The Elphis is a dedicated sub-branch of The Priory Group that supports and manages people who have already completed primary addiction treatment. By helping them restore their body, mind, and spirit, the facility supports them in transitioning smoothly back to their daily life. All programs occur under the supervision of a trained team that uses evidence-based therapies and practical support. All treatment programs aim to build on techniques that patients have already learned and assist them in polishing their self-esteem and realizing their true potential. The expert therapy team also aims to renew the optimism of their clients for what lies ahead in life and instil their belief in what they can achieve.

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Overall, The Elphis harbors a highly supportive environment and encourages everyone to build inspiring connections and learn from the shared experience of each other. The rehab operates from a tranquil location and provides comfortable living spaces, including private rooms, dining areas, landscaped gardens, and snug lounges.

How The Elphis Priory Center Supports the Recovery Journey

At The Elphis, experts understand that people who have completed their primary addiction treatment may still find it daunting to return to the outside world and reintegrate with family, friends, and colleagues. Hence, it uses practical support and therapy to strengthen the knowledge and skills these patients developed during their initial round of treatment. Moreover, the programs aim to help them rebuild their self-awareness and confidence while developing hope and resilience to guarantee recovery from addiction.

Secondary care available at The Elphis can be the next natural and sensible step for anyone following their initial 28-day inpatient treatment. People who have received this initial treatment elsewhere are welcome to come to The Priory Center for secondary treatment, as the staff members do not discriminate against patients. The treatment team is wholly committed to helping everyone consolidate their addiction treatment skills and translate them into daily life.

Following is what patients can expect to learn during their stay at The Elphis rehab:

  • To maintain the newfound skill set and strengths in an environment best suited to achieve the ultimate outcome
  • To visualize one’s purpose with new eyes and realize one’s full potential
  • To sustain the process, one has already made a primary treatment program through evidence-based therapy
  • To grow confidence and renew optimism to maintain this transformation for years to come

Therapies Available at The Elphis

The therapy program at The Elphis helps patients maintain the fundamental principles they were introduced to during primary treatment. These key elements include mindfulness, relapse prevention, etc., that reinforce their habits for long-term recovery. Secondary treatment at The Elphis also focuses on new areas that teach patients to understand their motivations and journey better. With this newly-formed understanding, such patients can proceed to the next stage of recovery more smoothly and with greater conviction in their purpose. Following are some integrative therapies available at The Elphis:

  • Relational therapy
  • Psychodrama
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Transactional therapy
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
  • Psychoanalytic therapy
  • Equine therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Yoga

The Elphis also provides one-to-one support patients need to process their experiences through tailored individual therapy sessions. The team attempts to identify anything that can help patients achieve inner clarity to deal with traumatic experiences, complex relationships, and other similar issues. Group therapy sessions are also available for them to heal in a supportive environment based on tolerance and sharing. In these sessions, patients work with their peers on many issues, such as cross-addictions, anger management, work, relationships, etc.

In addition to the components mentioned above, therapy at The Elphis focuses on helping all clients nurture and solidify their personal relationships. To achieve this, the rehab offers family sessions to all patients throughout their stay. These therapy sessions support patients in reconnecting with loved ones, communicating more efficiently, and learning how the loved ones can support them in their ongoing recovery.

The structured life skills program at The Elphis also prepares patients to manage day-to-day recovery challenges more effectively as they leave treatment. The rehab encourages all patients staying onsite for treatment to spend some time at home and even return to work during the day to address any remaining friction. The purpose of this is to make them feel inspired by their responsibilities and relationships instead of allowing these responsibilities to daunt them.


Who can stay at The Elphis?

The Elphis is appropriate for people who have been through the intensive 28-day residential addiction program. Additionally, people who have received outpatient or daycare treatment may join if they feel they could benefit from the additional help. However, the decision to admit such patients varies on a case-by-case basis. In general, the program offered at The Elphis is abstinence-based. It is appropriate for those from a primary care setting, whether with The Priory or any other rehab. All patients must abstain for 14 days following primary treatment to enter secondary treatment at The Elphis.

Should I enter secondary treatment at The Elphis right after the 28-day program, or can there be a gap?

The ideal pathway is to join the treatment program at The Elphis right after completing a 28-day treatment program. Doing so enables an individual to constantly practice their newly acquired skills and quickly move on to the next stage of recovery. Some people, however, prefer taking a trial to stay at home and confirm whether they need additional ongoing support. As long as such people maintain abstinence for two weeks, they can enter The Elphis. The treatment team at The Elphis assesses all patients before admitting them into the secondary treatment. Sometimes, the team suggests repeating the initial treatment, especially for those who received it long ago.

How does the staff at The Elphis maintain continuity of care from the primary addiction treatment program to secondary treatment?

Depending on patient consent, The Elphis benefits from a discharge summary formulated by the previous treatment provider. This summary helps the team discover what has been happening with each client and allows them to create a tailored program to meet their needs adequately. For patients switching to The Elphis from a Priory rehab, a handover meeting takes place to transfer necessary information and ensure continuity of care.

Can my consultant psychiatrist participate in my secondary care?

The consultant psychiatrist can opt in or out of the secondary treatment depending on how they deem fit. Patients who wish to continue seeing their consultants can see them at their outpatient clinics after discussing it with them.

Does The Elphis Treatment Program provide aftercare?

All patients who join The Elphis can continue to receive aftercare services for up to one year after they leave the treatment center for free. These aftercare services include weekly therapy support groups that help them get past the first year while achieving all key milestones.

Can I have overnight work or home visits during treatment at The Elphis?

The treatment team at The Elphis usually discourages work and home visits during the first two weeks of the program. Later on, the team will work with each client to determine what can help them the most in terms of recovery and may conduct a risk assessment to check if they are fit to go for work visits or to meet their families at home.

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