caregivers to rejuvenate, knowing that their loved ones are in capable hands.

Who Can Join Wernham House?

Wernham House takes a diverse range of individuals, providing dedicated care and support to those facing complex challenges related to substance abuse. The facility’s inclusive approach caters to various needs, ensuring residents find specialized assistance. Eligible individuals for joining Wernham House include:

  • Individuals with Alcohol-Related Issues: Those struggling with alcohol-related problems, whether addiction, dependency, or its associated consequences, can seek refuge at Wernham House.
  • Individuals with Associated Mental Health Challenges: The facility recognizes the interconnected nature of alcohol abuse and mental health. Those coping with co-occurring mental health issues and alcohol-related concerns receive comprehensive care.
  • Individuals with Challenging Behaviors: Residents facing challenging behaviors due to alcohol abuse are embraced within a non-judgmental and supportive environment where their unique needs are understood and addressed.
  • Individuals with Health Issues: The facility is equipped to offer medical assistance and care to individuals dealing with health issues stemming from their alcohol consumption, ensuring their well-being is a top priority.
  • Individuals Experiencing Accommodation Struggles: Those encountering difficulties in maintaining stable accommodation due to alcohol-related problems can benefit from Wernham House’s structured environment, providing them with a haven during transition periods.
  • Individuals in Need of Respite Care: Individuals requiring a reprieve from their regular caregiving situations, especially those where alcohol-related issues are a factor, can find respite care at Wernham House.
  • Individuals Unable to Maintain Mainstream Tenancy: For those who may find it challenging to sustain a conventional tenancy due to their addiction-related struggles, Wernham House offers a more supportive and customized living environment.
  • Individuals Seeking Specialized Support: The facility is open to individuals who require a level of care and assistance beyond what is readily available in the community, creating a space where their unique needs can be effectively met.

Wernham House’s holistic approach addresses the immediate challenges of substance abuse and the broader spectrum of associated issues.

Step-By-Step Guide To Accessing Services At Wernham House

Accessing the services offered by Wernham House involves a procedure that ensures each individual’s unique needs are addressed effectively. The facility aligns with Aberdeen City Council Social Work Integrated Alcohol Service, streamlining the referral and admission process for prospective residents. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to access the services at Wernham House:

  • Referral Initiation: To begin the process, individuals or their caregivers can initiate a referral to Wernham House through the Aberdeen City Council Social Work Integrated Alcohol Service. The step is necessary to ensure a coordinated and appropriate approach to accessing the specialized care provided by the facility.
  • Single Shared Assessment (SSA): As part of the referral process, the Aberdeen City Council Social Work service will conduct a Single Shared Assessment (SSA). The assessment gathers essential information about the individual’s needs, circumstances, and challenges related to alcohol abuse. The SSA helps create a comprehensive understanding of the person’s situation.
  • Referral Review and Prioritization: Once the SSA is completed, the referrals are forwarded to both the management team at Wernham House and the Senior Social Worker of the Integrated Alcohol Services (IAS). The teams work collaboratively to review each referral, considering the severity of alcohol-related issues, associated health concerns, and accommodation struggles.
  • Referral Matching: The teams assess the compatibility between the individual’s needs and the services offered at Wernham House. Priority is given to those whose requirements align closely with the specialized care and support available at the facility.
  • Admission Decision: When a vacancy becomes available at Wernham House, the IAS management team and Senior Social Worker collectively decide on the admission. It involves carefully considering the individual’s needs, the facility’s current capacity, and the situation’s urgency.
  • Communication and Notification: The individual and referring parties are notified once the admission decision is made. The communication includes information about the admission date, the services provided, and necessary preparations.
  • Seamless Transition: Wernham House’s dedicated staff ensures a smooth transition for the newly admitted residents. Upon arrival, residents are welcomed into the supportive environment, where they begin their journey toward recovery and improved well-being.

By adhering to this process, Wernham House ensures that those in need of specialized care for alcohol-related issues can access the services they require in a systematic and person-centered manner.


What facilities does Wernham House offer?

Wernham House provides a range of specialized facilities to support individuals facing alcohol-related issues in their recovery. These facilities include comfortable residential accommodations, access to medical care, psychological support through individual and group therapy, recreational activities, and a nurturing environment that promotes overall well-being.

Does Wernham House offer crisis intervention?

Wernham House offers crisis intervention as part of its comprehensive care services. The facility is equipped to respond to urgent situations that may arise due to alcohol-related challenges. The trained staff and medical professionals are available to provide immediate assistance and support during critical moments, ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents.

How can I donate to Wernham House?

If you want to donate to Wernham House and contribute to the care and recovery of individuals facing alcohol-related issues, visit the facility’s official website. On the website, you can find information on donation options, including online payment methods and details on how your contribution will make a difference.

  • Address 62 Summer Street
    Aberdeen AB10 1SD, United Kingdom.